20-ka best games for Android

Olga Nagornyuk

20-ka best games for Android

The market for gaming applications for tablets and smartphones is so great today that you have to spend even hours and days to choose something worthwhile. Our rating, which includes the best games on Android in the genres of shooter and RPG and a selection of sites where you can download games will help reduce the search time and quickly make the right choice.

Top 10 shooters for Android

The history of shooters, popularly called shooters, dates back to 1985, when Lucasfilm Games introduced the progenitor of the genre, the game Eidolon, to the market. Since then, the gaming industry has taken a huge step forward, the shooter has evolved from pseudo-three-dimensional images with schematically traced graphics and sluggish shooting dynamics to realistic 3D gaming space with the effect of a destructible environment and quadrature sound.

In our review, we will present the best games for Android - shooters that collected the most votes of gamers.

Men may be frivolous when it comes to work or politics, but they always take their games seriously.George Bernard Shaw

DaVinci THD

The game, which is a combination of two genres - first-person shooter and quest, takes place in the Renaissance. The main character and his team face the challenge of finding da Vinci’s inventions. The artists did a great job on the design: players are expected to be completely immersed in the atmosphere of Rome of those times, as well as a weapon that, according to the authors of the game, is recreated according to the drawings of the great scientist.

Max Payne Mobile

The main character of this shooter is our contemporary. In the past, a policeman, now he is forced to hide from his former comrades-in-arms, who are searching for him for the murder. Of course, the accusations are false, and the hero tries to prove it, however, mainly with the help of a pistol, while simultaneously shooting at the heels of the enemies who are avenging for past arrests.

The main character shooter

Alen shooter

Here you are waiting for a completely different plot and fantastic surroundings. The lone hero, who was on a secret military base, faces a choice: kill or die. True, this dilemma does not cause him moral torment, since it is not the people who have to be killed, but the creepy monsters.

N.O.V.A. 3 - Near orbit

Welcome to a future in which earthlings have no place on Earth.In a brief retelling of the plot of this shooter sounds like this. Humanity, forced to leave its home planet, decides to return in time. But it was not there. Here they are no longer expected, and therefore the former fugitives have to forcefully defend their place in the sun.

Screensaver Nova 3

Gangstar vegas

At this time, the hero of the game, its authors have made a boxer. Having pledged to lose the contract fight, he accidentally ... won the final round. Mafiosi who put big money on the line and lost it decide to take revenge by chasing the fugitive. Moreover, there is nothing left but to run away and periodically thin out the ranks of the attackers.

What other five games have the full right to be marked as the best games on Android, look in the video review:

10 best RPG games for Android

RPG genre, or role-playing games, originated ten years before the shooter and went the same way: from primitive scenes and plain designs to carefully thought out and traced game worlds with characters, the possibility of pumping which is often limited only by your wallet.

Article in the topic: "TOP-5 new products of online games in 2016."

Top 10, which includes the best games for Android, created in this genre, is as follows.

Earth And Legend

This game is likely to appeal to those who once played in the Crusade of Destiny, because it was made by the same developers. Someone may blame the game for the primitiveness of graphics. However, this disadvantage is fully offset by additional features. For example, there is a change of weather, as well as time of day, there is support for a team game via Bluetooth developers, there is the possibility of taming pets and the freedom of movement between locations.

Screenshot game

Wild blood

In developing the plot, the authors took as a basis the story of King Arthur. According to their version, the monarch from jealousy to Sir Lancelot, who showed signs of attention to Queen Gwynerwe, was suddenly damaged by his mind. Morgan's evil sorceress could not help but take advantage of the situation and forced Arthur to open the gates of hell, letting demons into the earth. Deplete the consequences have Lancelot and you along with him if you decide to try out this product of the game industry.


Many consider this game the best in the genre (we are talking about mobile devices). From the point of view of gamers, praise deserves and graphics, and music, and gameplay, and the choice of the target platform. The player is offered a small map, which allows to save time when moving on it, and only one line with towers.Fights last up to 30 minutes.

Screenshot Vainglory game

The bard’s tale

The twin is a well-known computer game with controls adapted for the touch screen. It is based on the song of the bard, who, with the help of his lute, is able to summon allies with magical abilities or magical things to help. A witty hero with a well-hung tongue will not let you get bored. It intrigues the original way of submitting tasks chosen by the developers, instantly “catching on” the player and making the game even more exciting.


The programmers from Shiro Games managed to create a completely original game with an extraordinary storyline that distinguishes it from all the others. They sent players with an excursion into the past, forcing them to go through all the stages of the development of this genre. Here you will find a combination of styles and formats of the past and present, you will see and feel what the gamers of the last century played and felt.

Continue and complete our rating, in which we have collected the best games for Android, video review:

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  • 20-ka best games for Android

    20-ka best games for Android

    20-ka best games for Android

    20-ka best games for Android

    20-ka best games for Android

    20-ka best games for Android

    20-ka best games for Android

    20-ka best games for Android

    20-ka best games for Android

    20-ka best games for Android

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