59 Patton: review of the tank

59 Patton: review of the tank

Today we will talk about the 59 Patton tank, reviewwhich we give below. Note that this is a battle machine in the game "World of tanks." Its history began with the appearance on the specialized resources of a number of images.


59 patton reviewSo, the topic of our conversation is 59 Patton. The review should begin with establishing the class of the machine. In this case it is "Premium". The design combines the M48 Patton tower and the body from Type 59. Although there is little information about this design, it exists. Presented in sketches. The game refers to level 8. The place is chosen exactly. Since the tank is obviously bypassed by its abilities of competitors of level 7, its equipment is not enough for the ninth. Consider our hero in various projections and try to understand its main features.

Medium tank 59 Patton: firepower overview

review of the tank 59 pattonThe first, which should be discussed in detail, isgun. It does not differ anything cardinal, if to compare with other representatives of level 8. For example, you can pay attention to T95E2 or T26E4 Super Pershing. With the first in our hero guns are identical, if you do not take into account minor deviations in the parameters of stabilization and CD.

Overview of the tank 59 Patton continue the information ontime of information. In this case it is 2.5 seconds. The indicator can not be called worthy, because we are talking about the average tank. For example, the T26E4 mix is ‚Äč‚Äčalso 2.3, however it is slow, and also equipped with a chit-screens that save the situation. In our case, the situation is different. Our hero has a huge command tower. Shells enter into it.

Let's go back to the gun. KD near the tank - 6-7 seconds. This indicator is at a decent level. The accuracy is set at 0.39. The result is good, but it will not work in the movement. At this rate, this could be done on the T26E4, because its maximum speed is 40 km / h. It accelerates slowly, and therefore it is easy to shoot in motion. And what does the 59 Patton tank offer us? Overview of the speed indicator is given below.

So, this combat vehicle is equipped with 520horsepower, which disperse it to an impressive 50 km / h. In some cases it is very useful to supplement the configuration of the tank with a vertical stabilizer.


This indicator of the case in our casesimilar to Type 59. With the tower it's not so simple. It has a lot of orange and red colors, but they do not always indicate invulnerability. A detailed examination shows that the maximum thickness is 170 mm, while it is observed near the mask and in the cheeks. All other elements are lowered to 140 - 127 mm. We have a huge commander's turret. You can even hit it at an average distance. The thickness of armor in this section is 100 mm. This figure for the eighth level is incredibly low.

Other Features

medium tank 59 patton reviewWe have already mentioned that the engine is capable ofTo disperse this model of the tank to 50 km / h. The indicator of the rotation of the hull is set at the level of -46 deg / sec. This indicator can be considered worthy. It should pay attention to the strength of the tank, it is equal to 1350 hp. The review in this case is 370 meters. The indicator is very low, if you compare it with other similar combat vehicles of the 8th level. Let's compare our hero with the competitors. T-54 is not much ahead of him, but he has no commander's turret. As for Panther 8.8, it is also similar to our hero, but has acceptable penetration and accuracy. The T26E4 is comparable to the described model in many ways, but it has excellent screens. The French tank AMX CDC is incredibly fast. The gun is at the highest level among its class. The T-34-3 is a rather thick construction. Before the acquisition of the described combat vehicle, one should think well and weigh its positive and negative features. Now you know everything about the 59 Patton tank. We have reviewed it above.

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