A diet on a childrens food: responses, the menu, results. Best Baby Food for Weight Loss

A diet on a children's food: responses, the menu, results. Best Baby Food for Weight Loss

On the diet for children's food, the reviews are mostly positive. This is not surprising. Benefitbaby foodhas long been known. Products for children are natural, do not contain chemicals and harmful preservatives. In addition, they are nutritious, but they contain healthy calories.

Diet on baby food, reviews

Diet option for 5-7 days

In this variant of power it is necessary to countkilocalories. Their total share should be 1000 kcal per day. The diet should include only baby food, namely a variety of purees. Puree can be vegetable or fruit. In addition, children's cereals, meat puree, curds and juices are allowed.

Caloric content of all products must be calculated. Benefit is not difficult to do, because jars of puree have a clear mass of 50 and 100 grams. And also on the back there is always a caloric value, which remains either just added as for 100 grams, or divided into two and count calories for 50 grams.

The diet lasts for a week. The menu in this option does not include anything more. The only thing you can use except for baby food from jars, so this is ordinary non-carbonated mineral water.

Approximate diet:

  1. Breakfast: baby powder in the amount of 100 grams, mashed fruit and a glass of water.
  2. Lunch: meat puree, vegetable, fruit, juice.
  3. Dinner: vegetable puree, baby curd, fruit puree, juice.

You can also add snacks or change the sequence. This is already at the personal discretion of each. However, you should not exceed the norm of 1000 kcal. Otherwise, about any weight loss speech can not be.

For those who are afraid of monotony and are askeda question that can be made from baby food, there is comforting information. Optionally, everything is separate. You can mix cottage cheese with fruit puree or meat - with vegetables. So it will be not only more diverse, but also tastier.

How much can you throw in 7 days?

Reviews of the diet on a child's diet say thatyou can lose from 3 to 7 kilograms per week. Of course, the plumb line is affected by many factors. For example, people with a larger body weight may lose 7 kilograms, and people, whose weight is within the norm, is less. But all this is purely individual. Also, the loss of excess kilos is affected by lifestyle and metabolic features.

Diet on baby food. Results, Feedback

For people who are keen on sports, weight can not really change, because muscle mass is heavier than fat. But on the centimeter will be very noticeable result.

Pros of the diet for 7 days

One of the main advantages is weight loss in a short time, especially for girls and women who are trying to lose weight by some specific date or event.

According to reviews, the result of a diet on a baby foodoften exceeds expectations. This concerns not only the loss of extra pounds, but also the remarkable cleansing of the entire intestine. In addition, many people note the absence of hunger. Undoubtedly, another plus - there is no tiring cooking and any containers with food at work.

Disadvantages of the diet for 7 days

By cons is the fact that the diet is not available to people whose gastrointestinal tract is not in the best shape. This is fraught with exacerbation of existing problems or the emergence of new ones.

It can also be noted that the duration of the diet should not exceed a week. Adapting to this kind of food can lead to intolerance of ordinary food.

Variant of unloading days

The positive results are given also by unloadingdiet on a children's food. Reviews about it are also positive. The essence of the diet is the consumption of fruit purees and mineral water. Other products here you will not find.

It may seem too hard, but the duration of such food does not take more than 2 days. Therefore, you will not have time to get hungry. And the result will be very good.

Benefits of baby food

Approximate diet:

  1. Breakfast: 2 jars of pear and water.
  2. Lunch: 2 jars of apple puree and water.
  3. Dinner: 2 cans of prune puree and water.

There is also a place for snacks.For snacks you can leave 4 more jars. It is apple, pear and puree from prunes that are preferable, as the least caloric. Moreover, these products have a positive effect on metabolic processes in the body. In total for a day it is allowed to eat 10 jars of 100 grams.

How much can you throw off in 2 days?

Results and feedback on a diet for children's food lasting no more than 2 days suggest that you can lose 2-3 kilograms and a few extra inches in the waist.

Basically, only the waist is losing weight. It is obvious that more significant losses are unlikely in such a short period of time.

Pros of the diet for 2 days

The short term and fast result can be attributed to the pluses. This is ideal for those who want to lose "bitten" for holidays or weekends.

Diet on baby food, reviews

Besides this, such unloading will suit those whoprepares the body for a more serious diet. Because this type of food helps clean the intestines, which is exactly what you need for long-term diets. So to speak, start from scratch.

One more advantage: this option can be used every 7-10 days, as well as any other unloading diet.

Disadvantages of the diet for 2 days

There is again a drawback in the form of a restriction on the health of the gastrointestinal tract. People with similar problems should not use this unloading without consulting a doctor.

Applying a diet more often than this time is also harmful. In this case, your body will get more harm than good.

Variant of children's portions

Slightly different from the above optionsbut nevertheless belongs to the category of a children's diet. The point is to consume food suitable for children. However, it does not have to be in jars.

Nutrilone Pepti

For example, instead of a child's curd, you can come up with an ordinary cottage cheese. And apple puree can replace the usual apple, which you can grind in a blender.

Another feature is considered to be portions of no more thanthan in 100 grams. Therefore, you still have to buy a few glass jars, and after you eat their contents, just put in them the usual food. So your portions will not exceed allowed standards. However, to use and children's purees are not forbidden. It can be a mush or a puree of meat.

Approximate diet:

  1. Breakfast: kashka and cottage cheese, there should be only 200 grams.
  2. The second breakfast: puree of fruit in the amount of 100 grams.
  3. Lunch: puree for children from protein products, also 100 grams. Fish or meat to choose from.
  4. Afternoon snack: puree from vegetables, 100 grams.
  5. Supper: choose something unsweetened. As an option - meat puree, cottage cheese or vegetable.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated in such a diet. The menu is quite comfortable and does not require serious energy costs.

How much can you throw?

As for weight loss, then this version of the dieton the children's food reviews are not in the least worse than about the previous options. For one week you can lose up to 6 kilograms. Again, everything is very individual and depends on your initial data.

Pros of a children's diet

The advantages of this option include a goodportability. The diet here is more habitual for an adult. Hunger is not very much felt. Preparation does not take very long. Variety and choice are present.

Diet on baby food. Results, Feedback

With a smooth exit from the diet, weight will hold for a long time. If you add at least a little physical activity, the result will be even better.

Cons of a children's diet

Как и в вариантах выше, долго «отсиживаться» на such a diet is not a safe option. The most correct decision is to consult a doctor. Only he can most accurately answer you, whether it is possible to adhere in your case of such food or it is better to abstain.

Perhaps someone will be upset, but pasta, buns andfried potatoes in no way refer to the children's menu. Therefore, all the harmfulness and goodies will have to be deleted for a period of limitations. And for a lasting result, it's better to clean it up completely.

Which baby food company to choose?

Nowadays the assortment of shops differs a wide choice. And baby food companies are no exception. To understand what kind of food is better, consider several well-known brands:

  1. Nutrilon Pepti.Has in its arsenal of milk and cream mixtures. Mixtures do not interest us, because they do not lose weight, but the kashka is very even. Feature of the brand "Nutrilon Pepti" are hypoallergenic products. Kashi is both dairy and dairy-free. Reviews on the web say that the fragrance is very natural and the product is delicious. The volume of the pack is very convenient, 225 grams. Just for a week breakfast is enough. The bonus is that you do not need to cook a bowl, it simply dissolves.
  2. Products "Nestle".Can offer the same as "Nutrilon" - porridge. There is also a dairy and dairy-free version. The volume of packages is from 200 to 250 grams. According to reviews, Nestlé products enjoy great authority, as it does not cause problems with digestion and allergies.
  3. Mixture of Nan. Milk can be suitable for the first version of the diet. A mixture of Nan is able to replace one of the meals.
  4. "FrutoNyanya" and "Agusha". A large number of compotes and fruit drinks. There are also mashed potatoes and curds.
  5. "Gerber" is considered one of the best manufacturers of puree for babies. At the same time, the manufacturer produces jar volumes of 130 and 190 grams, which makes the purchase more profitable.

Where does the "diet" come from?

There are two persons who identify themselves ascreators of such an unusual menu for losing weight. And one of them is Edi Sliman, a famous fashion designer and designer. He introduced such food for his models. The guys sat on a baby food to adequately demonstrate the collection of clothes from "Dior".

The second person causes special trust.It's Tracey Anderson, the man who works hard on the figures of the star ladies. She got fame after she offered this type of food to Jennifer Aniston. Fortunately, this advice was successful, and the actress was able to lose weight.

Products of Nestlé

Bribes the fact that once Tracy herselfI was on such a diet after my own pregnancy. Pregnancy often brings with it not only happiness, but also extra pounds. And Tracy had as many as 20 of them.

Anderson as a professional did nottake frivolous decisions, and before trying to invent a method of losing weight, she held more than one consultation with top-level nutritionists. So the diet on a children's food has appeared.


Of course, this diet has its drawbacks,but there are dignities. If you get out of the diet correctly on a baby food, the results will only please you. However, if you neglect your health and go against your physical abilities, the result can be deplorable.

So, the main plus of a diet is a rapid loss of weight and volume. The main disadvantage is that not everyone is available in terms of health and financial opportunities. After all, baby food is not very cheap.

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  • A diet on a childrens food: responses, the menu, results. Best Baby Food for Weight Loss A diet on a childrens food: responses, the menu, results. Best Baby Food for Weight Loss A diet on a childrens food: responses, the menu, results. Best Baby Food for Weight Loss A diet on a childrens food: responses, the menu, results. Best Baby Food for Weight Loss A diet on a childrens food: responses, the menu, results. Best Baby Food for Weight Loss A diet on a childrens food: responses, the menu, results. Best Baby Food for Weight Loss A diet on a childrens food: responses, the menu, results. Best Baby Food for Weight Loss A diet on a childrens food: responses, the menu, results. Best Baby Food for Weight Loss A diet on a childrens food: responses, the menu, results. Best Baby Food for Weight Loss A diet on a childrens food: responses, the menu, results. Best Baby Food for Weight Loss