Actor Georgy Taratorkin: biography, private life

Actor Georgy Taratorkin: biography, private life

Actor Georgy Taratorkin is familiar to viewers onmany films and plays. This man is a real workaholic. Being already in a fairly old age, Georgy Georgievich continues to actively engage in creative activity.georgian tarakirkinAll those who know him say that he is a real intellectual, charming, intelligent. In any circumstances, behaves modestly, naturally and with dignity.


Georgy Georgievich Taratorkin was born inLeningrad in 1945, on January 11. The childhood of little Zhora can not be called carefree, since at that time there was a heavy post-war time. My father was sick for a long time. When the boy was seven years old, the head of the family, also Georgy Georgievich, died. The actor's mom, Nina Alexandrovna, was left alone with two children in her arms-George had a little sister Vera. Neither the beautiful toys, nor expensive clothes, nor sweets children saw, but they had one joy - hiking in the Theater. It was an unchanging tradition of the Taratorkin family. Money was always scarce, but my mother occasionally found the opportunity to take the children to the theater. Impressions after such a campaign was enough for many days, they were looking forward to the next time.

Being a schoolboy, George dreamed of a professionteacher, the boy grew shy and did not even think then that he would become a famous actor. But going to the theater was not in vain. After graduating from school, the guy went to a favorite theater for young people to become a pupil of the artist, but instead he was offered the work of an illuminator. It is not known how the fate of yesterday's schoolboy would have developed, if the artistic director of the theater Korogodsky had not considered the talent of the actor in a beautiful and modest guy. It was he who persuaded Taratorkin to pass the exams and enter the studio at the Leningrad Youth Theater.

Georgiy Taratorkin: the way to the theater

The way to the theatrical stage began withintensive studies, but George liked the atmosphere reigning in the studio, theatrical life completely captured the guy. He played his first role as a student. The role of schoolboy Vitaly Romadin liked the novice actor, he coped with it georgy taratarkin

After graduating from the theater studio, Georgiy Taratorkinplayed on the stage of the Young Spectators Theater the role of the first plan in many performances. All the images were united by one feature - romanticism. His repertoire could only be envied - Peter Schmidt, Hamlet, Boris Godunov, Podhalyusin ... Such a talented actor could not fail to notice the filmmakers, soon he was waiting for his debut on the set.

Taratorkin George Georgievich - actor of cinema

The debut work in the cinema was the role of Grinevitsky inthe film "Sofya Perovskaya". The actor played wonderful. The manner of performance was very much liked by the director Lev Kulidzhanov, he invited Georgy to the main role of Raskolnikov in the film "Crime and Punishment". George literally lived the life of his hero. Raskolnikov was difficult to play, but twenty-five years old Taratorkin struck everyone with the depth of his skill.

After such a significant role, it would seem,a young artist had to quickly make a brilliant career, but this did not happen. Undoubtedly, Georgiy Taratorkin is very talented and handsome. His filmography, though not too big, but still deserves respect. He did not get to the top of glory, but his creative life is very interesting and diverse.georgiy taratarkin

Filmography of George Taratorkin:

  • "Translation from English" - Vitaly Dudin.
  • "The affairs of the heart" - Eugene Pavlovich.
  • "The winner" is Makashev.
  • "The open book" - Mitya Lvov and others.

One can not help recalling Tarakorkin's participation in the popular TV series "The Savior Under Birches," "The Chronicle of Love and Death," "The Chess Player," "Do not Be Born Beautiful" ...

Another Taratorkin: director and unsurpassed master of the word

In our time George Taratorkin became famousRussian artist. In addition to working in the theater and cinema, he successfully performs on radio and stage. Georgi Georgievich is a talented word master, he reads poetry very well, you can hear it in many audiotapes.

But this is not all the talents of the amazingrights. In 1992, Taratorkin made his debut as a director in the film "The One Who Did not." Already a professor of VGIK, to help such inexperienced artists, as he was himself, Georgy Georgievich created the Theater Workshop.

The personal life of the actor

On the set of "Crime and Punishment"George Taratorkin met with actress Ekaterina Markova. Between the young people a novel broke out, which ended in a marriage. Markova - a wonderful wife and mother, a talented actress and writer. She starred in the main roles in the films "Cases of the Heart", "A Dawns Here Are Quiet", "The Third in the Fifth Row". Catherine writes scripts, on which films are made. Famous parents had two heirs - son Philip and daughter Anna.tarorkin georgii georgievich

Anna Georgievna Taratorkina, graduating from the school. Shchepkina, became an actress. She continued the family dynasty. Philip Georgievich Taratorkin studied history, received a Ph.D. degree and devoted his life to God.

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  • Actor Georgy Taratorkin: biography, private life Actor Georgy Taratorkin: biography, private life Actor Georgy Taratorkin: biography, private life Actor Georgy Taratorkin: biography, private life Actor Georgy Taratorkin: biography, private life Actor Georgy Taratorkin: biography, private life