Actor Viktor Rakov: biography, personal life, films

Actor Viktor Rakov: biography, personal life, films

If you read the biography of this actor, you might think that he is simply an inexplicable lucky one. After all, after the acting faculty of GITIS, he managed to get into the famous Lencom troupe. After Victor Rakov amazingly played the role of Glumov in the play "The Sage", which was put by the legendary Mark Zakharov, he was talked about as a talented actor.

He was introduced to the play "Juno and Avos". A little later he begins to act in films. Those viewers who are not avid theatergoers, met him in the nineties, when the series "Petersburg Secrets" appeared on the screens. Rakov Victor, the actor, embodied the character of Nikolai Chechevinsky. Then there were the roles of Mikhail - "To love in Russian," Alyosha - "Humiliated and insulted."


On the fifth day of February 1962 in the usual working family a boy was born, who was named Vitey. His parents and older brother worked at the machine-building plant Molniya. The pope had an amazing voice, he performed at the local Palace of Culture.

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Deposit of the actor showed up in the boy very early. Already at the age of ten he was very skilful in depicting his granny. All my relatives liked it very much. Being a schoolboy he was very fond of drawing. In the company of friends I was going to enroll in the boxing section. But, after talking with my mother, I decided to give up this idea. He started to practice judo, but becoming a high school student, due to the persuasions of his parents, quit the sport for the sake of the educational process.

From factory to theater

After receiving the school certificate, Viktor Rakov came to work at the same plant where his family worked. He worked there for a year, even managed to get a discharge. But fate was destined to him otherwise, so in 1980 the guy decided to enter the theater, so he sent his footsteps to GITIS, where he easily passed through the competition. Four years later, the future actor ends the course of Vladimir Andreev.

Hello, Lenkom!

After graduation, Viktor Rakov decided that the best choice would be for him the Lenkom Theater Company (although he was afraid of even dreaming about it, because it was difficult to get there), so he came under the shadow of those wings. At that time, the theater was just selecting singing actors to participate in one of the performances.

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When viewing his plastic studies, Mark Zakharov, the head of the Theater, gave a decent assessment of his work and opened his arms to him. After all, they always paid attention to how an artist can move, as he sings. It was on this stage that Rakov managed to play a lot of bright, memorable roles. This is Thomas Cromwell in the "Royal Games" and Joaquin in "The Star and Death of Joaquin Murietta", Laertes in "Hamlet" and Menshikov in "Shute Balakirev" and other equally interesting characters.

From Karachentsev to Rakov

Since recently, a copy of his theatrical works has been replenished with the role of Count Ryazanov from "Juno and Avos". And despite the fact that until now he has been involuntarily compared to the magnificent Nikolai Karachentsev, who has appeared on the stage countless times in the image of Ryazanov, the audience can not but acknowledge that Viktor Rakov was able to bring in his role something special, special, and intelligent. His count is no better and no worse than Count Karachentsev. He's just different, but at the same time he remains the same ardently loving person.

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In parallel with this project, Rakov is working on an entreprise "Traktirschitsa". He goes on stage with his colleague on the theater Tatiana Kravchenko, as well as Valery Garkalin, Tatyana Vasilyeva, Vladimir Murashov, Georgy Martirosyan.

Master, Nikolai Chechevinsky and others ...

In the cinema, Viktor Rakov, films with the participation of well-deserved sympathy of spectators of different ages, came to a distant 1983. It was a small role in the TV movie "The Oath Record". And only five long years, Mark Zakharov invited him to a serious, big role in his film "Kill the Dragon." Then there was the work with Gleb Panfilov in the film "Mother" (the role of Pavel Vlasov).

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It was 1994 year, when it was decided to make a new adaptation of Bulgakov's sensational novel "Master and Margarita". Yuri Kara, who shot the film, invited the actor to the role of Master. Unfortunately, all the footage in some incomprehensible way evaporated for as long as ten years. Therefore, the audience and saw the series after a long time.

"Starry passed me"

The unknown actor Viktor Rakov, biographywho has been interested in his fans for more than two decades, received thanks to the series "Petersburg Secrets" based on the novel by Krestovsky, in which the character of Rakov was the noble Count Nikolai Chechevinsky. A year later, already a "star" of Russian cinema, he participated in the filming of the first part of the trilogy of Eugene Matveyev on love in the Russian manner. A year later in his film career appeared and the main role in the comedy "Barchanov and his bodyguard."

Victor Cancer Biography

Rakov is sure that he managed to avoid "stellar illness", because he was universally famous already in adulthood. Therefore, he already knew everything differently, perceived, knew how to avoid this state.

Come two thousand. The characters of Viktor Rakov can be seen in many serials, but in the first place are the detectives - "Dasha Vasilyeva - 3. Lover of private investigation "," Kamenskaya "," Detectives "and melodramas -" Star of the era "," Salome "and others.

Seven years ago, in 2009, the actor becomes the voice of the television channel "TV Center", and a year later the audience watched the movie "Twilight" with his participation.

Family and hobbies

Mom Victor Rakov very well knitted. As a child, little Vitya also decided to try to master this art. Victor Rakov, whose personal life was never brought out for general discussion, never learned to knit, but he liked to embroider - cross and smooth. He had his own hoop, he often bought a mulino. Much later, when he had already acquired a family, he even embroidered pictures on his wife's dressing gown. And in his childhood, when the beads appeared on free sale, he wanted to master this technique. But since it was quite a painstaking task, little Vitya did not finish his painting. But he beautifully painted pictures. His works were even exhibited at the Bakhrushin Museum, at the Yermolova House Museum.

Victor Crawfish and his wife

Today the actor is married for the second time. In his first marriage, his son Boris was born. In the second marriage, Victor Rakov and his wife became the parents of Nastya's daughter. At first they lived without registration, but before the birth of the daughter legalized their relationship and even married in the church. In his family Victor is a full-fledged master, because he believes that as a man he is obliged to answer for his family and people close to him.

From the height of the lived years the actor is sure that the appearance of children in his life made him more sentimental. Every time he looks at his son and daughter, he sees himself in them. And despite the fact that both of them (his children) have long since emerged from the baby age, Rakov dreams of acting in at least one fairy tale. Or most to be its director.

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  • Actor Viktor Rakov: biography, personal life, films Actor Viktor Rakov: biography, personal life, films Actor Viktor Rakov: biography, personal life, films Actor Viktor Rakov: biography, personal life, films Actor Viktor Rakov: biography, personal life, films Actor Viktor Rakov: biography, personal life, films Actor Viktor Rakov: biography, personal life, films Actor Viktor Rakov: biography, personal life, films Actor Viktor Rakov: biography, personal life, films Actor Viktor Rakov: biography, personal life, films