Air-dry shelter for the winter

Air-dry shelter for the winter

Budlei is a beautiful garden bush native to China. Abundantly blossoming, fragrant with marvelous honey aroma, the bush is just a paradise for the brotherhood of insects and butterflies.Shelter of the budleigh for the winterDespite the fact that this heat-loving plant is alreadyhas learned to grow in the climate of the middle belt, inflorescences-sultans of exotic beauty are not often found in gardens. Gardeners were initially interested in a late and lushly flowering shrub, but it soon became clear that the plant is very whimsical, taking care of the budlej for the winter requires additional hassle. The fans were disappointed, and only the most persistent continue to cultivate it.

In a cold climate, the budleigh has adapted to survivein the form of a half-shrub, but for successful wintering it is necessary to observe the rules of planting and care, and also to make the correct shelter of the budleigh for the winter. This half-shrub is not particularly choosy to the composition of the soil, but it is demanding to the conditions of growth. Best of all, it feels on drained nutrient soil with sufficient, but moderate moisturizing. In such a fertile area the bush grows faster and has a brighter color of the inflorescences. The place should be sunny, protected from blowing by northern winds. The bushes are planted at a distance of about three meters, so that heavy arched branches have enough space to grow. 2-3 years, young budlei grow up in school and only then planted in a permanent place.Budlei for the winter

Adult budleja for the winter remains in the opensoil, but in the summer it is carefully tended beforehand: compost mulch pritstvolnye circles, watered in dry weather, fed ash or complex fertilizer during the formation of buds. Some gardeners negatively assess the wintering of bushes in the open ground. They believe that the shelter of the budleigh for the winter does not guarantee her successful wintering. However, the mistake of most fans of a thermophilic plant lies in the improper preparation of bushes for winter colds.

Care for the weekday for the winter

Shelter of the budleigh for winter begins in October -beginning of November. When the leaves become black, in sunny weather, the bush should be bogged down with dry soil to a height of about the third kidney. Then trim, leaving stems, hemp, not more than 20 cm, which are covered with billet. Formed mound should be covered with a wooden box, and on top of a roofing felt or slate (you can glass cloth). If possible, the structure should then be sprinkled with snow, this helps stabilize the temperature and create a good microclimate inside the shelter. Snow - the best insulation for plants.

To build an air-dry shelter for thewinter, you can use other tools, most importantly, to have more air, then the probability of successful wintering is greatest. In spring, the shelter must be removed in order to prevent it from escaping. Budlei does not tolerate wrapping, so use sawdust and film is undesirable.

To an exotic and slightly capricious creature,what is a budleya, a special approach is required. Despite the opinion of skeptics, it is worth trying to grow a beautiful bush with luxurious inflorescences, over which butterflies will dance.

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