Alexei Kravchenko: filmography and biography of the actor

Alexei Kravchenko: filmography and biography of the actor

A popular Russian actor, well known to television viewers. He created a lot of bright and original images in the national cinema.

Childhood and youth

Alexey Kravchenko

On the tenth of October, one thousand nine hundred and sixty-nine, an ordinary boy was born in the city of Saratov, to whom an amazing fate was prepared.

My father left the family early, so Alexeibrought up one mother. She was not easy with him. The boy was fond of hooliganism. Suffice it to say that already in the first class, Alexei Kravchenko learned to smoke, and then pulled his friends into this occupation. However, later he got rid of this bad habit, unlike his friends - they could not cope with it.

Alexey was not handsome in the classicalunderstanding, but girls have always drawn to him. He himself often fell in love. At first, I was terribly afraid of the subject of adoration, I could not say a word. Then it passed. In the tenth grade, Alexei Kravchenko was seriously involved in bodybuilding. As the actor recalls, he did it first of all in order to prove to himself that he can change something, improve in his body.

He could become an athlete, but did not aspire to it. When several years before him the question of choosing between the sports podium and the stage arose, Alexei chose the second option, having lost 40 kilograms for this.

The first film role

At school age Alexey Kravchenko,whose filmography today is huge, starred in his first film. This, without a doubt, is one of the strongest domestic films about the war. Drama of Elem Klimov's "Come and See" tells about a sixteen-year-old boy who experienced all the horrors of the punitive action of the fascists, after which he not only grew up, he grew old and turned gray. Until now, critics are amazed that at such a young age actor Aleksei Kravchenko could pass through himself and show the viewer all these emotions.alexey kravchenko filmography


After graduating from school, and then vocational school, Alexey was called inarmy, and not somewhere, but in the Navy to Vladivostok. For three years of service, Alexey learned all the "delights" of army life: hazing, officers' whims, etc. Later, becoming a famous actor, Alexei Kravchenko often played military, but this is not the merit of the army. However, he did not take any offense or negativity from his service, he simply confirmed himself that the army in the country should be professional.


Honestly giving his duty to the Motherland, Alexei returnedhome, and then went to Moscow and enrolled at the Shchukinsky Theater School on the course of Alla Kazan, which graduated in 1995. Almost six years, Alexei Kravchenko served in the theater. Vakhtangov. However, the beginning actor of large roles was not trusted, therefore, the opportunity to realize was practically zero. It was not better with the roles in the movies. Alexey graduated from the school in times of stagnation in the domestic cinema. Films were filmed very little, and even those of very low quality. Only towards the end of the nineties there was a slight positive shift.

From 1999 to 2000, films with Alexei Kravchenko began to appear. He played the main and secondary roles.

Period serials

movies with Alexey Kravchenko

At the beginning of the 2000s the Russianthe television covered the "epidemic" of serials that came out with an enviable regularity. Particularly popular were criminal action-packed tapes. At this time the textured Alexei Kravchenko, whose biography is inextricably linked with the cinema, has become very popular. Kravchenko had experience shooting in action movies, but he was really brought to the show by the series "Spetsnaz" and the role of Captain Vyazemsky. In this project, along with Alexei, there were outstanding actors: Mikhail Porechenkov, Alexander Baluev, Vladislav Galkin, Vladimir Turchinsky - a truly stellar team.

Equally successful was the criminal saga Brigade. In this film, Kravchenko played the role of an officer of the FSB Vvedensky.

Gravity of the Role

Once Alexei decided for himself that he no longerwill play in big serials. He wanted to get rid of the role of "cool" guy. It was not easy to do this. Even in full-length tape, he was still offered the role of the military.

New roles

alexey kravchenko biography

Gradually, the situation began to change. In 2008, Alexey played the role of a truck driver in the drama "The Fly". Fans of creativity Kravchenko with surprise learned that the beloved actor on the shoulder has deep dramatic roles. Alexei Kravchenko, whose filmography consisted mainly of fighters, began to appear in melodramas and comedies. Surprised actor admirers of his talent and the role of Harald in the historical film "Yaroslav. A thousand years ago. " We are all used to the fact that Alexei's characters are positive, and in this picture he got a sharply negative character. An important detail - for this role Kravchenko had to learn how to ride a horse. And he did it for one (!) Day.

However, from the roles in the militants Alexei leave notwill succeed. However, today he is very selective in the choice of roles in the films of this genre. It is very important for him that his character has character, so that the viewer sees in him a person. In primitive "shooters", he refuses to withdraw.

The Moscow Art Theater

When in 2007 the actor was accepted into the troupe of thisfamous theater, he immediately felt very comfortable. And, first of all, because on the theatrical stage it does not see only the hero of the militants. Kirill Serebrennikov often told Alexei that he was not an insurgent; he was different. Thanks to this, Alexey brilliantly plays the role of Brown in the "Threepenny Opera", Paul Golovlev in the "Golovlevs' Lords", Neil in "The Bourgeoiss" and others.


actor kravchenko aleksey

Not many people know that Alexei is a big fan andconnoisseur of music. In the two thousandth actor created a group of "Guarana", performing rock. To this day, Kravchenko is its leader. The team successfully performs at mass events.

Personal life

With his first wife, Alisa Kravchenko lived almost 18years. At first everything turned out very well, in the family two sons were born - Alexey and Matvey. But gradually the relationship lost its former brightness, there was some tension. As a result, the marriage broke up.

It was at this time in the life of the actor appeared Nadezhda Borisova - an actress, the daughter of an outstanding actor Lev Borisov. She is younger than Kravchenko for ten years.

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  • Alexei Kravchenko: filmography and biography of the actor Alexei Kravchenko: filmography and biography of the actor Alexei Kravchenko: filmography and biography of the actor Alexei Kravchenko: filmography and biography of the actor Alexei Kravchenko: filmography and biography of the actor Alexei Kravchenko: filmography and biography of the actor Alexei Kravchenko: filmography and biography of the actor Alexei Kravchenko: filmography and biography of the actor Alexei Kravchenko: filmography and biography of the actor Alexei Kravchenko: filmography and biography of the actor