Amorolfin from nail fungus - reviews and prices in pharmacies

Amorolfin from nail fungus - reviews and prices in pharmacies

Jul 08, 2018


Sometimes people develop a fungus on the nail plates of the legs. In order to get rid of it, pharmacology has created a number of means, one of which is Amorolfin from nail fungus.

Infected fungal infection, which is commonly called nail fungus, is quite simple - the more often it happens in such public places, like the beach, sauna or swimming pool. To the appearance of the fungus can also lead to impaired blood circulation of the limbs, too tight shoes, the wearing of someone else's shoes and an excessively moist environment.

This disease looks very unpleasant - the nail exfoliates and collapses, and the skin of the legs is often affected. A person who has contracted a nail fungus naturally wants to get rid of the disease as soon as possible.

The cause of mycosis is infection with dermatophytes, molds and yeast-like fungi. Once the nail is hit, pathogenic fungi penetrate into it, as well as into the skin around, and begin to multiply rapidly, capturing an ever larger "territory".

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amorolfin from nail fungus - a description of the drug

Amorolfine Sandoz

amorolfin - a drug designed specifically to suspendReproduction and growth of harmful bacteria that hit the human nail plates and skin. It acts as a means of destroying the cells of the fungal membrane, thereby stopping the further development of the fungal disease.

Amorolfin also relieves spores of fungal parasites, which leads to complete cure. Disease-causing microbes, when using this drug, cease to spread, because in the treatment with Amorolfin, the environment for them becomes unfavorable. The merits of Amorolfin also include the fact that it does not enter the bloodstream and therefore can not cause an intoxication of the body.

amorolfin release is available in the form of an antifungal nail polish and a cream. There is also an amorolfine spray from the fungus.

One gram of the drug contains 5 ml of amorolfine. Together with him, a number of antifungal drugs are produced, but in any of them Amorolfin is the main active ingredient.



Assign treatment with amorolfine in the following cases:

  • with onychomycosis
  • with candidiasis of skin
  • with smooth skin
  • with odoriferous
  • with epidermophytia of the feet
  • and with inguinal epidermophyte.

The duration of treatment and the required dosage of Amorolfin is determined by the physician to whom the patient referred. Reviews about Amorolfin from the fungus of nails speak about its high efficiency in case strictly followed the instruction for the use of the drug. According

, both physicians and those suffering from nail fungus, time frame in which you can get rid of the disease with the help of amorolfine, ranging from 3 months to one year. This is due to the individual characteristics of the body and the degree of severity of the disease.

You can only use Amorolfin externally, the intake is strictly prohibited.

Doctor dermatologist

Contraindications Except individual intolerance, amorolfine can not be used infants and young children, pregnant and lactating women. Instructions for use

Cream amorolfine

duration of treatment of fungal diseases using a cream with amorolfine usually about 6 weeks. The agent is applied per day only once, in the evening, and on the areas of the nail and skin affected by the fungus.

Pre-need to steam out your feet and wipe them dry. In the course of treatment, you can not take breaks, and after recovery for a while continue to apply cream to prevent relapse of the disease.

Spray Amorolfin from fungus

To use the spray with Amorolfin, as in the case with the cream, you need to steam up your legs, remove the damaged parts of your nail and dry yourself after dry.

Apply the spray several times a day, and the period for which a person gets rid of the fungus may vary depending on how badly the nails and skin on the legs have suffered.

Lac with Amorolfin

White spots on the nails of the hands and feet and medicine

Antifungal lacquer, which includes Amorolfin, is one of the most popular treatments for mycosis nails. However, it helps only in cases where the defeat is not too strong. The most effective use of antifungal lacquer at the very beginning of the disease, when only the nail is affected, and not touched by the skin around.

Included with the varnish are sold special nail files, tampons, which should handle the surface of the nail, and spatula for applying the drug. Carry out treatment with varnish with Amorolfin is very convenient - it is used once a week.

Important: lacquer is effective in the treatment of nail fungus only if 2/3 of the entire nail plate is affected.

Preliminary with the help of the included nail files( they are all in the package of 30 pieces), the affected nails are carefully processed. In this case, you can not use the same nail file twice - you can again spread the fungus, so they are discarded after use. Then the surface of the nail should be degreased with alcohol in a sponge( they are bundled in 30 pieces), after which the lacquer with Amorolfin can already be applied with a spatula( there are 10 of them in the set).

When using an antifungal lacquer, the usual manicure and pedicure is not recommended. Other precautions include the use of rubber gloves in contact with household chemicals. It is recommended to use the product for the prevention when going to the sauna / pool and the beach.


The cost of Amorolfin from fungus can vary in different pharmacies, besides it is not easy to find on sale. The average price is usually:

  • Lac - about 900 rubles.
  • Spray is about 1200 rubles.
  • Cream - about 1400 rubles.

In general, Amorolfine very well helps the treatment of fungal diseases of the nails, especially if the therapy is started at the very beginning of the ailment.

However, there are cases when the body does not respond very well to treatment, for example, the skin when applying Amorolfin begins to turn red and itch. In such situations, you should tell about the allergy to the drug of the treating doctor, which will replace Amorolfin for any other remedy for mycosis.

Feedback on treatment

Testimonial №1

My elderly father in a bath picked up a fungus on his nails. We advised him to buy Amorolfin in the form of lacquer, I liked the fact that the procedures do not need to be done daily and that the drug is very convenient to use.

Father - a man scrupulous and meticulous, strictly followed all instructions. In half an hour the fungus completely disappeared from him.

Igor, 30 years old - St. Petersburg

Review №2

I found my nail fungus, very upset. Not only does it look disgusting, I know that this disease can completely destroy the nails. The doctor advised Amorolfin.

I bought it as a spray, strictly followed the instructions, and after a while the condition of the nails became noticeably better. It took me 8 months to completely defeat the fungus, but I do not have it anymore!

Ilona, ​​46 years - Ekaterinburg

Review №3

My husband had a fungus, I first noticed, told him, but he was not very attentive to himself, then agreed to go to the doctor.

He prescribed Amorolphin regularly, used a varnish, because it is more convenient. But no changes happened. But the cream Tinedol for 2 months completely solved the problem.

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  • Amorolfin from nail fungus - reviews and prices in pharmacies Amorolfin from nail fungus - reviews and prices in pharmacies Amorolfin from nail fungus - reviews and prices in pharmacies Amorolfin from nail fungus - reviews and prices in pharmacies Amorolfin from nail fungus - reviews and prices in pharmacies Amorolfin from nail fungus - reviews and prices in pharmacies Amorolfin from nail fungus - reviews and prices in pharmacies Amorolfin from nail fungus - reviews and prices in pharmacies Amorolfin from nail fungus - reviews and prices in pharmacies Amorolfin from nail fungus - reviews and prices in pharmacies