Andrei Zhdanov: the actor. Biography, creativity

Andrei Zhdanov: the actor. Biography, creativity

Andrei Zhdanov known to everyone on the series "Do not be bornbeautiful. " His real name is Grigory Alexandrovich Antipenko. He was born in Moscow on October 10 in 1974 in a family of engineers. The mother of the future actor worked as a technologist at the studio "Mosfilm". In the future, Grigory did not intend to become an actor, although from childhood he studied at the theater studio. After graduating from high school, he entered the pharmaceutical school for a specialty "pharmacist-pharmacist", which he successfully graduated. Then he worked in a pharmacy. But this activity did not bring him the desired satisfaction, and Grigory resigned. He began to master the work of an advertising agent, did facsimile copies, graduated accounting courses. But it was not in one of these professions that I found myself.Andrei Zhdanov

Change of profession

At twenty-five years the actor began a new life. In 1999, our hero began to work in the theater "Satyricon" as a stage installer. Then he entered the VTU them. Shchukin thanks to the influence of Arkady Raikin. Was engaged in the workshop of R. Yu Ovchinnikov. The first debut of the actor Antipenko was held on the fourth year in the series "Code of Honor".

Way to actor's glory

Studying at the Shchukin school was accompanied by a game in which"Classroom Theater." Having graduated this institution in 2003, he was recruited to the troupe of the theater Et cetera. After working a year, the actor temporarily stopped his participation in the performances because of the big employment in the cinema.

The first fans of Antipenko received after filming in the movie "The Talisman of Love" in 2005, despite the negative role played by the character - the thief Platon Amelin.

In the same year, our hero was approved in the serieson one of the main roles. Thanks to her, viewers still refer to Gregory as Andrei Zhdanov. "Do not be born beautiful" (the actor, by the way, several times confirmed and starred with the main role of the creators of the series) won the hearts of the audience. No one was disappointed in the choice. On the role of the seducer in the film, the best candidate could not be found. Since then, and appeared Andrew Zhdanov. The actor coped well with the task.andrey actresses

The actor's attitude to the role in the series "Do not be born beautiful"

As we have already said, Grigory Antipenko, or, aswe all are more familiar, Andrei Zhdanov, was not immediately approved for the role. The actor himself admitted that it is the absolute opposite of the main character. But this did not stop him from playing his role brilliantly. Antipenko, unlike his hero, did not have rich parents, expensive cars. In life, the actor had to do everything himself. Nelly Uvarova - partner of Gregory on the show - noted that playing with him gave her pleasure.Andrii Zhdanov not be born beautiful actor

The personal life of the actor

Fans are always interested not only inprofessional activity of their idols. What is the fate of the person who is known to us as Andrei Zhdanov? The actor, whose private life was not a secret to anyone, was twice married. I first married at twenty-two and soon divorced. The spouse was Elena. From the first marriage, Grigory had a son - Alexander.

His second wife was an actress who acted with himin one TV series "Do not be born beautiful", - Julia Takshina. Relations with them began even during the filming of the film. The couple did not hide their feelings, and soon Julia and Gregory began to live together.

July 2007 gave them the first-born - Ivan, and two years later was born and the second son - Fyodor. Despite the apparent prosperity, the couple broke up after six years, but maintained a warm relationship.

andrey zhdanov actor personal life

The next chosen Gregory became famousactress Tatiana Arntgolts. So far, the couple just meets and no predictions about their relationship does not. Therefore, the end time of their novel, time will tell. It is known that Tatiana even left her husband Ivan Zhidkov.

Hobbies of the actor

What pleases in the life of our hero? It's interesting, what is the difference between Grigory and his character Andrei Zhdanov? The biography of the actor is not limited to filming in films. It includes the main hobby in the life of Gregory - mountaineering. This occupation led the actor to the mountains of the Caucasus, Altai, Tien Shan. Our hero made the first ascent to the Caucasian mountains alone. This climb gave Grigory an unforgettable experience, which influenced enthusiasm for mountaineering. Also, Gregory conquered the northern Tien-Shan ridge Tengritag, Khan-Tengri peak. Then there was an ascent to Lenin Peak.

Currently, because of the heavy workload, he rarely manages to devote himself to mountaineering.


The actor's debut took place in 2002 in the series"Code of honor". Then followed the films "Color of the Nation", "The Head of the Classic", "The Talisman of Love", "Shakespeare did not even dream". In the years 2005-2006. came the series "Do not be born beautiful," in which Gregory appeared before the audience as Andrei Zhdanov. Tapes of Juncker, Luna-Odessa, Conspiracy, Enemy Number One, Waiting for a Miracle, Man Without a Pistol also came to the viewer's liking. It is impossible not to recall the films "Provincial", "Mountaineer", "Razluchnitsa", "M + F", "Mother's Heart", "Last Minute". Grigory was shot in the tapes "Return way", "Permissible victims", "Moscow, I love you", "Black mark". The films "Save Your Husband", "Bullet Fool 4", "Retribution", "Spring in December", "Second Lieutenant Romashov", "Believe" also allowed to enjoy the talented actor's play. In addition to filming in films and serials, our hero participated several times in the scoring of cartoons: Rapunzel, Ted Jones and the Lost City.andrey zhdanov biography

Roles in the theater

In the theater Et cetera actor played in the performances: "The Mystery of Aunt Malkin", "The Paris Romance", "Beautiful People", etc. The ANO "Theatrical Marathon" brought our hero a role in the production of Pygmalion. Then the play "Panic. Men are on the verge of a nervous breakdown. " The production group "THEATR" gave the actor a role in the production of "The result is obvious". Another theater was pleased with the performance "Orpheus and Eurydice" with the participation of the actor. Grigory also played in three other productions: Othello, Medea, Smile to Us, Lord. The modern theater of entreprise invited the actor to play in the play "Two on a swing", etc.

Awards and Prizes

2006 brought the actor in Ukraine a prize"Telesvezda" in the nomination "The Best TV Actor of the Year". Two years later, our hero was awarded a prize at the festival "Love a man" named after Sergei Gerasimov. As we see, Grigory Antipenko differs radically from his character. Andrei Zhdanov, though remembered the viewer most of all, but the actor has many other played images, worthy of attention.

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  • Andrei Zhdanov: the actor. Biography, creativity Andrei Zhdanov: the actor. Biography, creativity Andrei Zhdanov: the actor. Biography, creativity Andrei Zhdanov: the actor. Biography, creativity Andrei Zhdanov: the actor. Biography, creativity Andrei Zhdanov: the actor. Biography, creativity Andrei Zhdanov: the actor. Biography, creativity Andrei Zhdanov: the actor. Biography, creativity Andrei Zhdanov: the actor. Biography, creativity Andrei Zhdanov: the actor. Biography, creativity