Apricot oil for face from wrinkles: reviews, properties and uses

Apricot oil for face from wrinkles: reviews, properties and uses

Problems with skin are present in 80% of people inall over the world. Girls tend to be more prone to age-related changes, as their skin is more tender. On the other hand, the age of a woman can be difficult to determine, especially if she pays enough attention to face care. In pursuit of a beautiful, well-groomed face, girls buy a huge number of very different cosmetics: scrubs, oils, masks, creams. But are they all so effective? Today we will talk about one of them, namely, apricot oil for the face from wrinkles: reviews about it, who it is suitable for and how it is applied.

apricot oil for face from wrinkle reviews

Why the skin ages

Before we find out whether the apricot copeoil with the problem of aging, we will find out why this process occurs and is so noticeable on the skin of the face. First of all, it is important to note that wrinkles are divided into several types. Mimic wrinkles arise as a result of active face mimicry. This includes laughter, narrowing of eyes, wrinkling of the forehead. Age wrinkles appear as a result of the death of elastic fibers. The skin becomes flabby and saggy. In order to remove such sad processes, there are many different ways.

It is very important to know that most wrinklesis formed as a result of dry skin. Thus, in women with a fatty type, their manifestations are less noticeable than with the dry ones. In addition, over the years, the skin loses its useful micronutrients and vitamins. They need to be constantly replenished with various means. One of them is apricot oil for face from wrinkles. Reviews about this tool, properties and methods of application will be considered below.

How is apricot oil made?

Apricot oil is made from pitsof this plant by cold pressing. They contain a huge amount of useful vitamins and minerals. At home, it is quite difficult to perform such a process, because a special press is needed for this. Sometimes for the preparation of apricot oil, the seeds of cherry plums are also partially used. In order to make apricot oil for the face from wrinkles, the reviews we will consider later, use the kernels of the bones. They are crushed and pressed several times in a cold way. The cake that remains is also used for various cosmetic products.

apricot kernel oil for face


Virtually all vegetable oils have a verymany positive properties. Apricot is no exception. It contains 20% linolenic acid, amygdalin glycoside - 5%, as well as vitamins A, C, B, F, lactase enzymes and emulsin. It contains a significant amount of mineral salts and other useful components. Cold double pressing allows to keep all these elements in kind. With a strong heating of apricot kernels, most of these useful components are cleaved, especially amygdaline.

Properties of apricot oil

The use of this oil can not be underestimated. It is used for both facial skin, and for hair and nails. Apricot oil, the properties and applications of which we are considering, can be found in many cosmetic products (scrubs, masks, creams, balms). It nourishes, softens and protects hair and skin.

apricot oil properties and application

Apricot oil is well absorbed and regulateswater-lipid balance. This explains its property, such as wrestling with wrinkles. Soaking in the skin, the oil moistens it, the dry cells get the necessary amount of moisture and lipids. Due to this, the skin of the face is tightened, it becomes more smooth and elastic. Properties and use of apricot oil were studied by many scientists, a lot of experiments were carried out. In the course of them it became known that this product regenerates dead cells, contributing to the emergence of new ones.

For sensitive and problematic skin, apricotoil is also very useful. This is due to its antibacterial effect. It heals wounds, dries pimples, struggles with the appearance of acne.

Useful micronutrients of apricot oil start the metabolic processes in the body and have an intensive rejuvenating effect. In addition, they give the face skin a healthy and well-groomed appearance.

Hair oil

As already mentioned, apricotcosmetic oil is successfully used to treat not only the skin of the face, but also hair, nails. For dry and fragile ringlets it is recommended to add it to the shampoo in the proportion of 15 drops per 100 ml of the product. The oil is suitable for frequent use. It does not leave a greasy shine on the hair, but at the same time nourishes them, makes them soft and silky. If, after use in shampoo, hair is a little faded, then it can be added to your hair mask and used once a week.

This oil is especially effective in hot summerThe days when hair is most in need of care and protection. Lipids of apricot oil can protect curls from drying out and exposure to high temperatures.

Apricot oil for the skin of hands

For the skin of hands and nails, apricot oil, propertieswhich we have considered, is also ideal. After the bath and manicure it is recommended to rub it into the cuticle. But besides this, massage movements can also be applied to the finger. It will moisten the delicate skin of the hands, and the nails will become stronger due to the regeneration processes. To improve the effect, the agent can be slightly heated (not more than 37 ° C). Also apricot oil is perfectly combined with other vegetable oils.

Cosmetic oils for the face from wrinkles

They can be mixed in various proportions andexperiment. If the nails are too soft and brittle, and the skin of the hands is dry, then in this case it is recommended to use a wrap. Problem areas are abundantly lubricated with warm apricot and pine oil and wrapped with food film for better thermal effect. After one hour of excess oil (if it is absorbed not everything) can be washed off with warm water.

Apricot oil for eyelashes

Another interesting area of ​​hisapplications are eyelashes. They can take off their makeup. It does not hurt the delicate skin around the eyes, but rather the opposite - it moistens and nourishes it. In addition, thanks to its medicinal properties, apricot oil also affects the cilia themselves, accelerating their growth. To use, you need to take a cotton swab, moisten it with water and add a few drops of the remedy. Easy movements can remove the remains of makeup. To strengthen the cilia, a few drops of oil are applied to the cotton swab and attached to them using food film or parchment paper.

Apricot seed oil for face

Of course, for delicate skin and decollete itfits the best. Especially it concerns dry skin prone to peeling. Oil very quickly absorbed in the damaged areas, imbues them, aligns the structure. Useful vitamins and minerals are quickly absorbed in the subcutaneous layer. There is a huge number of very different masks and home-made creams, in which this oil is used.

apricot oil properties

The easiest and quickest way to moisturize your skin,nourish it and heal - this is to apply a cotton swab a few drops of oil and wipe their face. For intensive nutrition, the oil can be heated up to 37 ° C and impregnated with gauze or bandage. Next, it must be gently applied to the skin of the face, without forgetting the area of ​​the decollete. Above smeared areas wrapped in food film, for best effect can also be covered with a towel. After 20 minutes it can be washed off with warm water.

Apricot seed oil for the face can bebuy in any pharmacy, in addition, there are sold and other vegetable oils: ylang-ylang, mint, lemon, rose, pine and many others. Each of them has many useful properties. They perfectly mix, complement each other and improve the effect of use. Cosmetic oils for the face from wrinkles favorably affect the skin and hair. Virtually all of them have antibacterial effect. In addition, they impregnate the skin and hair with all the necessary vitamins and minerals. Especially important is the use of cosmetic oils in the fall and spring, when the body is prone to avitaminosis.


Apricot oil for face from wrinkle reviewsgets enough often, because it has already experienced a lot of girls and women. All of them claim that it really rejuvenates the skin of the face, makes it more elastic and taut. The oil can smooth out fine wrinkles and moisturize dry face skin. Women who used it for intensive nutrition, noticeable improvement in color and structure of the face. Girls who have oily skin, recommend to abandon the frequent use of the drug. After all, despite its antibacterial effect, it's still a lipid. Despite the fact that oil fights with the appearance of acne, it can still strengthen the greasy shine.

cosmetic oil, apricot

Cosmetic oils for the face from wrinklesare made only from natural components, and therefore, can not harm the body. Allergic reactions can occur only in the case of individual intolerance of components, and this happens extremely rarely. In order to avoid the occurrence of rashes after the use of oil, as for any other cosmetic product, it is recommended to conduct an allergic test. If no itching and redness occurs in the place of use within 24 hours, the oil can be used for other skin areas.

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  • Apricot oil for face from wrinkles: reviews, properties and uses Apricot oil for face from wrinkles: reviews, properties and uses Apricot oil for face from wrinkles: reviews, properties and uses Apricot oil for face from wrinkles: reviews, properties and uses Apricot oil for face from wrinkles: reviews, properties and uses Apricot oil for face from wrinkles: reviews, properties and uses Apricot oil for face from wrinkles: reviews, properties and uses Apricot oil for face from wrinkles: reviews, properties and uses Apricot oil for face from wrinkles: reviews, properties and uses Apricot oil for face from wrinkles: reviews, properties and uses