Benefits for veterans of military operations in Chechnya

Benefits for veterans of military operations in Chechnya. All about benefits to combatants

For each participant of military operationslegislation has established benefits that not everyone knows, so they do not always use them. Before claiming benefits to veterans of military operations in Chechnya or any other military action, it is necessary to know who exactly belongs to their number.

Benefits for veterans of military operations in the Chechen Republic

War veterans: who is it

On benefits veterans of military operations in Chechnya cancount all the citizens who were dismissed, resigned, liable for military service, who took part in the fighting in Chechnya. Also, servicemen who were fired into the reserve, the officers of the Internal Affairs Department who took part in hostilities can count on the appointment of benefits.

Benefits for veterans of military operations in Chechnya are assigned to those who were engaged in the delivery of cargo (the road battalion) to the military servicemen of the HF stationed on the territory of the Chechen Republic.

The legislative documents specify the dates of combatactions. Almost every person who served at the time indicated in Chechnya was involved in hostilities. Therefore, practically all citizens are assigned benefits and benefits are determined.

Benefits for veterans of the fighting in Chechnya

Types of benefits

To learn all about the benefits of war veterans, it is possible in the legislation №5-ФЗ from 1995 (addition of items 1-4 of art. 3). The documents say that you can get privileges in the following ways:

  1. Tax payments.
  2. Pension support.
  3. Obtaining housing.Each veteran, who is in the queue for housing before 2005, can count on assistance in paying for or obtaining real estate. These benefits to veterans of military operations in Chechnya are regulated by art. No. 4468-1 of 1993.
  4. Provision with prostheses.
  5. Extraordinary holidays both with preservation, and without preservation of the salary.
  6. Rendering services. Dead veterans are guaranteed assistance in the transportation of the body, burial and installation of the monument.

In the provision on benefits veterans of military operations in Chechnya are also prescribed norms for those who served military units. The list of benefits includes:

  1. Preservation of the right to medical care.
  2. Receipt of vouchers in the sanatorium for medpokazaniyam.
  3. Obtaining education at the expense of the employer.
  4. Providing with living space.

Also benefits for funeral services are provided.

On benefits to veterans of military operations in Chechnya

Preferential land plots

Until 2004, benefits to veteran veteransactions in Chechnya provided for the allocation of land for IZHS. However, with the adoption of a new law on the monetization of benefits, free land acquisition was abolished. If they were on the waiting list to receive the site before 2004, then the right to retain it.

All About Benefits of War Veterans

Tax privileges

All veterans of military operations exercise their rightsand benefits in different ways. Someone gets housing, and someone receives financial support from the state. However, for everyone there is a privilege that partially or completely exempts from paying taxes on property.

Regional legislation may grant a benefit for partial or complete exemption from payment of transport taxes.

Also, all participants in the war are entitled to receive a personal income tax deduction of five hundred rubles. If a veteran has received a disability, the deduction amount will reach three thousand.

Benefits for veterans of military operations are federal and regional

Getting a home

For all combat veterans, there is afree housing. However, this type of privilege has a number of limitations. For example, those who applied before 2005 receive apartments out of turn. Persons who applied after 2005 are provided with housing in a general line, as well as other citizens of the Russian Federation.

When submitting an application before 2005, veterans canto provide instead of an apartment a monetary allowance for independent purchase of housing, construction. The total amount of payment is calculated on the basis of the cost per square meter of real estate needed for comfortable living (18 sq.m.).

Veterans are entitled to partial reimbursement for rent. If the family of a retired military removes an apartment, then they can return to half of the rent.

Previously, veterans used benefits to pay utility services, but since 2011 this allowance has been canceled, and now they pay for utilities as well as all citizens.

Benefit to veterans of fighting in Chechnya

Monthly payment

Legislation provides for a monthlya monetary privilege for veterans of military operations in Chechnya. Councils for its receipt allow you to obtain recognition as a military veteran and assign a monthly allowance of $ 2,255 rubles. Also this amount includes NSOs (social services), paid in the amount of 839 rubles.

The NSO assumes that veterans are supposed to receive free prescription drugs, and if necessary they can get a ticket to the sanatorium. At the same time, the fare to the sanatorium is not paid.

Medical service

Free medical care is included in the benefitsveterans of military operations. Federal and regional programs provide for free treatment in hospitals, state hospitals. An annual survey and health monitoring are also provided.

Participants in the war can count on free prostheses. In some regions, veterans are provided with privileges when installing dentures.

Regulations on Disabled Persons

If during the war a citizen received anyinjury that leads to disability, then he is assigned additional payments. Their amount depends on the group of disability. If the cause of disability is the pathology that the military suffered during the service, then he is also entitled to additional payments, the amount of which depends on the severity of the consequences.

Since 2013, war veterans, who have become disabled,can rely on either a disability allowance or a benefit of conflict participants. The choice of type of benefit is determined by the citizen himself and can use only one type of benefits.

Benefits for students and working veterans

Working veterans of Chechnya receive variousprivileges, including annual leave, which must be provided at any time of the year. Also, a citizen is supposed to provide unpaid leave for a month.

Benefits for veterans include passing the refresher courses at the employer's expense.

When enrolling in educational institutionsstate type on the results of examinations of veterans credited out of turn. At the same time, for excellent studies, participants in military operations have the right to receive scholarships and allowances to it.

Veterans of military operations realize their rights and privileges

Additional types of benefits

Each veteran has the full right to purchase a ticket for public transport out of turn. Also, they should be serviced out of turn in all communication offices.

If you want to install the phone in the apartment, their application should also be considered out of turn and with a positive decision immediately bring the phone.

In some regions, for Chechen participantsWar provides for their additional benefits. Most often they apply to public transport (partially or completely return funds from the regional budget).

Benefits of participants in hostilitiesspread to his family. By law, he should return half the cost of a voucher to the children's camp. It should be noted that the amount is not returned immediately, but some time after the application.

Families of deceased war veterans alsocan receive benefits. A widow can count on payments before the next marriage. If the family of the deceased has underage children, students, then they are assigned benefits.

Obtaining benefits

Each type of privilege is issued in differentinstitutions. To apply for tax benefits, you need to contact the tax office. Since the benefits are of application force, they can be granted only after the application is written by the veteran.

To submit documents to the tax service, you must either personally visit it or send a letter with a statement, as well as through a special electronic service.

Cash payment

Every veteran has the right to receive a monetarypayments. To apply for it, you must file an application with the PF. Moreover, a veteran has the right to apply not only on a personal visit to the PF, but also through electronic services.

After accepting documents from the veteran, he is assigned a monthly payment. Most often it is transferred to the account specified in the documents.

You can not file documents about the purpose of paymentonly in the PF at the place of registration, but also in the PF at the place of residence. Within ten days after the adoption of the application, the PF is required to notify the veteran of the decision taken.

Knowing the benefits and benefits, you can have enoughmany privileges and enjoy them. The full list of benefits is announced in Federal Law No. 5 of 1991 "On Veterans". In this law all types of benefits are prescribed and who has the right to them.

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