Boxer Abdusalamov Magomed: biography

Boxer Abdusalamov Magomed: biography

Sports gave the world many talented, outstandingpersonalities. They are people with tremendous will, strength of spirit and an irresistible desire to win. And Abdusalamov Magomed is one of them. About his life path, achievements, victories and defeats will be discussed in the article.

abdusalamov magomed

The beginning of the path and the first achievements

Dagestani boxer Magomed Abdusalamov was born in1981, March 25, in Makhachkala. There he graduated from the school and a branch of the Moscow Road Institute. In 1999, he began to comprehend the basics of Thai boxing under the guidance of coach and coach Zainalbek Zainalbekov. In 2004, Abdusalamov Magomed began the career of a boxer and very soon let everyone know that he is capable of much.

Two years in a row (2005-2006), the athlete was awarded the title of champion of Russia in the heavyweight division.

Professional career

In September 2008, the first exit took placea boxer on a professional ring. Abdusalamov Magomed stood out among other athletes with the ability to defeat the opponent in the early rounds. The first eight fights for the viewer were not very interesting: Magomed knocked out opponents in the first round. Among the defeated in the subsequent battles were:

  • Rich Power (was defeated in the 3rd round);
  • Pedro Rodriguez;
  • Jason Pettaway (surrendered in the 4th round);
  • Maurice Bayrom (fatal for him was the third round).

boxer Magomed AbdusalamovThe fight with Jameel McCline

In September 2012 in Moscow Abdusalamov Magomedmet in a duel with the famous American boxer Jameel McCline. During this fight for the first time in his sports career the Dagestan was knocked down.

From the first minute it was difficult not to notice that McCline came for the victory. In the first minute he sent Abdusalamov in a knockdown. But he recovered and continued the fight with great zeal.

At the end of the second round, the boxer's right straighthit sent his American opponent into a heavy knockdown. Although McCline and stood at the count of 10, the referee, looking at his exhausted look, decided to stop the fight.

It is interesting that Magomed left on that day in the ring with a trauma - he had a broken rib.

Victor Bisbal is a worthy opponent

In 2013, in March, the already well-known andtitled boxer Magomed Abdusalamov fought with an athlete from Puerto Rico. Forecasts were on the side of the Dagestan. Despite this, Victor Bisbal the first two rounds kept Magomed in suspense. He won with a clear advantage. It was the first boxer who made Abdusalamov nervous for two whole rounds.

Daghestani boxer Magomed Abdusalamov

The course of the match was changed during the third and fourth rounds, in the fifth Bisbal was knocked out.

Fatal battle with Mike Perez

In November 2013, the ring met twothe strongest boxer - Cuban Mike Perez and Dagestan Magomed Abdusalamov. What happened after this fight, that the famous athlete, whose biography we are studying today, was forced to finish his professional career?

At the beginning of the match, the audience held their breath. Both athletes were extremely active. And the first five rounds of their strength were equal. Only in the 6th tri-minute Perez began to act more successfully. In the 10th round, Abdusalamov was barely able to stand on his feet, but still managed to stand up to the gong. After the battle, the judges announced the winner of the Kuban Mike Perez. This was the first serious defeat of Abdusalamov.

A few hours after the fight, Magomed becamecomplaining of malaise - headache and dizziness. To avoid complications, it was decided to introduce the athlete into a state of artificial coma.

Magomed Abdusalamov what happened

The conclusion of physicians

November 6, it became known that the boxer suffered a stroke. At a medical center in New York, he removed a blood clot from the brain and part of the skull.

For more than two weeks, Magomed was in a coma andOnly November 22 was able to get out of it. But after a few hours the doctors were forced to reconnect it to the life support device. Only on December 6 the athlete was able to breathe independently. On December 10, he was transferred to an ordinary room from the intensive care unit.

Financial difficulties

It is known that the family of the boxer, who for histhe last battle earned more than 40 thousand dollars, faced with fabulous accounts for treatment. The promoters created a special fund to collect funds and donations for the treatment of Magomed.

Abdusalamov was helped not only by his relatives,friends and fans. The desire to help the boxer was personally expressed by his colleagues - Ruslan Provodnikov, Habib Allahverdiyev, Klitschko brothers, Sergio Martinez, Sultan Ibragimov. Sergei Kovalev, the Russian world boxing champion, in August 2014 put up his boxers, teips and gloves, in which he defeated Blake Caparello, and sent the money to the family of Abdusalamov.

Life goes on

The condition of Magomed Abdusalamov is now satisfactory, he can speak from June 2015, but, unfortunately, the right side of his body remains paralyzed.

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