Canadian coach Ben Vader: biography, facts, photo

Canadian coach Ben Vader: biography, facts, photo

Movies, painting, music, sports - everywhere existtheir legends, which brought something important in this or that area of ​​human life. Bodybuilding also did not stay overboard, having in its history an impressive list of sonorous names. Ben Vader is a Canadian coach who will forever remain in the memory of the world's bodybuilding. Why? Read more about this.

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Ben Vader: Biography

The future star of iron sport was born 1February 1923 in Montreal, Canada. The parents of Ben, Louis and Annie Vader, were not wealthy people, often experienced financial difficulties. Sometimes it came to that money was not enough even for food, because the family consisted of 5 people (Ben was the youngest of 3 children). At that time Canadians were very aggressive towards foreigners, which served Ben badly in his childhood, when he experienced all sorts of ridicule and mockery on the part of peers. It is worth to clarify that the parents of our hero were from Poland, did not have a high position in society.

School years were not easy, whichcause of leaving the young man from the institution after grade 7. Nevertheless, the boy did not wander or laze, but immediately got a job, helping, than he could, his family. It took 10-12 hours for hard work, but it did not stop Ben from getting into the boxing and dancing section, as well as meeting and having fun with friends. Contrary to all adversity, the young man grew optimistic about life.

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The beginning of sports career

Seriously involved in sports, Ben Vader foreverHe remained faithful to the gym, spending many hours of free time in it. In those years, he began to be interested in weightlifting, around which there was not yet such a turbulent HYIP, which we see at the present time. Over time, he took an honorable 2 place in the championship of Canada, which only provoked the athlete. In parallel, one could observe the intensive growth of the career of brother Ben - an athlete who also excelled in weightlifting, having proved himself well at the local competition "Mr. Montreal".

In 1942, Ben was forced to enlist in the ranksCanadian intelligence, went to the front. There he honestly and conscientiously served three years, returning later back to his homeland. Arriving in Montreal, he decided to seriously engage in the promotion of bodybuilding, which was the first brick of his future empire. In the 40's, the brothers Veydera constantly became the object of numerous ridicule on the part of scientists and physicians, who noted the senselessness of heavy training in the hall and the intake of various food additives. In those years there was an opinion that the "sports heart", which sometimes develops force, will lead to nothing good. Moreover, doctors argued that this leads only to weakness, all sorts of diseases and, finally, to death. Nevertheless, the brothers believed that all this is nonsense, and training, on the contrary, can enhance health and general tone of the body.

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Foundation of IFBB

1946 was a turning point in the life of the Ben brothers andJoe Weiderov. It was then that they jointly founded the federation of bodybuilding, which still exists - IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding). Interestingly, the largest organization that followed the achievements of weightlifting in those days (the American Athletic Union), tried its best to molest the new competitor, threatening a number of athletes with a complete suspension of the championships if they took part in the Vader competitions. But even this did not break the brothers. Over time, IFBB began to join other federations, dreaming of the maximum spread of the "cult of bodybuilding". In his aspirations, Ben Vader traveled over 100 countries around the world, convincing athletes of the serious intentions of the IFBB. So he attracted people, talking about what to bodybuilding should be treated as a full-fledged sport, and not just a hobby or hobby.

Today the IFBB is the most influential federationbodybuilding all over the world, which is several times ahead of other competitors. And this is observed both in the reputation and number of mentions in the media, as well as in the total amount of cash flows controlled by the organization.

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In 1975, Ben Vader was awarded the most honorablethe Canadian award is an award given for a long-standing commitment to the cause, improving the lives of people around the globe. In 1984, luck went even further when he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Only these achievements show the great value of this man not only for Canada, but for the whole world.

Mentioning the same year of 1975, it is worth mentioningfilming a terrific film about bodybuilding "Pumping iron." The film itself was filmed in South Africa, where the regime reigned apartheid. A certain salvation was the fact that the Minister of Sports Pete Kornkhov adored bodybuilding, which is why he dreamed of organizing a grandiose championship in his native country. Ben agreed to hold the competition, but only on the condition that all bodybuilders will live and train under the same conditions. As a result, it was South Africa that became the home of the "Mr. Olympia" in 1975.

Recent years and death

Ben Vader was an ardent admirer of bodybuilding,However, in his last years he began to think more broadly. So, he was seriously carried away by history, studying various aspects of this science. It is interesting that Ben served for several years as chairman of the International Society for the Remembrance of Napoleon. Ben possessed an impressive list of relics of those times, and among the general collection there was a place for rare copies of the times of Bonaparte, among which were the personal belongings of the emperor.

Unfortunately, on October 18, 2008 it became fataldate for Canada and the world's sports community. It was then that at the age of 85 Ben Veyder was found dead. But anyway, his name will be forever inscribed in the annals of world bodybuilding.

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Ben Vader College of Bodybuilding and Fitness

In 1992, an institution was created,which has branches in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The idea of ​​creating such a college belonged to Vladimir Dubinin, who also took a direct part in promoting bodybuilding. The educational institution operates both day and part-time forms of education. Basic training programs include:

  • "Personal trainer in fitness and bodybuilding."
  • "Instructor of group classes on aerobics."
  • "Instructor in the gym."

The cost of training, depending on the program, varies from 28,800 to 48,200 rubles. Of course, the Ben Vader College of Bodybuilding and Fitness has all the necessary certificates and licenses.


Great people become, not born. It is this saying that can be applied to such a popular person in the bodybuilding environment, as Ben Vader. Photos of the athlete you could see in our article. He significantly transformed this sport, making it a true passion for hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

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  • Canadian coach Ben Vader: biography, facts, photo Canadian coach Ben Vader: biography, facts, photo Canadian coach Ben Vader: biography, facts, photo Canadian coach Ben Vader: biography, facts, photo Canadian coach Ben Vader: biography, facts, photo Canadian coach Ben Vader: biography, facts, photo Canadian coach Ben Vader: biography, facts, photo Canadian coach Ben Vader: biography, facts, photo Canadian coach Ben Vader: biography, facts, photo Canadian coach Ben Vader: biography, facts, photo