Car Peugeot-407 - trendsetter

Car Peugeot-407 - trendsetter

French company Peugeot decided in the nextonce again confirm the status of the trendsetter (before that they produced the revolutionary 307th model of the golf class, raising the car market "on the ears"). The company took seriously its idea, resulting in the release in 2004 of the new Peugeot-407.


The car turned out to be bold and non-standard. At that time it was almost the only family sedan on the market, in style reminiscent of Ferrari, no matter how strange it may sound. Before that, only 406 model decided on such impudence. The design of the car worked specialists of the famous studio Pininfarina. Representatives of Peugeot claimed that the exterior is designed by their own forces.peugeot 407

Predatory "grin," a big lion at the junction of the bumper andThe hood is the brightest elements of the front of the car. Complement the picture of slanted headlights, stretched to the side panels, and refined fog on the edges. The only element that is clearly dissonant with all the rest is the license plate. There is a feeling that the designers just forgot to leave a place for him, and he hangs under the big "mouth" of the air intake.

The profile of the car looks modern evenToday. In Peugeot-407, despite some sports features, the family ones dominate: cat's bend of the top of the hull, inherited from the older brother of the 406th, irregular forms of the frames of the rear doors, branded ribs and other. The profile of the front overhang and the windshield are almost on the same line, although the lower part of the glass is slightly curved and enters the hood at a greater angle than it seems. It should be noted that the back part in comparison with the dynamic front designers did not turn out very much.peugeot 407 price

The car managed to attract attention to itself andto gain popularity, the peak of which was achieved two years after the start of sales. Peugeot-407 (2006), reviews of which not only delighted the developers, but also made us think, managed to gain a foothold in the market and causes some interest even today.


In comparison with the original design, the interiordecoration does not look so impressive. Nevertheless, everything looks very presentable. The salon is made in the typical German style: strict lines, the central console of a rectangular shape with rows of buttons and a miniature LCD, there are no digital scales on the instrument panel - everything is intuitive and easy to understand. About belonging to the Peugeot brand resemble a plump rudder and podrulevye switches, inherited.

To the ergonomics of Peugeot-407 there are claims. At the wheel the driver feels quite comfortable thanks to a deep landing, a leather seat, a wide range of adjustments not only of the chair, but of the steering wheel. But about the passengers of the second row this can not be said: the legroom is clearly not enough. Landing and disembarkation of the driver and the front passenger are slightly hampered, despite the wide opening doors. The vertical doorway is designed for a person of medium height, and tall people are hindered by the tilted front post.peugeot 407 specifications

The shortcomings also include the limitedA survey of the rear hemisphere, associated with small glass sizes. The side mirrors could have rectified the situation, but they sacrificed their size in favor of design. Another drawback is that in sunny weather before the driver's eyes there is a reflection of the front panel. A few words should be said about the on-board computer. On the road to deal with its functions is extremely undesirable, since it is very distracting. The LCD is noticeably overloaded with various indications. On it you can find almost all the manipulations: turn the climate control regulator, change the radio station, increase the volume of the audio system and many others.

Cargo area Peugeot-407

The luggage compartment of the car deserves special attention. Its volume is 430 liters in the usual state, and when the second row of seats is folded up it is doubled. In addition, behind the armrest that extends from the back of the couch, there is a small hatch that is perfect for transporting skis or other length gauges.

Price list

Variability is one of the obvious merits of the Peugeot-407. The price of the car ranges from 640 000 rubles for the most simple model to 1 125 000 rubles for the top version.


The line of power plants consists of eightengines, including four petrol and the same diesel. The most powerful motor among the eight available - 211-strong unit volume of 2.9 liters, working in tandem with a 6-speed manual gearbox Peugeot-407.peugeot 407 2006 reviews

The technical characteristics of the engine indicate that,that it is designed for active driving. Manageability, as well as smooth running, is also at a high level. Electronic power steering of the steering wheel takes into account the speed of the car, the angle and speed of the steering wheel, allowing you to dose the efforts of the driver.


It should be noted the suspension of the top version, where the systemautomatically adjusts the stiffness of the shock absorbers depending on road conditions, counteracting the appearance of rolls and lateral build-up. This ensures excellent smooth running of the Peugeot-407. Also the car is equipped with various auxiliary systems (ESP): anti-tow, ABS, emergency braking assistance, brake force distribution and stability control.

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