Chevrolet Suburban 2012

Chevrolet Suburban 2012 - a gasoline eater

Earlier in 2006, it was a rear-wheel-drive car, which had an all-metal body.chevrolet suburbanToday already exists the 11th generation of such a model. In 2006, the premiere of the Chevrolet Suburban took place at the show in Los Angeles. In Russia, this model is not yet available for official sales. The appearance differs from the previous model in that the design has on the front of the body original headlights and a radiator grille. A novelty in driving performance is the all-wheel drive, which on demand increases safety on any surface in any weather (wet or dry, slippery or not) and turns on by simply pressing a button. The large salon is very rich, everything is there. The car moves smoothly, swallowing all road irregularities. This car will never present unpleasant surprises regarding reliability.

Specifications Chevrolet Suburban 2012

Suburban - this is a great chic SUV, which has a unique load capacity with such an option as towing.

chevrolet suburban 2012It comfortably accommodates 9 people. By order for Chevrolet Suburban a special system called quadrasteer is installed, which simultaneously can turn the rear and front wheels of the car. Such actions reduce the turning radius by 20%. This system also works when parking, it can turn the rear and front axle wheels in opposite directions. A huge and elegant interior has all kinds of options and a rich finish. Also, the Chevrolet has a powerful frame that ensures its reliability.

Chevrolet Suburban 2012

Next, let's talk about the biggest disadvantage of thiscar - its fuel consumption. Eating Chevrolet Suburban 2012 in the city cycle unimaginable amount of fuel, which is an average of 30 liters per "hundred", and if you want to always start in the city at traffic lights, then "eat" all 40 liters! Owners always check the tire pressure in order to reduce fuel costs. Also remember that on our gasoline spark plugs will be unsuitable after 10 thousand kilometers, so you should always check them. When the consumption is up to 50 liters, then you need to check the injectors, sensors, etc. Another important point in the operation of the Chevrolet Suburban is that if you drive with an empty tank, the petrol pump can break faster and its price is around $ 250.

The petrol engine V8, which is installed inChevrolet Suburban, very reliable. He is able to serve eternally if he takes care of him in a timely manner. Servicing a motor is quite simple, only after every 6,000 km you need to change the oil and the air filter. Also every year it is required to clean the radiator, otherwise the engine can "boil".

Such a V8 engine sometimes, of course, requiresrepair, which consists in replacing the oil-removable caps, costing about $ 200, or replacing the liner of the shaft (crank) by $ 150. Sometimes on some machines it is required to additionally change the tension roller, which costs $ 40. However, do not forget that despite the great resource of V8 engines, some of them may be in a worn condition, and engine overhaul costs many, many thousands of dollars.

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