Chinook fish - salmon prince

Chinook fish - "salmon prince"

In Kamchatka, in the Anadyr River, near the Commanderislands, in the Amur, on the northern coast of Hokkaido, along almost the entire American coast, and also in the Sacramento river there is a chinook-fish, which the Americans call "royal salmon", and the Japanese - "salmon prince".Chicken fishShe has paired almost black fins, light grayish belly and sides, and on the back there are small dark spots.

During spawning the male is painted in moreDark color and covered with reddish specks. In our country the chinook fish comes to spawn in the riverbeds of Kamchatka, but due to its scarcity, it does not represent an interest for large-scale fishing.

Like all Pacific species,"The king-salmon" spawns only once in a lifetime. At this time the fish chinook is able to overcome enormous distances, reaching in some cases up to four thousand kilometers. The diameter of its light red with orange tinge eggs reaches seven millimeters. Spawning at this fish lasts all summer. Being powerful enough, she is not afraid of fast flow. With his tail, the chamomile knocks holes for spawning in cobblestones and large pebbles.Chinook salmonThe female is able to save up to 14 thousand eggs. Hatching fry for a long time, almost up to two years, remain in the river. Some of them, mostly males, there and mature, reaching at the age of three at a length of one hundred centimeters.

The young of this fish live in large rivers, feeding mainly on insect larvae and crustaceans. In the sea, the fish of Chinook salmon eat small fish, crustaceans and squid.

Everywhere the chinook-fish is a desirable objectfor catching. Its English name "royal salmon" fully corresponds to its essence. It combines all the qualities that true lovers of real fishing prefer: it sometimes just gigantic sizes and exceptional power.ChinookAccording to the fishermen, she is very secretive and capriciousin the slander, so it is not easy to catch. This is especially noticeable in small rivers, where this large salmon, taking care of its safety, chooses places and parking areas that are difficult for fishing. Therefore, to feel her bite, you need pretty much to suffer, but for gamblers, this increases the interest and sportiness of this fishing.

The most delicious, as, indeed, allrepresentatives of the family of salmonids, it is considered the meat of individuals caught in the mouths of rivers during their spawning. This is due to the fact that at this time the chinook-fish has not yet been exhausted due to the rise upstream and therefore has not lost weight.Fish for smokingIts crimson-reddish meat is very similarsalmon, however it is with a lower fat content. Because of this, it is a welcome delicacy on any table. Especially delicious is the salted chinook-fish, which is used not only as an independent and very refined cold snack, but also as an ingredient in salads. In California, it is baked on hot bricks, serving in many restaurants as a specialty. In our country it is very popular as a fish for smoking: it makes a delicious balyk or smoked layer - fillets.

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