Correct installation of slopes

Correct installation of slopes

Installation of doorways is the final stage of finishing. In addition to the beautiful appearance, they protect the housing from the cold. The following materials and tools will be needed for the job:

- brush;

- mounting foam;

- putty knife;

- primer;

- dowels;

- putty;

- punch;

- metal corner with perforation;

- level;

- cement;

- square;

- sand;

- stationery knife;

- liquid Nails;

- glue.

Installation of slopes is carried out in the following sequence:

slope installation

- First, you need to choose the type of finishslopes, which largely depends on their location. For example, there is no need to insulate doors in rooms, the use of decorative finishing materials will be relevant. Entrance doors, on the contrary, need finishing with materials that have good heat-shielding and sound-proof properties. For this purpose, finishing with plastering, plasterboard, MDF panels, lining is perfect. When making slopes of the entrance door, choose a high-strength plaster mixture or cover the plastered surface with MDF panels. Also, the installation of plastic slopes requires the necessary knowledge;

- Secondly, the installation of slopes requires complianceprecaution, for example, you need to close all the cracks. To do this, fill all holes in the installed door frame with a mounting foam. And after it finally stiffens, remove all the projected irregularities with a sharp clerical knife;

installation of plastic slopes

- the third stage - surface preparation. If you have chosen such a method of finishing as plastering, then this is a long process, requiring careful preliminary preparation. First, apply a primer on the work surface, it will promote better adhesion of the plaster. Then, for smooth application of the layers of the finishing mixture, install beacons from the profile up to 10 mm thick, fixing them with dowels. Align the surface, make it symmetrical using the guide corners and level;

- the next stage - plastering. Installation of slopes is a process that requires plastering. You can prepare the plaster yourself (mix sand, lime mortar and cement). But if you are inexperienced in construction matters, it is better to use ready-made filler for finishing the facades of buildings. Begin the work with the finish of the upper slope, applying a thick layer of the calcareous mixture. Remove excess surplus with a rack. In the outer corners of the opening, install a metal corner with perforations, while the surface is still wet. Align the surface with a second layer of putty. Then proceed to the decorative surface finish. Thoroughly dry each layer of the applied mixture, haste in this work is unacceptable;

installation of doorways

And, finally, installation of slopes and panels. If you want to trim slopes with MDF panels, first make a slope of plaster with a one-centimeter margin. For this purpose, a conventional composition based on lime and cement can be used. The dried surface is carefully primed for better adhesion of the panels to the glue. Remove the dimensions and cut the parts. First glue the upper part, tightly pressing it and propping it until the glue is completely dry. To fix the side surfaces, install a spacer in the doorway. Slots between the wall and the slope itself, decorate the corner with plastic, using liquid nails.

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