Count Dooku, the character of Star Wars

Count Dooku, the character of "Star Wars"

Count Dooku (Sith version of the name - Darth Tiranus)- one of the fictional characters of the saga "Star Wars". It is considered the last of the twenty masters who voluntarily left the Jedi Order. After accepting the Dark Side, he became a disciple of Darth Sidious. He headed the Confederation of Independent Systems and organized a movement of separatists. He was killed by Skywalker at the age of 83.


Dooku was born in the family of the earl, on the planet Serno.Almost immediately he was taken to the Jedi Temple for training. Teacher Dooku became Master Yoda, and after reaching the age of 13, the boy moved to padawans to Tam Serulian. The young man had great potential, and Tam raised a strong Jedi from him. Also, Serulian inspired Dooku's interest in history and politics.

The young earl had several friends:Iro Iridian, assistant to Senator Blix Annon and the junling Laurian Nod. Subsequently, they betrayed Dooku, and in the future he feared friendship and affection. Once, with Lorian, the young earl found a record of his Sith holocron from his teacher. Nod tried to persuade Dooku to steal the record, but the latter refused. Then Laurian stole them himself and shifted all the blame to the young count. The lie quickly opened, Noda was kicked out of the Order.

After a while, Serulian realized that the countDooku took over all the knowledge that he had. The young Jedi was occupied by Yoda himself, who had not been a Padawan for many years. And if Tam honed the mind of the young earl, then Yoda helped him to master the sword perfectly. Only a few masters of the Order could boast of such a skill.

Count Dooku

Master and Knight

In 20 years, Dooku received a knightly title and immediatelytook Qui-Gon to the padawans. Together with the new pupil he went to the defense of Senator Blix Anonne. The senator was accompanied by the old friend of the count - Iro Iridian. All of them fell into the trap of Laurian Noda and were captured. Still more complicated when Blix died of a heart attack. Iridian, who was in collusion with Nod, panicked. The count and his student took advantage of this panic and began a fight with the pirates. They managed to break free. The last obstacle was Laurian Nod. But the sword of Count Dooku was much stronger, Nod was defeated. Only the student's intervention helped Lorian to survive. At the same time, the Iridian surrendered the Jedi to the Noda droids. After such a betrayal, the Count never again made close friends.

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Leaving the Order

Tor Vizsla, who heads the Death Watch, sent toTemple false report that the Mandalorians are killing political activists on the planet Halidraan. Dooku, along with Komari and other Jedi, was sent to solve this problem. Upon arrival, they had to fight the Mandalorians themselves.

This battle, as well as the disappearance of Komari, forcedCount revise his own views on the service of the Jedi Order. The last straw was the murder of his pupil Qui-Gon. And one of the most striking characters of the Star Wars saga - Count Dooku - voluntarily left the Order, deciding that he blindly obeys the authority of the Senate.

Returning to Serno, he received a hereditarytitle, and a few years later he became one of the richest people in the Galaxy. Beneath his own influence, Dooku began to comprehend power as the Dark Lord of the Sith.

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Having accepted the Dark Side of Strength, the Earl became a PadawanDarth Sidious, the most powerful character in the Star Wars saga, also known as Senator Palpatine. Dooku embodies Darth's plan to destroy the Jedi Order, but he did it secretly, without revealing himself. This lasted for eight years.

By the way, the count regularly communicated with Palpatine, morebeing part of the Jedi Order. And Sidious was aware of Dooku's disappointment in the Senate and the Jedi. Gradually their views converged, and the count joined Dart. As an entry fee, he presented Sidious a victim - his old friend, the master of Sifo-Diaz.

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Creation of Grievous

For a long time, Count Dookuthe search for forces that would help him split the republic. Sidious ordered him to recruit General Grievous, who worked for the Intergalactic banking clan.

It was known that Grievous refused voluntarilyparticipate in the separatist movement. But Dooku was ready for this turn of events and ordered to put a bomb in his ship. Grievous was severely disabled, and the Earl told him that it was the Jedi's fault. After this, the general was taken to Geonosis and made a new body to him, turning him into a cyborg. When Grievous recovered, Dooku gave him the lightsaber of Sifo-Diaz and taught the basics of fencing. The count was very pleased, after all, he received a general, the commander of an army of droids and who only wants to take revenge on the Jedi.

Count Sukku's lightsaber

Character traits and personality

Dooku was a charismatic leader, beautifulwarrior, politician, orator and philosopher. He could equally well use both the Dark and the Light side of the Force. Yoda himself referred him to the category of his best students, although he considered the Sith his biggest failure.

Count Dooku, whose photo is attached to the article,He felt fierce hatred for the non-humanoid races. For him, the Galaxy was divided into two parts: "Active" and "Threat". The "Active" included all the useful graph of the creature who helped him in achieving the goals. The group "Threat" included all the others. If Dooku identified someone as an enemy, then that person was immediately sentenced to death.

When the Earl was a Jedi, arrogance andprejudice was alien to him, but with the transition to the dark side, these traits began to manifest themselves most vividly. He genuinely believed that if the Jedi Order had accepted the Dark Side, he could have ruled the Galaxy without any Senate. As a Sith, he wanted to lure all the supporters of the Light Side into his army.

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Powers and abilities

Count Dooku was a master of fencing. He knew 7 forms of fencing, although he mastered only one style - Makashi. When there was a war of clones, only two masters could fight him on swords on equal terms - Mans Windu and Yoda. Although the 3rd, 4th and 5th forms were much more useful and practical, Duku strove to develop the second form of fencing art.

It was based on ways to resist the the sword. Acrobatic tricks of the 4th form irritated the graph, and the 2nd was the only way to crush other styles. The form of Makashi was designed to fight with one opponent, but Dooku developed his skills to such an extent that he could easily withstand 4-5 opponents at the same time.

Going to the Dark Side only strengthened it.fencing skill. Despite his old age (80 years), the graph was in good physical shape and could perform acrobatic stunts and accelerations that were not subject to young Jedi. Using Sith aggression to enhance his style, Dooku hoped to defeat Master Yoda, but he did not take into account the tremendous speed of the old teacher. The count escaped from the battlefield and devoted the next three years to hard training.

The battle over Coruscant was the last for the count. Skywalker used an aggressive version of the 5th form in a fight, eliminating all defensive styles. The sieve simply did not have the strength to repel Anakin's powerful blows, which led him to death. A lightsaber Count Dooku got rival. And finally, here are a couple of interesting facts.

Interesting Facts

  • In the 2nd and 3rd parts of the Star Wars saga, the role of the sieveperformed by Christopher Lee. In view of the advanced age of the latter, Kyle Rowling's body was involved in the battle scenes, and Li's head was “attached” using computer technologies.
  • Dooku's name comes from the Japanese Doku (translatedlike poison). Because of the cacophony in Portuguese, it was changed to Dukan. A Sith version of the name "Tyranus" derived from the Greek "tyrant" - a dictator.

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