Cream Uryazh for the face: reviews

Cream "Uryazh" for the face: reviews

Girls in the modern world give theirpreference is no longer to the decorated tools for drawing eyes and lips, hiding minor flaws, but to products that gently and gently nourish the skin and give the face a natural radiance and beauty.

cream uryazh reviewsThe entire line of face care products from the brand "Uryazh" is aimed at solving any skin problems for all family members.

The series "Urjazh" includes the following means:

  1. For daily skin care.
  2. For children.
  3. For intractable skin problems for which conventional means are not suitable.
  4. For mature skin.
  5. To care for the intimate area.
  6. Sun protection.

Where does the name of cosmetics come from?

The thermal spring, which is located in the Alps,called Uryazh. This water was used by people of the ancient era. Water, passing through the thickness of the mountains, is cleaned and filled with minerals and various elements, which makes it extremely valuable for the skin. The water is very soft, does not irritate the skin, it acts on it gently and gently. Almost no cases of an allergic reaction to the components of therapeutic agents were recorded.

Products are sold through a network of specialized stores, pharmacies or online resources. What products include the brand "Uryazh"?

cream for face

Thermal water

Thermal water in the form of a spray - naturalnatural water. It contains a lot of trace elements that are extremely beneficial to the skin of the face. Scientists tested the drug, made sure of its safety, non-allergy, confirmed moisturizing effect and anti-inflammatory ability. The product is suitable for adults and children with skin prone to irritability and redness. Water has an immediate effect on the epidermis, the maximum effect is revealed 3 hours after application. You can apply the drug at any time of the day if necessary. Easy spraying allows you to apply it even on top of makeup.

You can call the unique cream "Uryazh." Reviews about this product are only positive. Users note a decrease in redness and inflammation, a lack of a sense of tightness after using the product and overall comfort of the skin. Some girls noted that after prolonged use of thermal water, the skin became less fatty, and the pores contracted slightly.

urjazh xemoz cream

Cream Hyseac 3-Regul

Cream Hyseac 3-Regul from the company "Uryazh" allowsoily skin to learn to control the sebum secretion. With prolonged use, the facial skin becomes dull, pores become less visible, black dots do not appear, blockage of pores does not occur, which leads to a decrease in the number of inflammatory elements.

The epidermis does not get used to the remedy. After the cessation of the use of the cream there is no regression of the diseases. "Uryazh" is a face cream that has rewards. Its effectiveness is proved by multiple tests conducted by scientists in laboratories. The cream has a light, low-fat texture, is not visible under the make-up and does not create a sensation of oily film. The remedy is suitable for treating various types of problems. It is used not only by young people, it is also recommended to people of age who have oily porous skin. The cream is very well combined with products of other brands. Apply it after cleansing the epidermis in the morning and evening.

uryaz isofil creamReviews about the cream "Uryazh" are mostly positive,but there are nuances. Some customers note that when the skin is a little used to the product, the peeling is gone, but with longer use, everything has resumed. Also, users note that the cream is not economical and usually ends after 3 months of use. Some customers say about the high cost of the product. Also there was an opinion about the fat gloss that can accompany you all day. It is necessary to use additional means, for example powder.

"Uryazh Prurised"

Cream "Urjazh Prurised" is intended forsoothing the skin with very strong stimuli. Acts immediately, quickly and effectively. This remedy can be used after a variety of cosmetic procedures, when there are inflammations and irritations on the face. After application, the skin immediately looks healthier, red spots are removed, the epidermis again returns to normal. The cream can be used even with such serious diseases associated with the skin, like chicken pox, various dermatitis and so on. Suitable even for the youngest children and adults. In the cream there are no preservatives, the composition includes only natural ingredients and, of course, thermal water.

Customer feedback on the cream "Uryazh" positive,and all mark it is medical help in case of serious problems. For example, with a very severe itch associated with the disease, the cream helps, renews the skin, relieves inflammation, even cleans up the crusts that appeared on the rash sites. Some noted good performance in treating problems in children. For example, in places of diaper rash under the diaper.

ur urage cleansing cream

Anti-wrinkle cream "Isofil"

"Uryazh Isofil" - a cream that softens the skin,Smoothes even the deepest signs of aging, increases the density of the epidermis. Women of young age will see a favorable effect on only the appearance of wrinkles. The effect can be seen after a week of systematic use of the drug.

Adding the active producthyaluronic acid allows to achieve the maximum and long-term effect of moisturizing the skin of the face even in deep layers. The use of the face cream "Urjage" forces the epidermal cells to produce their own collagen to maintain youthful skin.

The texture of the cream "Uryazh" is light, gel-like, it is white in color with a slight unobtrusive smell. The product is suitable for normal and prone to oily skin.

Solves problems with skin cream "Uryazh." Customer feedback about it is positive, everyone was satisfied, especially the smell and texture of the product.

cream uryaz customer reviews

Eye cream

It is worth noting that the cream "Uryazh Isofil"is sold in the form of a vial with a dispenser. The composition of this tool is similar to the previous one, as they are in one grooming product line. The cream removes wrinkles in the corners of the eyes, increases the density of the skin. Hyaluronic acid in the composition allows you to achieve maximum hydration and nutrition for the delicate skin around the eyes.

In their reviews, users note that the creamperfectly removes bruises under the eyes, suitable for make-up, fine wrinkles smooth out well. Suffices an average of three months with daily use in the morning and evening. Quite light and non-greasy texture allows the cream to absorb very quickly and does not affect the persistence of makeup.

"Uryazh Xemoz"

Cream "Uryazh Ksemoz" is aimed at restoring andnutrition of very dry facial skin. It is presented in a volume of 40 ml, which is quite enough for several months of use, since the consumption is very economical.

Customer reviews of this cream are only positive, some note a somewhat high cost for them.

"Uryazh Lavante"

Another of the products most loved by the customers is "Urjage" (Lavante cleansing cream).

Buyers note the versatility of the facility. Some even wash their scalp with strong irritation. The skin cleans the face very softly, does not leave any impression of the presence of film or make-up residue and contaminants. Good cream has proven itself in skin cleansing with various dermatitis.

cream uryazh

This article discusses the most popular creams"Uryazh", which has long been a favorite with customers. Among the products of this company there are still a lot of worthy products that will help women solve many problems with the skin. All cosmetics are made by the latest technology, based on thermal water and does not cause allergies. I would like to note that bad skin does not happen at all, and only bad and substandard cosmetics happen.

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