Create bulk flowers from paper

Create bulk flowers from paper

Artificial flowers occupy a separate largeniche hand-made. The needlewomen create their masterpieces of plastic, wool, paper and fabric. Bulk flowers from paper are often made of cigarette and corrugated paper. Masters make almost all kinds of flowers in nature: sakura branches, roses, lilies, magnolias, chrysanthemums, crocuses, tulips, orchids, daffodils, irises and many others. Some specimens are very difficult to distinguish from the real ones.bulk flowers from paper

Master class "Carnations from tissue paper"

bouquets of corrugated paperA bouquet of cute cloves can be made byhands of cigarette paper for one evening. It will completely replace the bouquet of real flowers. Beautiful voluminous flowers made of paper and forgive for longer, and nature will be preserved.

You will need:

  • cigarette paper;
  • scissors;
  • nippers;
  • tap-tape;
  • 2 large clips;
  • wire;
  • colored markers or markers

Make the necessary template size. Instead, you can pick up any round object. Best of all, if it is 7.5 centimeters in diameter. Fold the tissue paper in a few words, circle with a pencil. To create five studs, you need about 50 paper circles.

Cut out the folded paper. Use the clerical clamps so that the layers do not surrender when cutting.large flowers of corrugated paper

Take felt pens of bright colors. Circle the felt tip along the edge of the workpiece, cut out and collected in the clamps. Periodically, gently move the clips to paint all the edges of the workpiece.1

Remove the clamps and count a few circles for one flower. You can take 8-10 pieces, but if you use 12-16, then bulk flowers of paper will look lush.

Hold all the circles together, pierce in the centercircle two holes. Through one of them, start the wire, bend its tip and pull it out through the other hole. Firmly (but not to tear) pull at the short end. Then twist the tips together.2

We make petals. Separate the top circle and compress the paper in an arbitrary shape in the center area, without touching the edges. Repeat the procedure with each circle. The more carefully you do it, the more beautifully the voluminous flowers from paper will turn.3

Wrap each wire stalk with a green tap-tape.

Everything, a bouquet of carnations is ready!

Master class "Chrysanthemum from corrugated paper"

To obtain large flowers of corrugated paper, prepare seven sheets of paper in different colors (25 by 75 cm), scissors, wire, clerical clips.

Fold each sheet with an accordion, the width of the strip - 7see Clip the clamps. Arrange in the order in which the petals in the flower will be located. Cut off a little more from each piece than from the previous one, so that the lower petals are the longest. Make the edges rounded or pointed. It does not matter if it does not work out exactly.

Cut each piece on both sides along the folds until it clamps.

Expand all the blanks and put down the largest, on top of it - the one that is slightly smaller, and so on. Center it tightly with a wire.4

Slowly and gently straighten and stretch tocenter all the petals in turn. Start with the shortest. Then wrap the tape with a few swathed together procrastination - you get a stem for this large chrysanthemum

Corrugated paper bouquets can decorate your house no worse than other decor items. They can also become an original element of thematic parties.

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