Crows Hall: description and features

Crow's Hall: description and features

The Crow's Palace is one of the segments of the Svarog Circle, which symbolizes the Sun, passing through a year a certain section of the sky. It is this heavenly circle that is the Welding Circle.

In total there are 16 palaces in the Circle, each of whichhas its own Slavic patron god. In addition, people born in different halls have different qualities of character. In this article, we'll talk about the Raven House and the people who happened to be born under his vaults.

hall of the raven

Crow's Hall: description

In the Svarog Circle, the house of the crow is the fifth.People born from December 16 to January 7 are under his protection. The tree of the palace is larch, which was highly valued in our country today. Despite the high cost, it is better to protect the palace from this plant.

The patron God is Varuna.


So, under the tutelage of the god Varuna is the HallCrow. The significance of this deity for the universe is very great. First, Varuna protects the sacred ways, which are corridors between all the halls of Svarga. Secondly, Varuna decides whether the person fulfilled what was intended or not, and consequently whether his mission ended in the terrestrial world.

The constant companion of the deity is a raven. It is this bird that is the animal patron of people born in the Halls of the Crow.

Hall of the Raven

Born in this hall

The Raven's Hall gives people born under hisarches, incredible activity. Such people are always open to the new, and any changes perceive as an opportunity to change life for the better. Crow people have an irresistible craving for development. In addition, they are accustomed to think through all of several moves forward and necessarily have 2 action plans - the main and spare. It's very hard for such people to be alone. Alone with themselves, they completely lose energy and the desire for development. For their productive functioning, the company is vitally important.

The protection of the crow gives people born inhis house, inexhaustible optimism and high communication skills. These people have no problem in order to find new friends or establish relationships with others. Willingness to listen to other people's problems and help, sociability, intuitive comprehension of the interlocutor, the ability to empathy - all this can make people-ravens the soul of any company. The person himself does not always realize what to do, but the result remains unchanged: a large number of friends and acquaintances. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg, inside of those patronized by Varuna, there is a huge spiritual power that helps them manage their lives and cope with any troubles.

the hall of the crow the value

The Raven's Hall: Compatibility and Love

People born under the arches of this hall,are endowed with originality in everything, not excluding love. However, they are very peculiar to this feeling. Because of their sociability, crow people often fall in love, but such love for them often boils down to passion alone. Although this passion will be very sincere. As a result of this attitude toward love, the raven may have problems with a partner who will see in his attachment only the satisfaction of carnal desires. The oil can be poured into the fire by the fact that Varuna's wards are endowed with great sexuality, so it is almost impossible to resist their courtship.

However, in due course crows begin to decreaseto cultivate sexual relations, placing in the forefront already tender feelings and the desire to start a family. Despite their fleshiness, such people show deep devotion to their chosen one. Even in the most delicate situation, the raven will not allow himself to deceive a loved one.

The ideal partner for the crow will be a man born in the Temple of the Serpent.


The palace of the Crow gives to those who are under hispatronage, incredible meticulousness and scrupulousness in everyday life. Active life position and even bezbashennost in deeds in no way prevent the crows from laying things down on the shelves, to determine each jar their place, to seriously manage the economy and surround their home with love and coziness.

However, this attitude towards the home of many manifests itself with time, the older a person becomes, the less he strives for parties, devoting more time to his home.

The ideal custodian of the focus of the crows will not be before deciding on the choice of their second half and decides to start a family life. This applies to both women and men.

hall of crows compatibility

Personality Traits

Many valuable qualities give birth to hisarches of the palace of the crow. In the first place Varuna gives those who are patronized by extraordinary intellectual abilities, which makes them prone to exact sciences. Although in the spirit of crows seek to the lyrics and philosophy. In addition, such people are endowed with the gift of persuasion. Because of this ease in managing people, they often find themselves in managerial positions. The ward of the hall can help strengthen the oratorical data.

Crows do not always realize that they are striving toto a specific goal. Nevertheless, their patron Varuna helps to achieve, even unconsciously, the desired goal. Therefore, crows already at an early age show good intuitive abilities and discover extraordinary talents. However, parents do not always take this seriously, which adversely affects the psyche of such people, because they are very sensitive to someone else's opinion. Therefore, it is very important for parents to listen to the child and not to suppress his interests and aspirations. The crows themselves should learn to trust themselves and engage in their spiritual development.

Under the arches of the Court of the Crow,spiritual figures and outstanding personalities. They are capable of preserving, multiplying and transmitting knowledge. Do not forget that Varuna for her help requires the wards to pay: to inform the people of knowledge and to reveal to them the secrets of the universe. And those who can not follow this commandment, gradually begin to degrade, are deprived of protection and protection of the deity.

the hall of the raven description


Possesses and its amulet The Hall of the Crow.Varuna's guard is performed in the form of a circle that embodies the Welding Circle, and in its center is the symbol of the deity of this palace. Such an amulet will serve to enhance intuition, reveal hidden abilities, harmonize the surrounding space. It is of particular value to those who have realized the main mission of their lives. In addition, the amulet helps in difficult situations to make the right choice. Performs and protective function of such decoration. In particular, it protects from evil eye and evil forces.


But the amulet can not only be made or bought, itsyou can just fill. He has a considerable sacred meaning on the tattoo "The Hall of the Crow". And if you consider that such an amulet is desirable to carry with you at all times, the pattern on the skin can solve many problems.

tattoo of the hall of the crow

In this case, the tattoo will have the same strength as theamulet made of metal or wood. He will also protect and protect a person. In addition, the ancient Slavs believed that the tattoo with the image of the raven gives the person greater moral strength.

The only thing that needs to be remembered is Varunaempowers those who are patronized, enormous in power energy, extrasensory abilities and oratory skills for a reason. We must not forget about the mission that entrusts such a person with a deity. Therefore, crows can not hide and hide the information they possess. Otherwise, Varuna's patronage and favor may be lost.

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