Datsun mi-do: reviews of the owners. Characteristics of the car Datsun mi-DO

"Datsun mi-do": reviews of the owners. Characteristics of the car Datsun mi-DO

At the present time in the territory of our countryThe new Datsun mi-DO hatchback went on sale. It was designed and developed by a Japanese company based on the well-known "Lada Kalina". For the first time the hatchback was presented at the Moscow Motor Show. The developers have done a huge amount of work. Almost all units and units of the car were subject to modernization, and the exterior of the car was also significantly changed.

A bit of history

A few years earlier, the management teamautos of Nissan Motor it was decided to revive the Datsun trademark. The prototype of the new segment of cars was the domestic "Lada Kalina", on the basis of which the first Datsun mi-DO was released. His production was delivered to the series at the Togliatti Automobile Plant.


Looking at the car, you can easily find outfeatures of the domestic "Kalina", but this is only a small similarity. In general, as the reviews of Datsun mi-DO car owners say, the car has a rather attractive and modern look, as they say, in the spirit of our time. In addition, the budget vehicle has received quite a progressive technical equipment.

The car is made in the body of a five-door mi prior to the owners reviews Sports appearance and aggressiveness of the machine attacheda diamond-shaped grille with chrome elements, a powerful bumper with unique vyshtampovkami and fog lamps and head lights, made in the traditional Japanese style.

"Mi-DO" refers to the class of small cars andis very compact. So, its dimensions are the following indicators. The length of the machine is 3950 mm, the width is 1700 mm, and the height is only 1500 mm. In this case, the wheelbase is 2476 mm and 174 mm of ground clearance. As can be seen from the figures presented, the dimensions are rather modest, but the comments about the Datzun Mi-Do car say that this is quite enough for a comfortable location inside the driver's and passengers' cabin. In this case, the car can easily overcome areas of moderate impassability. This hatchback can be used both for trips around the city, and for trips to fishing, picnics and to the country.

Interior of the car

Even with small sizes of "Datsun mi-do"reviews of the owners say that in its interior can comfortably fit four adults, not counting the driver. The interior design is made quite practical. The front seats are equipped with a wide range of settings, which facilitates a comfortable fit.
datsun it up to mi up to the owners reviewsAlso they have developed lateral support. The upholstery of the chairs is made of high-quality textile material. The driver's seat is detailed and very convenient. The steering wheel column has a decent adjustment range, which allows the driver to drive the car without any inconvenience.

The informative instrument panel is made in the form of two separate blocks of a speedometer and a tachometer, between which is placed the liquid crystal display informing the driver about the condition of the systems.

Special attention was paid toimprovement of noise insulation qualities of the interior, as in the previous model of the domestic car it was a painful issue. Now, reviews of Datsun mi-DO owners characterize the vehicle as a car, in which you do not have to listen to engine, wheel and wind noise while driving, or you can fully enjoy the silence.

Used materials for interior decorationsufficiently high-quality. Plastic panels and pads do not creak or rattling when moving along the road irregularities. Considering in general the salon "Datsun mi-do", the owners' feedback points to the fact that the car has acquired a modern and stylish interior design that meets all the requirements of progressive transport. With small dimensions, along with convenience and comfort, it is also very practical.

Luggage compartment

It can not be called large enough - only two hundred and forty liters.hatchback datsun mi do reviews But if you need to transport long items of luggage, you can partially or completely transform the rear seat.


The hatchback is equipped with a Russian engineproduction of VAZ-11186. With a working volume of 1.6 liters, it develops a horsepower of 87 horsepower. At 3800 revolutions of crankshaft, the maximum torque of 140 Nm is reached. The four-cylinder gasoline engine is mounted on the vehicle transversely.

The power unit meets Euro-4 standards andis equipped with a fuel injection distribution system. The engine characteristics allow it to develop a decent dynamics, only twelve seconds to a hundred. 170 kilometers per hour - this is the maximum speed that the Datsun mi-DO hatchback can pick up. The drivers' comments mark the fact that this is more than enough for a car of this class and with such a small mass.

The fuel consumption can be called moderate. The city - 9 liters, track - 5.8 liters, and in a mixed mode - 7 liters. Given that the volume of the tank is fifty liters, then in a mixed mode at full refueling you can overcome the distance of more than seven hundred kilometers.


Engine "Datsuna" can work in tandem with a four-speed automatic or five-speed mechanics (depending on the equipment chosen by the motorist).owners reviews datsun mi do At the same time, the owners of Datsun mi-DOpositively characterize the work of automatic transmission, which in time and includes transmission, without failures and very quiet. The Japanese company Jatco, whose transmission is equipped with a car, has long established itself as a manufacturer of quality products. Therefore, their gearbox has high reliable reliability. The design of the running, steering and braking systems of the car has not undergone significant changes and is almost standard.

Additional equipment and equipment

The car can be manned by variousadditional electronic devices and devices that facilitate the operation of transport. It all depends on the series of equipment. For example, it is possible to install an electric drive and heated rear-view mirrors, fog lamps.

Central locking, airbag frontpassenger seats, power windows, climate control, on-board computer, multimedia installation with support for various functionalities - all this can be completed with a car.

Also optional installation of rain and light sensors, side airbags of the front seats, electronic stabilization system and parking sensors.

What will the standard Datsun equipment say?mi-DO car reviews? They are quite good, because even in this performance a variety of additions have a wide range and allow the owner to feel like a full-fledged foreign car.


With regard to the issue of cost, uniquely"Datsun mi-do" is the cheapest and affordable foreign car for our motorists. After all, its value at the current exchange rate of the ruble is from 412 thousand. At the same time, competitors like "Skoda" and "Volkswagen" are almost twice as expensive. "Datsun mi-do" in top-end configuration can be purchased at a price of 540 thousand rubles. But this is already a version with a full package of "bells and whistles." Here, and the automatic box, and air conditioning, and airbags from all sides and much more.

Datsun on-Do

Along with the car in the hatchback body, a sedan version was developed.first impressions of datsun on d It was designed on the basis of domestic"Grants" and has similar characteristics in terms of equipment, and in appearance. This particularly applies to the front of the car. The first impressions of Datsun on-D are the same as those of his mi do car reviews The car is easy and convenient to operate, has the highest level of comfort, as for a representative of the budget class.


The basic version of the car is equipped with a motor in82 horsepower, and five-speed mechanics. In addition, the car is mounted ABS, heated front seats, a driver's side airbag.

A more expensive version of the machine is completedengine of 87 horsepower and is equipped with various electronic systems and equipment. Glass lifts, air conditioning, parktronic, auxiliary traffic sensors, airbags, a variety of electric drives - this is all not a complete list of devices that can be obtained in the kit for a fairly reasonable price.

Operating "Datsun Ondo Mi-Do", reviewsowners agree on one thing: the car corresponds to the price-quality indicators, and can be an excellent alternative to the outdated moral and technical models of cars of the domestic auto industry.

"Datsun On-Do, Mi-Do" - owners reviews

Motorists note that this machinestable on the road, well "swallows" small irregularities. Automatic transmission quiet, good a shift, even with aggressive driving style. The air conditioner works properly in hot weather. The average flow is about seven to eight liters, which is quite acceptable for a car of this class.

For several years of operation, owner feedback(Datsun mi-DO) note the absence of serious malfunctions in the operation of mechanisms and systems. It's nice to drive a car, which, although partially, but made in our state, is quite reliable and reviews datzun mi In the future, he certainly will not disappoint his owners.

For those who are going to buy a car"Datsun mi-do": reviews of the owners are mostly truthful and the machine is pleasantly surprised. On the road, she shows herself from the best side. Automobile owners liked the interior design, and the appearance is quite presentable.

So, we found out what kind of car "Datsun mi-do" has reviews of owners, specifications, design and price.

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  • Datsun mi-do: reviews of the owners. Characteristics of the car Datsun mi-DO Datsun mi-do: reviews of the owners. Characteristics of the car Datsun mi-DO Datsun mi-do: reviews of the owners. Characteristics of the car Datsun mi-DO Datsun mi-do: reviews of the owners. Characteristics of the car Datsun mi-DO Datsun mi-do: reviews of the owners. Characteristics of the car Datsun mi-DO Datsun mi-do: reviews of the owners. Characteristics of the car Datsun mi-DO Datsun mi-do: reviews of the owners. Characteristics of the car Datsun mi-DO Datsun mi-do: reviews of the owners. Characteristics of the car Datsun mi-DO Datsun mi-do: reviews of the owners. Characteristics of the car Datsun mi-DO Datsun mi-do: reviews of the owners. Characteristics of the car Datsun mi-DO