Day of agricultural worker in Russia: date

Day of agricultural worker in Russia: date

The hard work of the village workers, their holiday and the history of its occurrence will be briefly described in this article. What day is a farmer's day and how do the toilers of the village of various professions mark it - those who work tirelessly from the dawn till night on spacious Russian lands? All this can be found here.Day of agricultural worker

History and meaning of the holiday

Agriculture is the oldest type of human activity. Everything once began with work on the ground, with the planting of the first grains.

The origin of the economy began to be actively formed from the very Stone Age, from the time when the ancient primitive man began to master and cultivate the earth with the simplest tools of labor and to tame animals. Since then, tools of labor have been improved over the centuries and the conditions of the farming system have changed.

By right, the day of the farm worker is an important and significant holiday for the workers of the village and the whole country. Russia is an agrarian country and represents one of the largest producers and exporters of village products. The branches of its agricultural industry include the most diverse types of production: the cultivation of various crops, vegetable growing and livestock.

Today, Russia has come to the forefront in the production and import of agricultural products. It should be noted that meat and dairy products are of particular importance here.Holiday - farmer's day

Occurrence of a holiday

In order to increase the importance of each of the village workers and industrial workers, in order to educate the young generation of love and devotion to their native land, in 1999, a decision was passed to celebrate the day of agricultural workers and industrial workers processing their products.

Celebration - Farmer's Day by the decree of the President of Russia officially entered into force 31 May 1991 year. The time of celebration is at the end of the harvest, grown on a rich in nature gifts and boundless Russian land.Day of agricultural worker in Russia

Day of agricultural worker in Russia: date, value

In the spring in the Russian fields, work is underway to sow grain, in the fall - the harvest of the fruits of the invested labor. During these periods, the workers of the village give their whole soul, care and strength to their basic and beloved cause.

Annually in Russia in October on the second Sunday is celebrated a magnificent holiday dedicated to the good and hardworking citizens of the country. This holiday is the Day of the agricultural worker and workers of the Russian processing industry.
In 2016, this significant day falls on 11 October.

On this wonderful festive day all the workers and foremost workers are honored, wonderful warm words of gratitude are said not only to people who put their full force into work in villages and villages, but also to industrial workers. This holiday is dedicated to all those people, without whose labor there would not be enough basic food products for the townspeople.What day is the farm worker

How is the holiday celebrated - Farmer's Day?

Each of the rural areas this holiday in its own way, following its established traditions. Organize the festive event local authorities. There are organized fairs, exhibitions and sales, representing a wide variety of agricultural, crop, livestock and other products. The holiday is held according to interesting scenarios. In general, this is a real folk festival with concerts, competitions and prizes. The artists are invited.

The leaders make a speech in which they congratulate and express gratitude and gratitude for the incredibly difficult work. The foremost workers are obliged to be honored with the delivery of letters of thanks and letters, presents and monetary bonuses.

About the village and its workers

Today the village has an excellent labor market, which is important and significant for the whole country. The economy in the village becomes the main sector in the huge Russian economy. By right, the country can be proud of its achievements in this direction.

Here there is almost & frac12; all the earth's reserves of chernozem. There is no such thing in any other country. This is very important for obtaining excellent harvests, and, accordingly, large profits. Recently, the government allocates rather large funds for the development of agriculture, and this gives good results.

By right, workers deserve a lot of attention and must celebrate the farmer's day. They have a lot of problems and difficulties.

farmer's dayThe vagaries of nature often present surprises to the workers of the village, but they always come out worthy of the created hopeless positions and save the fruits of their labor. Thus, they bring warmth and tranquility to the hearts of a huge number of people living in the country.

It is impossible to imagine how much strength, health and effort the people of the village are investing in order to provide such a huge population with the necessary food to maintain and improve their lives.

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  • Day of agricultural worker in Russia: date Day of agricultural worker in Russia: date Day of agricultural worker in Russia: date Day of agricultural worker in Russia: date Day of agricultural worker in Russia: date Day of agricultural worker in Russia: date Day of agricultural worker in Russia: date Day of agricultural worker in Russia: date Day of agricultural worker in Russia: date Day of agricultural worker in Russia: date