Day of the pharmacist

Day of the pharmacist

Day of the pharmacist for workers of the given branchis always quite exciting and at the same time very pleasant event, they are waiting for with a special impatience. This is due to the fact that on this day, as never before, pharmacists and pharmacists feel the full significance of their own work, accepting the words of gratitude from the country's top officials.

Feel pride in these moments for yourthe profession is very pleasant. And it is not in vain that these people deserve the great respect of society, since it is the hard daily work of each employee of the pharmacy in particular, his dedication, talent, knowledge and experience that is the guarantee of health for each of us.

The day of the pharmacist is celebrated by all those who have at leastsome relation to the pharmaceutical industry, which today represents its own production and a significant part of the domestic products on the market of medicines. And recently, pharmaceutical companies in our country are putting the conditions for the production of medicines at the level of world demand.

Such a situation in this industry can not butto please. Moreover, this causes respect and pride in the work, persistence and responsibility that our pharmacists come to the fore. Their calling is to take care of the lives of thousands and thousands of people. And their work is so necessary, because from time to time medications are accepted by everyone: children, adults, pensioners, ordinary workers, ministers, and the president.

Any modern surgical operation eitherthe most minor treatment procedure today requires quality and reliable pharmaceutical support. Therefore, on the day of the pharmacist, one should pay tribute to those people who provide this support to everyone.

Pharmacy, as in other things and medicine, refers toold specialties. The experience of treatment and knowledge of medicines accumulated over thousands of years remains an important component of the struggle of civilization for existence in various social conditions. At the present time, the main task of domestic pharmacy is to provide patients with safe and affordable medicines. And this in the system of health protection is one of the most important, compulsory and complex tasks.

The day of the pharmacist in Russia does not have a concreteestablished by law the date of the celebration, but it is customary to celebrate it in September, namely on the third Saturday of this autumn month. It's too generous to celebrate this day. But without solemn awards, congratulations, pleasant words and gratitude still does not do.

In addition, employeesthe pharmaceutical industry on this day hear a lot of warm words, sincere wishes for health, prosperity and creative success. And high spirits always create a sea of ​​flowers and smiles. Also an obligatory attribute are awards and a concert program.

Day of the pharmacist is a holiday, when it costsreward for everyday hard work, high professionalism and perseverance of those people who aim to improve the health of every person and the population as a whole. The most important thing that we have is our health.

Many diseases due to their work do not pose a serious threat to humanity. And everyone, coming to the pharmacy, counts on a hint from the pharmacist.

When Pharmacist Day only received the statusholiday, in our country the pharmaceutical industry itself was not so developed. Today, we are producing almost all dosage forms (liquid, solid and powdery).

In addition, a very promising directionthe current production - the production of generics. In other words, they are more affordable medicinal analogs of imported medicines, they are not inferior in quality and in action.

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