Denezhkin Kamen - a reserve in the Sverdlovsk region

"Denezhkin Kamen" - a reserve in the Sverdlovsk region

"Denezhkin Stone" - a reserve, of which at leastonce in my life I've heard not only the average Russians, but, most likely, the guests of our country, both from near and far abroad. What is the reason for such popularity? What is special about this place? And why, in spite of everything, the reserve "Denezhkin Kamen" annually attracts more and more travelers from all over the globe to itself?

Let's try to understand. In general, it should be noted that the reasons for such a seemingly bold enough statement at first glance are enough. This is the peculiarity of the location, and the uniqueness of the local flora and fauna, and almost virgin nature, and extraordinarily pure air.

Agree, all of the above can not failattract tourists to the reserve "Denezhkin Kamen." The sights of this place really deserve to be seen at least once in a lifetime. This article is aimed precisely at acquainting readers with this amazing object on the map of Russia.

The need to create

denezhkin stone reserve

The state reserve "Denezhkin Kamen" is not only a valuable nature conservation object of federal significance, but also a well-known research institution.

It was created to preserve and study the course of natural processes, the existing genetic fund, various natural phenomena, as well as unique ecosystems.

In addition, "Denezhkin Kamen" is a nature reserve,which is valuable also because of what is unique among the rest for a number of parameters. According to experts, its location plays an important role in this. How can you get to Denezhkin Kamen? The reserve is located in the Sverdlovsk region, namely on the eastern slope of the main Ural range, right at the intersection of various types of ecosystems.

In this place to this day are still quite large areas of the primary taiga, which are a real reserve for many particularly valuable, rare species of flora and fauna.

History of the Reserve

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The question of creating a reserve was first raised by the Ural scientific community back in 1945.

A year later, by a decree of the Council of Ministers, thisthe nature reserve was organized. At that time, its area was 135 thousand hectares. It included the territory of the Sverdlovsk region and the site of the present Perm region. It should be noted that during the "reorganization" in 1951, the protected area was reduced to 36.1 thousand hectares. But by the end of the fifties the restoration of the reserve began, and its territory was again increased, and immediately to 146.7 thousand hectares.

During the perestroika "Denezhkin Kamen"a reserve of great scientific importance, was reorganized into the State Fishing Industry, but by the end of the 1970s, it became unprofitable. That is why the Sverdlovsk and Perm regional executive committees in 1981, by their special resolution, determined the expediency of organizing again a natural reserve and prepared the relevant documents for an application for its restoration. Only on December 29, 1989 the Sverdlovsk Regional Council officially decided the question of its organization.

Unique and curative local climate

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"Denezhkin Kamen" - a reserve with pronouncedseasons. The warmest time of the year is observed in July, when the average temperature reaches 13.6 degrees Celsius. The coldest time is in February, when the average temperature of the thermometer drops to -19.8 degrees Celsius.

It is also interesting to note that on the eastern slopes there is much less rain every year than on the western slopes. In general, it was noted that 2/3 of the precipitation falls on the warm season.

In the cold season, the dense snow cover is stable and lasts up to 7 months. By the way, at the foot of the mountains snowdrifts can be observed quite impressive - up to 130 cm.

Dark coniferous mixed fir-cedar-fir taiga is an amazing object of Russia

denezhkin stone reserve fauna

"Denezhkin Kamen" - reserve, fauna and florawhich deserve special attention. Most of the dark coniferous mixed fir-spruce-cedar taiga is in excellent condition. Fortunately for us, to this day, she never experienced the significant, as a rule, harmful influence of man.

So, in the upper tier of dark coniferous mixed taigasuch trees as fir, cedar and spruce, are represented in completely different proportions, while the overall appearance of the forest is almost unchanged, there is no particular predominance of any of the breeds. All are found in more or less equal proportions.

In this unique natural object of Russia there is an admixture of ordinary birch. In the underbrush, now and then there are mountain ash and aspen, which, by the way, are very actively eaten by local elk.

But the grassy stage of the dark coniferous mixed taiga is represented only by ferns and various large-grass species.

The rich fauna of this natural park

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"Denezhkin Stone" is a nature reserve, although its animals are quite diverse, but at the same time are limited, of course, to typical taiga species.

Of mammals there are 37 species, 6detachments. In addition, 140 species of birds are found on the territory of the reserve (11 of them even nest), ie 67% of the total composition of the region. 10 species of birds are in the Red Book.

Among the insectivores, moles and 7 species of shrews are known.

Of the bats, which, by the way, are studied inthe reserve is not enough, 4 species are found in the Red Data Book of the Middle Urals. Now there are attempts to create a special group of scientists who will only deal with this kind of animals.

Of rodents, the most common are squirrel, Asian chipmunk, voles, beavers, lemmings. Rarely, but still you can meet here and fly.

Everywhere and in large numbers live in the reserve rabbit hare, bear and lynx.

Particularly richly represented here is the family of cunies, among which the most popular are the wolverine, the columns, sable, weasel, European and American mink, kidus, ermine and marten.

On the largest rivers of this reserve,several river otters. Every year the number of wolves increases here, although until 1959 they were not recorded in the reserve. The fox can be met rarely, although previously it was here an ordinary, fairly common predator.

The ungulates of the reserve are mainly representedmoose and wild boar. Until 1959, the reserve marked the migration of wild reindeer, unfortunately, now there is no reliable information about it. A similar situation, incidentally, is observed with roe deer.

What is a mountain with the same name?

Denezkin stone reserve is located in the Sverdlovsk region

In general, it should be noted that "Denezhkin Kamen" is a nature reserve, where a lot of stunning objects are located.

For example, we can not fail to mention the stand alone mountain range, which has four peaks at once. Its main peak is located on the eastern edge of the plateau, it has a height of 1492 m.

From this plateau in all directions floridly leavelong spurs. The mountain with the same name with a natural park is considered one of the highest in the Urals. It should also be noted that on its slopes such important rivers as Sharp, Supreja and Shaghultan originate.

The role and importance of this natural object in Russia

Denezhkin Stone Reserve Photo

To date, the "Denezhkin Stone"reserve, a photo of which can be found in almost every guidebook dedicated to our country. Initially, it was organized to preserve and study in detail the large tracts of the primary mountain taiga located in the center of the Northern Urals.

In addition, it plays an important role in recreationalactivities. The cordons of the reserve are used as base points for 1-2 day trips to adjacent territories, for example, to the Main Ural Range or Shemur.

In addition, not so long ago, within the boundaries of naturalThe park was specially designated as a key ornithological territory, which has unquestionable international significance as the most important nesting site for many taiga birds.

Useful and important information for modern tourists

denezhkin stone reserve

It is worth paying attention to the fact that the territory of the "Denezhkin Stone" is closed to tourists.

Legislation provides foradministrative penalty (penalty) for unauthorized visits to the state natural reserve, there is a recovery and for causing damage to the nature of the reserve, and the measures of restraint are severe enough and may well reach criminal responsibility.

And the ban on free visitsextends to the entire territory plus the former village of Solva and the water area of ​​the river. Sosva, flowing within the boundaries of the reserve. That is, not only on the mountain, as it is mistakenly considered in the circles of curious travelers.

If, in spite of everything, you still wantyou will have to register in special bodies, pay the fee and become a member of the group moving around the reserve under the guidance of an experienced instructor.

Can I get lost here?

Denezhkin Stone Reserve Photo

Many tourists complain that almost allthe existing cartographic products contain incorrect information about the borders of the reserve, in some even there is an advertisement of tourist routes right on the territory of the "Denezhkin Stone", therefore it is difficult to navigate maps. All this has led to conflicts between the administration and the protection of the reserve and tourists.

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  • Denezhkin Kamen - a reserve in the Sverdlovsk region Denezhkin Kamen - a reserve in the Sverdlovsk region Denezhkin Kamen - a reserve in the Sverdlovsk region Denezhkin Kamen - a reserve in the Sverdlovsk region Denezhkin Kamen - a reserve in the Sverdlovsk region Denezhkin Kamen - a reserve in the Sverdlovsk region Denezhkin Kamen - a reserve in the Sverdlovsk region Denezhkin Kamen - a reserve in the Sverdlovsk region Denezhkin Kamen - a reserve in the Sverdlovsk region Denezhkin Kamen - a reserve in the Sverdlovsk region