Diet Mukhina

Diet Mukhina

Mariyat Muradalievna Mukhina - famousdoctor-acupuncturist, author of a popular diet called "Diet Mukhina" or "Golden Needle" and "Magic Earring". Around this diet are disputes. Someone speaks in her favor, since it really helps to quickly lose a lot of weight; someone - against, because this method of weight loss requires considerable material costs (one earring - 7000 rubles.).

Before losing weight on this diet, you needconsult with a doctor, as it is not suitable for everyone. People who lose weight by the method of Mukhina, are under the supervision of the Center for Weight Loss. Periodic examination of the patient is carried out every 1.5 months. If the patient does not follow the rules of the diet, doctors can refuse to continue working with him.

Components of the diet Flyweight:

  1. A healthy low-calorie diet according to the regime.
  2. Gold earring. Dr. Mukhina argues that this earring blocks the feeling of hunger, promotes rapid weight loss, normalizes metabolic processes in the body, and forms a healthy attitude to food intake in the patient. Wear it from 1 month. up to 6, depending on the advice of specialists. Many patients in wearing a gold earring see only a psychological effect. Often, when you want to eat something harmful, people remember the earring, and the desire disappears.
  3. Acupuncture. If a person was obese and began to lose a large number of kilograms, then his skin saggers. In order to pull it up, the patient is given acupuncture (the procedure is also not made from cheap ones). Many negative reviews are also associated with the use of these needles. People write that they do not give the proper effect. You can tighten the skin with absolutely free physical exercises that are performed at home. In addition, up to 35 years, the skin is still quite elastic and can easily recover itself, and after 40 years, needles hardly help.

The principles of the Mukhina diet:

  • Only healthy food.
  • Is after 18.00 it is forbidden.
  • Under strict ban the following products: carbonated water, alcohol, smoked products, sausages, sausages, chips, grapes, bread, bananas, dried fruits, chocolate, nuts, butter, cereals, cereals; boiled - potatoes, carrots, beets; garlic, raw onions, flour products.
  • Meals on schedule.
  • You can not eat in front of a TV, a book, a newspaper.
  • It is recommended to drink 2 liters. water per day.
  • Additional fiber is allowed.
  • The food should be chewed thoroughly.

Diet menu Mukhina:

  1. It is allowed to eat meat and poultry without skins, low-fatfish, mushrooms, fruits, vegetables, legumes, low-fat dairy products. Instead of sweet - a substitute for sugar and unsweetened juices. Mayonnaise and sour cream - no more than 1 teaspoon per day, eggs - per week for 2 pieces. Cottage cheese - not more than 2 times a week, it can not be eaten twice a day. It is recommended the use of vitamins. Before each meal, you need to eat 2 tablespoons of bran.
  2. It is necessary to have breakfast before 10.00. 1 variant of breakfast: 200 g of fruit, 100 g of low-fat cottage cheese, tea / coffee (it is possible with milk). Option 2: 100 g of dietary meat or fish, 200 grams of vegetables, tea / coffee.
  3. You can eat lunch from 12.00 to 14.00. 1 option for lunch: 200 grams of vegetables, 200 grams of lean meat, fish or poultry, tea / coffee. Option 2: 150 g of low-fat cottage cheese, 200 g of fruit, tea / coffee.
  4. Dinner should be between 17.00 and 18.00. Dinner includes 200 g. Of fruit or vegetables.
  5. Before going to bed, you can drink 100 ml. skim milk or kefir.

People on this diet lose up to 30 kg. for a short period of time and excellently feel. Still, the decisive role in this is the menu and strict food intake. Diet Mukhina without earrings and acupuncture can be quite effective for you, if strictly observe it. Support yourself in the form will help the strength of will and exercise that can replace the earring and needles.

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