Diseases of the rectum

Diseases of the rectum.

The rectum is the last part of the digestive link and the continuation of the large intestine. Diseases of the rectum, which are most often consulted by a doctor:

  • Hemorrhoids.

  • Proctitis.

  • Anal cracks.

  • Rectal cancer.

rectum diseasesThe most frequent pathology of the rectum ishemorrhoids, which appears as a result of chronic constipation. This disease is overtaken by almost 40% of people, with 20% of patients need treatment. Like all other diseases of the rectum, hemorrhoids have various causes of development: constipation, motionless lifestyle, pregnancy, a certain type of labor activity, alcohol abuse, infectious diseases.

Signs of the appearance of the disease can be:

  • discomfort near the anus,

  • itching,

  • difficulties with defecation.

  • when advanced stages of the disease can appear blood from the rectum.

signs of colorectal cancerThe treatment of this disease of the rectum is aimed at eliminating pain, relieving spasm, stopping internal bleeding.

On the second place of diseases of a rectum there is a cancer. The reasons for its occurrence have not yet been revealed, there are only assumptions that chronic inflammatory diseases can contribute to this - ulcerative colitis, anal fissures, etc.

Signs of colorectal cancer:

  • The presence in the stool of impurities in the form of mucus separately or together with pus and even blood. And sometimes there is bleeding, which can leave pieces of the tumor.

  • Pain in the sacrum, waist, coccyx and perineum.

  • The feces become a ribbon-like form.

  • Constant desires for defecation, causing pain.

  • The patient may feel the presence of something foreign in the rectum. As a rule, this is the tumor itself.

  • Constipation, which is accompanied by bloating, pain in the upper abdomen.

  • With cancer of the anus, the presence of a tumor near the anus can be detected visually.

  • If the disease is started, then there areconstant pain in the abdomen, there is excreting of feces during urination or from the vagina (with the spread of the tumor on the bladder and the formation of a passage between the bladder or vagina and gut).

Treatment of such a disease of the rectum, like cancer, is performed only surgically, in which the affected area is removed. The other types of treatment bring only a temporary result.

rectal bloodThe appearance of an anal fissure is accompanied by frequentconstipation, pain during defecation. This may cause minor bleeding. Treatment of anal fissures is based on the prevention of constipation and the sprain of the anal sphincter by a doctor for 4 minutes. The patient is under general anesthesia at this time.

Proctitis is a disease of the inflammatorycharacter, which is accompanied by a lesion of the rectal mucosa. To the causes of its occurrence can be attributed to malnutrition, constipation, parasite disease, inflammation of the pelvic organs. The main symptoms are pain in the rectum and excision of pus from the anus. Sometimes the temperature rises. Treatment is aimed at suppressing infection with antibiotics. With diseases of the rectum should pay special attention to their nutrition.

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