Do you believe in signs

Do you believe in signs?

Since ancient times people have been afraid of inexplicablethings that are associated with people's perceptions. Despite the great progress in science, many people continue to wonder whether it is worth believing in signs, and whether superstitions do come true. This article will help you answer these questions.

What are the signs?

As many scientists say, signs can notconsider something special and mystical. Most of the signs are called some natural phenomena, which people, due to auto-suggestion, are associated with certain events in their lives. This is due to the fact that most people throughout their life trying to predict the fate and somehow affect it. That's why people want to see something mysterious in their lives that will portend bad or good events. However, earlier this fact was justified by the desire to get a good harvest or to achieve excellent results in hunting. And now the signs and superstitions have become the lot of sorcerers and fortune tellers. But do not forget that so far, some actors or businessmen, as well as students are trying to follow all the mystical rules to succeed, which often, incidentally, they succeed. That's why very many people are thinking about whether to believe in signs or consider this another trick of magicians. At the same time, priests of Orthodox churches and their parishioners, for example, do not believe in signs, as this is a sin (as indicated in the Law of God).

How to explain the signs?

To understand this issue, you need to drawattention to the content itself will take. So scientists explain some superstitions with the usual laws of physics and other sciences. An example is the low flight of birds, which supposedly foreshadows the rainy weather. Scientists explain this phenomenon by the fact that birds are hunting insects, which, in turn, are forced to reduce the altitude of flights because of the lowered before the rain pressure in the atmosphere. That's why birds fly low. A logical explanation can be found in many signs. The sign can be explained scientifically, the main thing is to decide for yourself whether to believe in signs or not.

Other signs can be approached from the point of view ofpsychology. So, for example, the superstition that a girl will not marry, if she is sitting at a table on a corner, is easily explained by the psychology of a person. The fact is that such girls at a subconscious level are afraid of such signs, thereby setting themselves up for failure in their personal lives.

To believe in signs or not is a private matter for everyone. If you firmly believe that the signs are valid, you should not take them too seriously, otherwise the trouble will not happen because the sign is bad, but because you have set yourself up for a negative, therefore, it was received.

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