Drawing on nails

Drawing on nails

One of the most powerful needs of eachman is the thirst for beauty. That is, aesthetics and beauty should be in everything that surrounds us. All kinds of drawings adorn the walls of our houses, fabrics, clothes, and more recently, nails.

Drawing on the nails is a real modern art, which is also called nail art.

What, if not a beautiful manicure, can be imperceptible andexquisitely complement any image at any event and dilute everyday everyday life ?! It is drawing on the nails that will add the most necessary highlight and emphasize the individuality of their owner.

Art painting is best entrusted to the handsprofessionals, especially if you want to see on your nails skillfully traced small details. Only they will be able to create a beautiful and perfectly smooth drawing, which will finish your image in an original and bright way. However, if you want, you can do some drawings yourself, the more modern technologies only contribute to this.

Of course, a bright and unique drawing on the nailswithout a certain practice and skill is impossible, but being patient and practicing a little, each of us will be able to create masterpieces on his nails. Naturally, if she owns at least a small fraction of the imagination.

Of course, the easiest way to go to a beauty salon is toan experienced master who professionally paints marigolds, or enrolled in nyl-design courses and comprehend all the mysteries of various techniques with the help of teachers.

However, you can independently study the drawing lessons on nails, the more they are quite fascinating and easy.

So, in order to learn how to draw on nails, you need to get acquainted with the basics of such a delicate matter:

  • Initially, the nails need to be given the correct shape and make a correction, if necessary. Before proceeding to create drawings on nails, the latter must be exactly sawn and clean;
  • products that help draw onnails, must be of high quality. Therefore, be extremely careful when choosing it, especially the range of such tools is huge. Do not be afraid to experiment with different brands. Only in this way will you be able to determine the optimum products for yourself;
  • before proceeding directly to drawing, it is worthwhile to arm yourself with special literature or read the ideas and advice of professional masters laid out on the Internet;
  • creating drawings requires a lot of patience. Do not forget about it. Therefore, initially prepare everything you need to "create", so that in the case of error correction everything is at hand. This is especially true of a bottle with acetone;
  • First you need to apply a basic base (better in two layers). It can be any color depending on your desire;
  • A pattern can be applied over the base. There are two main techniques for drawing pictures on nail plates: drawing on nails with a needle or a brush. The first of these methods is the least laborious and opens up a huge space for imagination. And they can be used without any special training. For the direct drawing of drawings you need to stock up not only with patience, but with a needle, of course, a base for varnish, a fixer and several shades of varnish. By the way, the needle needs to be selected depending on the desired pattern and length of the nails: if you want a fine drawing, and your fingernails are short - then in this case a thin needle is perfect, but if your fingernails are long and the drawing requires a large one, thick needle. Drawing on the nails with a needle involves the use of liquid lacquers, because if they are a little thickened or withered - then the picture can get messy, and even its implementation will be difficult. After that, in fact, you can start drawing.
  • after applying the selected pattern, the nail plate should be covered with a fixing layer, and when it dries, it is advisable to apply a protective acrylic layer on top (it will protect both the nails and the figure);
  • for drawings on nails need to be carefully taken care of. First, every 2-3 days you should cover the nails with a protective layer, which will allow them to remain shiny and protected. Secondly, you need to handle with your hands carefully, in order to protect marigolds from possible damage. And thirdly, oil for the cuticle should be used daily.

Let your nails be beautiful!

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