Efim Shifrin: biography of a talented artist

Efim Shifrin: biography of a talented artist

Humor is a genre of art that is loved by everyone. This is not surprising, because laughter helps not only to survive various life situations, but also very useful for the body. Only a truly talented actor is able to convey to the viewer all the subtlety and diversity of this genre.

Talented actor Yefim Shifrin

With the name of Yefim Shifrin, many peopleactor-humorist association. His speeches can be watched several times and each time surprised by his talent. The fact is that "humor" is akin to walking on a thin blade of a knife. If you do not finish playing in one place, and in another you can outplay, you can lose the whole sense of the story and the speech as a whole. That's why a large number of people always come to Shifrin's concerts, and the audience leaves everything exceptionally in a good mood.

Yefim Shifrin: biography of the actor

Efim Shifrin Biography

Shifrin is a very modest actor, namelyso he always talks about his life very little. Nevertheless, the fans of the actor know that he was born in the Magadan region in the city of Nexikan in 1956. Then the family was in a very difficult situation. His father was a political prisoner. But he was acquitted of the birth of his youngest son. Efim himself remembers that his childhood was happy. He was the youngest and most beloved child in the family.

Soon the whole family went to Latvia, where the youngShifrin graduated from high school and began to enter the university. The next years of artist's life are carefree students. It is noteworthy that the young artist studied at the University of Latvia. He wanted to become a teacher, so he entered the Faculty of Philology. However, fate had its own plans. Shifrin actively participated in various circles of amateur art. Taking part in one of such events, Yefim realized that the scene is something different, his confession. Following the voice of the heart, the young artist went to conquer Moscow, and did not finish his studies at the university. The following 1974-1978 Yefim Shifrin devotes his studies at the State Rumyantsev Circus University. Here a more attractive department for him was the variety department.

Creative way of the artist

Efim Shifrin biography family

A very artistic person is Efim Shifrin. His biography is supplemented by various events connected with stage activities. In 1977, the actor began to play in the student theater named after R. Viktyuk. After graduation Shifrin entered GITIS and successfully graduated from the Faculty of Directing.

The creative way of the actor continued with writingmonologues. In 1986 he wrote his text "Mary Magdalene", which brought fame to the young talent. All subsequent years of Yefim's life are inextricably linked with the theater. Thanks to his talent and painstaking work, in 1990 the Shifrin Theater opens. In it, Yefim Shifrin himself becomes the artistic director. The biography of the artist is undoubtedly very rich and full of various events, but all of them are connected in one way or another with the theater.

The actor took part in many TV programs. Very often he was invited to shoot not only in the cinema and theater, but also in the children's humorous magazine "Yeralash". Everyone fell in love with Yefim Shifrin. Biography is supplemented by participation on TV screens. Many viewers loved and recognized Yefim precisely thanks to the TV screen.

For such a fruitful artistic activityand for the contribution that the artist made to the cultural development of the country, Shifrin was awarded many awards. Among them there is also the title of Laureate, received at the first Moscow variety show, the title of Mr. Fitness. And in 2007 Yefim gets the Nikulin Cup for taking part in the TV show "The Circus with the Stars". All these honorary titles and awards say that the artist is incredibly smart and has a unique gift - to bring joy to people!Yefim Shifrin biography nationality

Artist's family

A talented actor for the viewer is very open. Playing on the stage of the theater, or in the cinema, he does it from the heart. But, on the other hand, Efim Shifrin is very closed. Biography, family - these are things that the artist does not want to talk about. He responds to all questions of journalists briefly and dryly: "I live not alone!"

According to the plot of Shifrin's book

A talented person is talented in everything! These words like no other fit the description of the artist. He managed not only to become a famous actor, but also to write three books. In one of them, "The Theater named after me" contains a discussion about the way Yefim Shifrin did. Biography, nationality - these are the concepts with which it was hardest. It was very difficult, according to Yefim, to get on stage to a man with a non-Russian appearance. The author expresses his grateful gratitude to his teachers, who saw the talent in him and helped to realize the dream.Efim Shifrin biography photo

Thanks to his abilities, the actor Yefim Shifrin becamefavorite of a huge audience. This is theater, cinema, humor, and creativity for children. A versatile person is Efim Shifrin. Biography (the actor's photo appears in the article) says that the actor lives by the stage, and sometimes it seems that in his life nothing more expensive exists.

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  • Efim Shifrin: biography of a talented artist Efim Shifrin: biography of a talented artist Efim Shifrin: biography of a talented artist Efim Shifrin: biography of a talented artist Efim Shifrin: biography of a talented artist Efim Shifrin: biography of a talented artist Efim Shifrin: biography of a talented artist Efim Shifrin: biography of a talented artist Efim Shifrin: biography of a talented artist Efim Shifrin: biography of a talented artist