Embroidery on clothes or magic of cross sewing

Embroidery on clothes or magic of cross sewing

Since ancient times things with patterns embroidered with a cross,Famous for their home, naturalness and extraordinary design, which attracts people around. Modern women are increasingly buying standard items and rework themselves, sewing a thing with a cross or beads. In addition to the fact that such clothing turns out to be fashionable, it becomes exclusive, since by buying an ordinary inexpensive dress, you can make a masterpiece from it, selling it, you can earn two or even three times more. Embroidery on clothes looks bright, individual and expensive.

Basically, such a magic reincarnation of clothes from ordinary gray things in bright things is available to everyone. To do this, it is sufficient to have the initial skills of cross stitching and beading on a conventional canvas.

Patterned interior

embroidery on clothes

A few centuries ago, women soughtdecorate the interior of the house with embroidered pillowcases, sheets, towels and even table napkins. Cross sewing filled almost all the houses. A well-bred girl was considered to be able to embroider, knit, cook. Many ordinary women earned their living by woven and embroidered with a cross, smooth and other types of tablecloths, napkins, towels, bed linens and clothes. These items were exported to bazaars and fairs, where they were bought by wealthy townspeople. And skilled craftsmen were always provided with orders, because the desire to decorate their house and wear beautiful clothes was inherent in women at all times.

Embroidered handmade

cross-stitch on clothes

Initially,cross-stitching on clothes, which was decorated almost everything: women's and men's shirts, trousers, skirts and dresses. In those days, there was no such clothes that did not have even a few flowers, made with cross sewing. Such things were considered ceremonial and dressed mostly for mass festivities. Some needlewomen traded their products at local bazaars. Buyers increasingly became ladies who did not have the desire and time to learn the craft of the needlewoman.

The progress has come - popularity has gone

cross-stitch on clothes

Over time, embroidery on clothes began to be performednot only by hand, but also by machines, which made it several dozen times faster. Despite the great popularity of machine sewing, in the modern world hand work is still highly appreciated, which looks more refined and unique. For their machine work, designers usually choose rural motifs - images of flowers, animals or birds. Such drawings have long been valued. And now modern clothes can not do without them. Despite such popularity of the style, for the whole of the whole collections with embroidery, which combines naturalness and avant-garde, are developed for the youth. They may be animals, but they are already brighter and more alive; birds against the backdrop of beautiful landscapes; beauty of nature.

Hobbies or magic?

cross-stitch on clothes

Many believe that embroidery on clothes is not whatotherwise, like real magic. Experienced needlewomen manage to make something out of the ordinary one-tonne sweater or dress, with everything starting with an elementary attachment of the pattern to the fabric. The very process of embroidery does not take place on a "bare" product, you need a drawing. After the end of the work, the attached sheet of paper or canvas with a picture mysteriously disappears, leaving in its place a beautiful ornament.

According to the stories of the old-timers, embroidery on clotheshas a sacred meaning, which in fact can protect a person from evil spirits and evil eye. In addition, the usual patterns can not only protect the owner of a shirt or a dress, but also seriously hurt. The strongest ornament is the one that is located on the collar and cuffs. It's no wonder that girls have long been embroidering shirts with their wives in the neck and wrists.

Ribbon sewing: fashionable and beautiful

embroidery with ribbons on clothes

Recently, ribbons are very important for embroideryon clothes. This method is well known, and some believe that it is even more colorful and interesting than ordinary sewing on clothes. In fact, this is so: ribbon embroidery is really gaining popularity because of its colorful and large-scale forms. Increasingly, ribbon sewing is used to decorate dresses, especially wedding skirts and shirts. Basically, ribbon embroidery is designed for women's clothing, because men do not tend to wear something like that. Brilliant satin ribbons master craftsmen create real masterpieces, whole flower meadows in smart clothes.

Should I wear it?

During the acquisition of a shirt with a uniqueornaments, it is necessary to pay attention to the uniformity of the stitches and the precision of the ornament, with which the embroidery on clothing is executed. Photos of such products usually do not correspond to reality, so buying online is a risky undertaking. It's better to spend a little more money, go shopping, but find something really worthwhile. It is also worth studying the reviews on the work of handymen who deal with handmade before buying something remotely.

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  • Embroidery on clothes or magic of cross sewing Embroidery on clothes or magic of cross sewing Embroidery on clothes or magic of cross sewing Embroidery on clothes or magic of cross sewing Embroidery on clothes or magic of cross sewing Embroidery on clothes or magic of cross sewing Embroidery on clothes or magic of cross sewing Embroidery on clothes or magic of cross sewing Embroidery on clothes or magic of cross sewing Embroidery on clothes or magic of cross sewing