Ex-presenter of Comedy Club Sarkisyan Tash: biography, career and personal life

Ex-presenter of "Comedy Club" Sarkisyan Tash: biography, career and personal life

For several years Sarkisyan Tash led a humorous transmission of the Comedy Club. Do you want to know where he went? How did his career and personal life develop? Now we will tell about everything.Sarkisyan Tash

Tash Sargsyan: biography, family

He was born on June 1, 1974 in the capital of Armenia -Yerevan. The future entertainer of the spoken genre was brought up in an ordinary family. His father earned money with heavy physical labor. And her mother was engaged in housekeeping and raising her son. The family lived modestly. They did not have extra money for expensive outfits and delicacies.

Tash is not a pseudonym, but a shortened form of the Armenian name Artashes. Very few people know about this.


At school our hero studied well. Teachers constantly praised him for his exemplary behavior and his desire for knowledge. Sarkisyan Tashactively participated in amateur competitions. He liked to perform in front of the audience, catch their enthusiastic glances, hear applause.

At home the boy arranged performances for parents, grandmothers and grandfathers. It was very funny to watch him from the outside. Everyone in the district said that the future artist is growing.


Tasha wanted to build an acting career. But after graduating from high school, he decided to choose a more accessible and practical profession. The guy submitted documents to the agricultural academy, located in the city of Yerevan. His choice fell on the faculty of winemaking. Artashes managed to cope with the entrance exams. The guy was enrolled for the required course.

KVN performances

Study at the winemaking department wasboring for Tash Sargsyan. The only thing that brought him joy was performances in KVN, Active and cheerful guy took to the team "New Armenians". In 1997, the team became the champion of the Major League.

Sarkisyan Tash acted as a member of the "New Armenians" until 2003. At some point, he realized that he had outgrown the project and wanted to develop in creativity.Tash sarkisyan biography

Comedy Club

In 2003, the former members of the team "NewArmenians "launched an unusual for our country format of a humorous show. As you guessed, it's about the Comedy Club. The essence of this transfer was that humorists go on stage, show funny scenes or just joke on current topics. At first the show was shown on the air of Moscow cable channels. But in April 2005, "Comedy Club" began to appear on TNT. And till now the transfer is gaining high ratings.

Tash Sargsyan: personal life

Our hero has always dreamed of a Russian wife - beautiful, loyal and economic. It seems that God heard his prayers. But this did not happen as quickly as Tash would have liked.

In his youth Sarkisian had many stormy novels with hot beauties. However, in none of the girls did he see the future wife and mother of his children.

After the former kvinschik began to lead the "Comedy Club", the number of his fans increased at times. But Artashes never used his fame.Tash Sarkisian wife

True love Sargsyan met in 2012. With a blonde Olga Tash met at a party with mutual friends. The girl immediately liked him. And after talking with her, the Armenian realized that he had fallen in love. Of course, Olya is not only beautiful, but she is also clever. She is trained in MGIMO and works in one of the largest international companies.

Artashes long and persistently took care of the blonde. As a result, she agreed to become his second half. For several years the couple has been living in the same apartment. The main earner in the family is Tash Sargsyan. Olga's wife supports the comfort in the house. While lovers are in a civil marriage. For them, the stamp in the passport is only a formality.


Than after leaving from Comedy Club was engagedSarkisyan Tash? He decided to become a restaurateur. In 2007, Artashes opened his own restaurant TM Cafe. He invested some of the finances, but some of it was lent by rich friends and relatives. The project turned out to be profitable and lasted for several years. But that is not all. In 2010, Tash decided to expand the opening of another institution - Cafe 54.Tash sarkisyan personal life

Our hero is an interesting and comprehensively developedpersonality. At one time, he conducted the transfer of "Football Night" on NTV. And in the period from 2011 to 2012. Sargsyan was the editor-in-chief of Total Football.

Recently, Artashes has been working on the new channel Match-TV. He has prepared many other projects that will be implemented in the near future.

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  • Ex-presenter of Comedy Club Sarkisyan Tash: biography, career and personal life Ex-presenter of Comedy Club Sarkisyan Tash: biography, career and personal life Ex-presenter of Comedy Club Sarkisyan Tash: biography, career and personal life Ex-presenter of Comedy Club Sarkisyan Tash: biography, career and personal life Ex-presenter of Comedy Club Sarkisyan Tash: biography, career and personal life