Far Cry 3 is not saved - what to do

Far Cry 3 is not saved - what to do?

If you want to play a quality shooter withgreat locations for research, exciting plot and eye-popping visualization, then you definitely should pay attention to Far Cry 3. This project really stands out against the background of other shooters, as it offers you those impressions that no other game of this genre can give. However, you should pay attention to the fact that even this project has certain problems that you may encounter. Naturally, many players never have any difficulty either in licensing or in pirates, but there is still a probability of a problem. Its essence lies in the fact that the game is losing the conservation that you have done before. For example, you have passed part of the game, have survived, left, and when you decided to continue - went into the game, and there are no preservations at all, and you need to start all over again. So, if you do not save Far Cry 3, you need to conduct a certain set of actions.

Change repack or reinstall

far cry 3 is not saved

Immediately it is worth noting that Far Cry 3 is notis stored both on licensed versions of the game, and on pirates - from this problem does not depend. Therefore, it is worthwhile to paint the first step of your actions separately for two types of games. So if you own a licensed copy, then you'd better reinstall, and if you downloaded Far Cry 3 via Steam, it's best to start by checking the integrity of the cache. This can give some results, however, no one promises one hundred percent of the effectiveness. But what to do if you have pirate? In this case, you better try to download several other repacks, since the problem can be covered either in the version of the game itself, or in any of its conflicts with your computer. Thus, you'd better check 2-3 versions of the game from the torrents before taking on other solutions to the problem that Far Cry 3 is not saved.

File path and account name

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Many gamers are already faced with the mostvarious problems caused by the fact that on the way to the game there are folders containing Russian letters in the title. This, unfortunately, is unacceptable in many recent projects, and that is why your version of Far Cry 3 is not preserved. Carefully look all the way to your game files, the names of all the folders, correct Russian letters wherever you find them. After that, pay attention to exactly how your account is named in the operating system. If it is in Russian, you will have to change the name for it, and it will be much more convenient if your entry does not have administrative rights. As you could already understand, in Far Cry 3 cheats do not help you solve this problem, so you have to manage on your own.

Run as administrator

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If the previous methods did not help you, then youIt's worth moving on to other options for resuming the save function in Far Cry 3. Cheats allow you to go through the game without getting damage, with infinite ammunition, but this option is not too reasonable, since the game's duration is about thirty hours, so you have to sit all day In the game, until you finish it. It is unlikely that this will give you much pleasure, so it's better to try to change the parameters of the game launch. If you have a shortcut on your desktop, do not try to enter the game using the standard method. It's best to right-click on the shortcut and go to its properties. There you can select the "Run as administrator" option - make it active. Now you can run the game with elevated permissions that allow it to save. This method is much more effective than if you every time opened the game through the right mouse click and the option "Run as administrator" - this method allows you to start the game normally only once, and then the problem can return. So, you have done so that on the way to Far Cry 3 in Russian there was not written a word to play the game with administrator rights, so now everything should work just fine. If this does not happen, you will have to try a little more.

Disabling third-party programs

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Some programs for unexplained reasonscan prevent normal recording of the save in this game. Therefore, when you are going to launch Far Cry 3, you'd better disable all third-party and background programs. This eliminates the likelihood of this problem, as well as increase the amount of resources that are allocated directly to the game itself.

Downloading Savings

If you can not solve this problem, neitherone of the above methods, then you better not waste your time and download from the specialized sites ready saves with full passage. You can find both saves for specific missions, and for the game as a whole. Just remember that in Far Cry 3, the add-on missions are not saved as such, so they are not part of the problem - you just need to go through them at a time - at least in pirated copies, that's the case.

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