Food addicts. How to overcome food addiction

Maria Soboleva

Food addicts. How to overcome dependence on food?

Why addiction to food suffers more and more people in the world? What kind of gluttony epidemic is sweeping the planet? Where does it come from, what are its signs, are children susceptible to it, how dangerous is food addiction and how to get rid of it - you will find a lot of useful information about the actual problem today in this article.
Man eating a hamburger

Food addiction - where does it come from

Just think: almost a third of the entire population of the Earth today is subject to food dependence. Harmful addiction has already been nicknamed food addiction. More often women suffer from it, men are not far behind, such dependence is manifested even in children.
Why does food addiction arise? The reasons are different - physiological and psychological.

Genetic abnormalities and heredity.In humans, the body may simply lack the hormone of joy and pleasure - dopamine. So he stimulates his production of delicious food.

Feeding center pleasure.The signals from the taste buds are sent to the pleasure center of our brain.As a result, we get positive emotions, calm, a feeling of joy.

Girl eating sweets
Hormonal disorders.In the body, insufficient production of hunger hormone leptin, which reduces appetite, can occur. From this there is a desire to constantly snack on something.

Improper nutrition.Foods that contain sugar, starch, and flour provoke drug addiction. A person is uncontrollably attracted to junk food, it becomes more difficult for him to cope with his desires. As soon as the level of glucose in the blood decreases, the brain requires nutrition.

Important: most often, addiction develops from eating ice cream, chocolate, pizza, chips, sausage.

The habit of "seizing" problems and failures. Gluttony a person reacts to stress, trouble, trying to fight with a bad mood.

Pensive girl 

The desire to lose weight.Often, dieters do not withstand the limitations and break down, as if making up for lost time. At the same time, thoughts about food make the head losing weight constantly busy, they become obsessive and dependence on food is formed.

Dependence on food in children - a myth or reality?

The causes of the problems must be sought in early childhood, then the child may already form a dependence on food.If the baby receives maternal attention only during feeding and lacks warmth, bodily contact, caress at another time, he becomes unconsciously connected - only eating will give him proximity to his mother.

Often we feed our children too much, forcing them to eat another spoon, then another.

The child does not want to eat

The child understands - the approval of the parents, their praise can be obtained if you eat well. And such a stereotype is fixed, forming over time dependence on food.

Baby food should be correct and balanced since childhood. Pamper your child with sweets and all kinds of chips with crackers and mom and dad and relatives are used to. And then we wonder - where does food addiction come from?

Food Addiction Test

Do you like sweets, often have a desire to eat and generally think about food suspiciously often? Are you addicted? Let's try to find out how real the reasons for concern are.

  • You eat without even feeling hungry.
  • You are not satisfied with healthy food, and pulls on the sweet, fat, flour, smoked.

 Diverse food

  • You eat more than you need to saturate, eat fast.
  • After an attack of gluttony, you are ashamed, embarrassed, you blame yourself for lack of will, but this happens again.
  • Looking for comfort in food, when you feel bad, sad, you are offended or angry.
  • Thoughts of food haunt you throughout the day.
  • You just can not resist and buy an appetizing cake, passing by the storefront (and more often than not one), and immediately absorb it with greed.
  • You make caches of food, so that unnoticed by everyone to eat tasty food alone.

Girl secretly regales

  • You are already feeling the negative consequences of your dependence on food (obesity, bulimia, diabetes, hypertension, and other diseases).

Dependence on food - urgently take action!

The most difficult thing is to admit to yourself that you have acquired a dangerous dependence on food and decide to wage a ruthless struggle with it. Treatment of unrestrained traction is always something to be difficult.

At the first stage, while everything is not so started, you can try to deal with the problem yourself. Of course, with the necessary will power. Try auto-training, meditation to change your attitude towards food.

Sports help to distract, to occupy your free time with useful work, getting a charge of energy not from food.

Morning running
Sharply limit yourself in the diet can not be.Just try to give up drug products - it is unlikely to succeed. Statistics says: only four out of a hundred people are able to deprive themselves of their favorite food.

How to be? Treatment involves a gradual decrease in the amount of flour and sweet in your diet.

Add to your diet more foods that contain a large amount of fiber (vegetables, herbs, beans). Plus coarse fibers in that they reduce the rate of absorption of glucose into the blood, reducing the desire to eat something sweet, hearty baking or fast food. Increase the amount of water consumed. Sweets can not be replaced by fruit, they have a lot of carbohydrates.

Look for other sources of pleasure and good mood. Learn to enjoy not just another piece of cake and a hamburger, but to get satisfaction from your hobby, for example, weaving bracelets from rubber bands, sports activities, walking in the fresh air, communicating with friends and pets. From this, too, the body receives an influx of joy hormones.

Mistress with a dog 

Learn to distract from food. Overcome an attack of gluttony - forbid yourself to approach the refrigerator. Go outside, turn on your favorite movie, call a friend.Do not allow yourself to reward yourself with tasty food for troubles at work, quarrel with your beloved, problems with parents.

Dependence on food - treatment with the help of doctors

If self-control of food addiction is not crowned with success, you have to seek help from specialists - the best option, because it is difficult for a person to determine the real causes of his problem.

Treatment is complex - you will need the participation of a nutritionist and a psychotherapist, because most often the root of evil lies at once in physiological and psychological motives.

At the doctor
Sessions with the participation of the doctor, better group (where people with similar problems gather), will help gradually revise their attitude towards food, learn to limit themselves.

You will need family support, it is important that your relatives understand that a person who is trying to overcome his dependence on food becomes irritable, touchy, and sometimes aggressive. Home will have to endure all this.

In addition, they will also need to temporarily abandon products that annoy you, which should simply be ruthlessly removed from the house. Otherwise, harmful food will provoke you with its availability.

Refusal of sweets
The treatment will be more effective when you start a food diary. It will mark the consumption of food (what, how much, when eaten), including the forbidden snacks and secret raids to the refrigerator. And next to it is a note - on which emotional background meals were taken. So it is easier to trace the relationship between overeating and mood, the reasons for the next exorbitant desire to eat.

Exercise regularly. This is an important part of treatment - general recovery, weight loss, stress relief.

To treat addiction to food is difficult. After all, it is possible (and necessary) to give up alcohol and drugs, and food is an irreplaceable part of our life. We cannot not eat, but it is important for everyone to realize: it is necessary to eat in order to live, getting the necessary nutrients, minerals and vitamins.

Ripe apple 

But do not turn food into a cult, replacing it with other values. It is easy to sit down on food addiction, but treatment will require strength, will and patience. But if there is a desire and purpose, everything will work out.

How to refuse sweet and harmful food - see the following story:

Take it to yourself, tell your friends!
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  • Food addicts. How to overcome food addiction

    Food addicts. How to overcome food addiction

    Food addicts. How to overcome food addiction

    Food addicts. How to overcome food addiction

    Food addicts. How to overcome food addiction

    Food addicts. How to overcome food addiction

    Food addicts. How to overcome food addiction

    Food addicts. How to overcome food addiction

    Food addicts. How to overcome food addiction

    Food addicts. How to overcome food addiction

    Food addicts. How to overcome food addiction

    Food addicts. How to overcome food addiction

    Food addicts. How to overcome food addiction

    Food addicts. How to overcome food addiction

    Food addicts. How to overcome food addiction

    Food addicts. How to overcome food addiction

    Food addicts. How to overcome food addiction

    Food addicts. How to overcome food addiction

    Food addicts. How to overcome food addiction

    Food addicts. How to overcome food addiction

    Food addicts. How to overcome food addiction