Futurama characters: names and photos

Futurama characters: names and photos

At the end of the last century, namely in 1999the management of the television channel Fox decided to try to launch an unusual cartoon series. He told about the life of people in the future, after a thousand years and was called "Futurama".

futurama characters

However, his plot was fundamentally different frommost other projects that describe the future. This cartoon mocked all modern ideas about a possible future. And although people do not like when they are bullied by them and their hopes, the satirical characters of Futurama, its unusual plot and constant self-irony quickly found millions of fans all over the world.

Cartoon "Futurama"

The creators of "Futurama" were David Cohen and MattGraining are people who became famous for inventing the animated series "The Simpsons", which has been a favorite audience for over two and a half decades all over the planet. "Futurama" became their next child, coming out on the same channel "Fox".

If the "Simpsons" Graining and Cohen ridiculed everythingthe shortcomings of modern culture and the worldview of Americans, constantly beating all the novelties in all areas of life of modern people, then in Futurama its creators used the same method in relation to the distant future and did it very skillfully. The name of the new series is a kind of play of words, meaning "panorama of the future".

Futurama characters

Like the "Simpsons", the first season of "Futurama" wasfrom thirteen episodes, and in the following there were more episodes. Initially, "Futurama" successfully appeared on the channel "Fox" for four seasons. However, soon interest to the project at the channel was lost, and it was closed. Many fans around the world have protested against this decision. Due to the fact that the interest in the project has not died down, in 2007 the first full-length animated film "Futurama" was released. Over the next two years there were three more such projects.

At the same time the channel "Fox" sells ComedyCentral rights to "Futurama", and soon the series "moves" to a new channel. At first, the old series were shown here, as well as all the feature films. Since the summer of 2009 comes the fifth season, and after - two more. In 2013, Comedy Central channel stopped the release of Futurama. Despite this, its optimistic creators David Cohen and Matt Greening still do not stop looking for new investors ready to revitalize this unusual project.

The plot of the cartoon

In the animated series it is told about inconspicuous anda lazy pizza deliveryman in New York named Philip Frye. On December 31, 1999, while the whole world was celebrating the beginning of a new millennium, the guy was forced to work and deliver pizza to the cryogenics laboratory. Here Fry in the last minutes of the past year accidentally landed in a cryocamera and was frozen in it for a thousand years.

futurama characters names

After this period, the protagonist wasDefrozen and found himself in the world of the future. Trying to find one of his relatives, the guy stumbles upon the inventor and owner of the "Interplanetary Express" Professor Hugh Farnswont, who in combination is a guest from the past great-great-grandfather and many times a great-grand-nephew.

In parallel, trying to avoid the imposedthe program of the messenger profession, Fry becomes friends with Turanga Lila, as well as the robot-kleptomanian Bender Rodriguez. In the end, all of them are arranged to work in the company of the professor and, carrying out orders, travel throughout the universe, getting into all sorts of interesting stories.

Futurama characters: Fry

The main character around which the wholeplot, is Philip J. Fry. He is a resident of New York at the end of the twentieth century. In fact, Fry is smart, kind and child-trusting. However, all its merits cross out one huge drawback - laziness. It is because of her that Fry is looking for the simplest ways, often without making an effort where it would be worth doing.

futurama characters photo

In the past, because of the reluctance to learn and developThe professional life of a guy does not add up, and he only works as a pizza delivery. In addition, he had a favorite girl Michelle from whom he lived. But this beauty enjoyed the naivety of her boyfriend and constantly instructed him "horns". Eventually she abandoned him.

Once in the future, Fry discovers that, despite the grandiose progress made, nothing has changed much in the sphere of relations.
The best friend of the stranger from the past isrobot-folding machine named Bender. Despite the cunning character of the robot and his love for various scams and deception, with Fry they have a real friendship, which has a lot to go through in all seven seasons. Fry and Bender are neighbors in the apartment, but for each of them to harmoniously coexist, they have to sacrifice something.

While other characters of Futurama (photobelow) try to somehow adapt to life, Fry looks at many things like a child. Having become the owner of a huge fortune of money, he spends all of his money on having to eat with the friends of the last in the universe a jar of anchovies.

what are the names of the futurama characters

Despite the poor financial and socialposition, Fry often have novels with girls, but all of them end in parting. This is due to the fact that the main love of the whole life of the guy is his colleague Lila. Fry does his best to achieve reciprocity, but for a long time the girl refuses to him. In the end, Turanga Lila sincerely falls in love with her unlucky fan from the past, and they marry.

It is noteworthy that one of Fry's passions was hisGrandmother during the trip of the team "Interplanetary Express" in the past. After spending the night with his grandmother, Fry becomes his grandfather. This circumstance caused the emergence of the genetic peculiarity of Fry's brain, thanks to which he was able to save the Earth from the invasion of the alien race.

Futurama characters: Leela

If the whole plot of "Futurama" revolves aroundperson Fry, the life of this guy is focused on a one-eyed girl with purple hair named Turanga Lila. The word "turanga" in Sanskrit means "love song". And Leela really looks like the goddess of love: she has a beautiful figure and face, luxurious purple hair gathered in the tail on the back of the head, and one eye. By the way it is because of one eye that the heroine constantly complexes. In the childhood in a shelter above it laughed because of it, therefore when she has grown, uncertainty remained. In one of the series, the girl even had an operation and inserted herself a second eye, but this did not bring her happiness, and she regained her former appearance.

names of characters from futurama

At the beginning of the series, when the characters of "Futurama"only get acquainted with each other, the girl explains the presence of one eye with her alien origin. However, she still can not figure out where she came from. One day Leela met in a chat with a one-eyed guy who claims that he is her last surviving relative, and they have a place to revive their race. But when the crew of the "Interplanetary Express" arrives on his planet, it soon becomes clear that he is a deceiver, and his whole story is pure fiction.

In the fourth season, the creators of the series finallyreveal the truth about the family of Leela. In fact, the girl's parents are not aliens - they are mutants, forced to hide deep under the ground to avoid bullying ordinary people. When she was born to Lila's parents, the girl was practically normal except for one eye (like her mother). Realizing that the baby has a chance to build a normal life in society on the surface, parents threw her into the orphanage, giving her away as an alien.

Despite the peculiarity of his appearance, Leelais successful in men, but she can not find her ideal. Over time, she rethinks her attitude to the guys and realizes that the real love of her life is Fry, who, despite his strange nature, perceives her as she is, and does not dream of changing.

names of characters from futurama

At the beginning of the series, Leela worked as an officer,distributing professions in a cryogenic laboratory. This occupation did not please the girl, but she did not change anything, because in the society of the future it was so accepted. The appearance of Fry, namely his ardent protest against an unloved cause, forced Lila to reconsider her views on life, and she saved Fry. In addition, the girl herself left with unloved work, being outlawed. A little later, Professor Farnsworth helped Lily and Fry to solve this problem.

Robot Bender Rodriguez

Among the universe of the series "Futurama" Bender becamethe most famous character. In many respects it resembles a hybrid of Homer and Bart Simpsons from the animated series of the same name, but it has more negative aspects, and it still attracts the audience.

Bender is a robot of silvercolor (in parallel reality it is golden) with extremely mobile hands that constantly strive to steal anything. It is noteworthy that even while being detached from the body, Bender's hands still tried to sneak everything that comes across. In addition, the robot has a rugged metal case in which it hides the loot. Interestingly, in several episodes Bender put a bomb in the body, and he could stand the explosion.

names of characters from futurama

Like most models of this line forThe existence of a robot needs alcohol, acting as a fuel. Over time, an alternative appeared in the form of mineral oil, but Bender traditionally uses alcohol, and much more than necessary. Also, Rodriguez often smokes cigars and does this in order to look steeper.

Despite all their shortcomings, deep downBender is a sensual person (at the beginning of the series, after learning that his work is used to make suicide booths, the robot could not reconcile with it), but he rarely gives in to emotions.

As for the beautiful half, the robot is a scavengeron beautiful robot girls. Moreover, almost all of his memory is loaded with porn. Also throughout the series, the robot had relationships and ordinary girls (Amy, Lila). In the seventh season, from a novel with a soda machine, Bender had a son.

The favorite phrase of this character is Bite my shiny metal ass, which literally can be translated as "Bite me for a sparkling metal ass."

Professor Hubert Farnsworth

In the animated film "Futurama" characters (the names of the mostthe main ones mentioned above) work in the Interplanetary Express transport company. It is owned thirty times by the "great" grandfather of Fry's nephew Professor Hubert Farnsworth.

names of characters from futurama

This person is really a genius: despite his origin from the lower classes, he was soon able to invent many ingenious devices and gain worldwide fame. However, most of the professor's research is extremely expensive and takes time. In order not to depend on sponsors and not to need them, the professor opened the company "Interplanetary Express". With her help, he earns a living and his inventions, periodically experiencing the latter on his team.

From relatives, except for Fry, the professor has a clone of Cubert Farworth, as well as a son from the all-powerful head of Mamochka corporations - Ignar.

Secondary Characters

Having dealt with the names of the characters from Futurama, which play the main roles in the plot of the animated series, it is worth mentioning the secondary ones.

Amy Wong is an intern of Professor Farnsworth. Despite the degree of doctor of applied physics, stupid and short-sighted. In the "Interplanetary Express" the professor holds it only because she has the same blood type as he, and therefore, can become his donor. She is Lila's girlfriend, despite periodic disputes and conflicts. At different times I met Fry and Bender. Has a permanent guy - an alien named Kif.

Dr. John Zoidberg is an extraterrestrialhimself a hybrid of a lobster and a man, almost omnivorous. He works as a doctor in the Interplanetary Express. However, his knowledge in human anatomy is scarce. Being an old friend of the professor, he continues to work for him. Because of his inability to manage money, Zoidberg is always hungry and poor. He hates other doctors.

names of characters from futurama

A bureaucrat of the thirty-fourth level comes fromJamaica is named after Hermes Conrad. Often thanks to him, the "Interplanetary Express" manages to stay afloat, as Hermes is an accountant. Has a wife who has a lover, and Dwight's son. In the past, he was a limbo champion, but because of the death of his fan, he left this sport.

Listing the names of characters from "Futurama", you can notnot to mention one of the main villains of the series - Mamochku. He is one of the richest women on the planet, as he heads the company for the production of robots and parts for them Momcorp. In public, he tries to maintain the image of a kind old woman, for which he wears a special suit. In reality, several times tried to capture the world, but on its way became the "Interplanetary Express". In the past, Hermes, Zoidberg and Farnsworth worked for her company. A woman has three sons.

The animated series "Futurama" has long beentelevision classics and deserved many prestigious awards, including several Emmys. It is a pity that this project was closed. However, it remains to be hoped that there will be a channel that wants to breathe life into this promising cartoon, and the audience will again be met on the screen by the favorite characters of Futurama.

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