Go (cat food) - an ideal meal for pets

Go! (cat food) - an ideal meal for pets

Go! (cat food) was created to provide pets with nutrient-rich and energy-rich food. This is a real fitness food for cats for every day. Trademark Go! uses meat ingredients (for example, chicken meat meal or fishmeal, processed trout or salmon) as a high quality concentrated protein source. This ensures that your pet will get the most nutrients with a small amount of food, which is very important for the health of a pet. And for the purse of the owners, too, a pleasant savings - the costs will be reduced by 40%.

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Food for cats of different ages

Dry cat food Go! has a whole line of original recipes: without grain, cat food with a sensitive digestive system, feed for the youngest - kittens.

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The differences are not only in the basicthe source protein ingredient. Feeds are enriched with nutritional components, the main function of which is to provide the energy needs of a pet. The manufacturer provides a different feed for kittens and cats, Go! takes into account the age features of the digestive system, as well as the needs of the organism at different stages of animal life. Special recipes for cats with increased sensitivity to food and a predilection for food allergy indicate a particularly reverent attitude of the manufacturer to the four-legged.

Features of the recipe

When developing the formula for feed Go! the necessity of caring for the condition of the locomotor system of cats is always taken into account. Go! - food for cats, which is characterized by a balanced content of vital substances. The ratio of proteins and fats, calcium and phosphorus, as well as supplements of L-carnitine and taurine helps to take care of the general health of animals and strengthens the heart.

The maintenance of oils promotes maintenance of an ideal condition of a skin and fur of the pet, provides normal work of a gastrointestinal tract.

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Cats are carnivorous, no wonder thatthe basic component of fodder - meat, because only so you can satisfy the cat's desires. A fairly wide "meat spectrum" is presented - turkey and chicken, duck, beef. To increase the protein content, peas and eggs were added to the feed, which allowed the protein index to increase to 48%.

In addition to meat, in this food there is even fruit, berryassorted and mix of vegetables, and all of consistently excellent quality. In the feeds, an acidulant is also used to maintain the pH-balance of the urine, which is especially important for sterilized cats.

What makes this food special?

If the cat could speak, she would tell,that this food has a special taste - a tender chicken, a dietary turkey, a kingly delicious trout and salmon. What else can a cat dream about? Unless add a little cottage cheese, season with berries blueberries and cranberries, garnish with a tender gourd, apples and, of course, juicy broccoli. And if you add a little pineapple and papaya - will get an unsurpassed taste. He's so delicious that it's impossible to tear himself away.

Feed customer reviews

Once he stopped his choice on him, customersbuy only feed Go! for cats. Customer reviews indicate that their pets love it. They say that their cats are becoming healthier, happier and more attentive to different taste mixes. This is because Go! - cat food with a balanced taste, it is filled with useful substances that provide an active lifestyle.

This is a high protein meal, reducedcarbohydrate content and zero content of growth hormones, which allows the cat to maintain an excellent physical shape. Special recipes for cats with sensitive digestion and specific dietary needs, as well as recipes that provide prevention, are created solely to preserve the health of pets for life.

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Just give your pet feed Go! and you will see that this is the right choice. Cats know a lot about food!

Feed Go! - an excellent choice of protein source, a balanced meal for cats, containing fruits, vegetables and a complex of vitamins and minerals. This food deserves the highest praise. Go! - food for cats that lead an active lifestyle.

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  • Go (cat food) - an ideal meal for pets Go (cat food) - an ideal meal for pets Go (cat food) - an ideal meal for pets Go (cat food) - an ideal meal for pets Go (cat food) - an ideal meal for pets Go (cat food) - an ideal meal for pets Go (cat food) - an ideal meal for pets Go (cat food) - an ideal meal for pets Go (cat food) - an ideal meal for pets Go (cat food) - an ideal meal for pets