Godetia - a miracle flower without unnecessary trouble (photo, video)

Godetia - a miracle flower without unnecessary trouble (photo, video)!

Varieties of ornamental plants

In total in the world there are more than 20 varieties of flowers of this type, which are conventionally attributed to two groups:

  1. RGodetia is charmingpretty dress -the most common form, which is distinguished by its high height (up to 60 cm) and small flowers (maximum 5 cm in diameter). It is fairly easy to grow, including at home, but because of the long stem, caring for the plant will be difficult and will require garters and the use of supports.
  2. Large-flowered GodetiaLarge-flowered Godetia- This type is much more common in the photo. Its stems are much lower - they reach a height of 20-30 cm, but the flowers are much larger (up to 10 cm in diameter). In addition, the terry variety of the flower, which has beautiful edges of petals with patterned edges, belongs to this group.
  3. Godetia RembrandtGodetius Meteor and Rembrandt- the most popular varieties, which are plants with reddish flowers of pink and red flowers.
  4. Monarchwith medium flowers of various shades, characterized by the presence of a carmine spot in the middle, is also in demand.Godetia Monarch
  5. Azalean Whitea variety of pink - the most common in the world, it can be seen on the top photo.

Work with seeds

Due to the fact that Godetia is a rather unpretentious flower, it can be grown at home, using various methods of propagation from seeds.

Depending on what climate zone you live in, the plant can be germinated in the form of seedlings, or it can be used to plant directly in open ground.

Each of these methods has its own advantages and features.

Planting in open ground

Ground sprouts in soilThis annual plant reaches its peak in July, when its flowering begins, continuing until the most frost. Therefore, in order to get beautiful flowers, planting should be done in mid-April, and in cold weather - in early May. It is better to choose loamy soil with no large amount of sand. If necessary, you can also make fertilizer and fertilizing, which will make the soil more nutritious for future shoots. The most commonly used universal mineral fertilizers in combination with humus and wood ash.

Preparing the soil for planting seedsCultivation begins with the deepening of seeds into the soil by 0.5-0.7 cm. The soil should be first loosened and watered a little. Landing is carried out in the grooves, which are laid at a distance of 20-25 centimeters. The same distance should be used for planting seeds in the same groove. If later the sprouts are too thick, they will need to be thinned.

Watering seedsAfter planting, it is necessary to water the seeds of godetia regularly and apply universal mineral fertilizers to the soil. It is advisable not to use very cold water, as it worsens the germination of seeds. After 14 days, when the first sprouts appear, it will be necessary to care for the plants, following the interval between them, weeding, watering and feeding every two weeks.

Two-step method

Flowerbed from the khodetsii grandifloraOn many videos on the Internet, you can see that the tree is planted in the soil by pre-formed seedlings, which form motley carpets of flowers of various shades. For growing in this way, the large flowering hedecium is better suited, since it requires less maintenance in the form of seedlings and is not as fragile as the “lovely” variety.In addition, seedlings are used when they want to get earlier flowers, as well as to plant ornamental plants in balcony boxes and ampel pots at home.

Growing the seedlings from the seedlings by seedlings also happens quite simply, which can be seen on numerous training videos. Seedlings are obtained from seeds that are placed in a wet substrate under glass in late March-early April. As soon as they germinate, it is worth proceeding to the next stage of cultivation. The glass should be removed, and the shoots should be well ventilated, but avoid contact with very cold air.

Seedlings in peat potsWhen the plants get a little stronger, they dive along with a clod of earth into prepared peat pots, which they will be in until early May. About once every ten days a universal liquid fertilizer is applied to the substrate, which accelerates the cultivation, and a special fertilizer for flower seedlings. When the specified period is reached, the yearsetia is transplanted into the ground at a distance of 20-25 cm. It is necessary to be very careful and try not to bare the roots of the flower, otherwise it can quickly wither.

A couple of words in conclusion

Godetia is a very beautiful flower, the cultivation of which does not require any special efforts. At the same time, he will delight you with his beauty for a long time, both in the garden and in the apartment.

Godetia in the countryLarge-flowered variety of this plant can be grown for planting in soil or ampelous pots, where it forms very beautiful wide bushes, and a lovely life can be cut and used in various bouquets, or put it in vases separately, where it can stand for 5-8 days, without losing the original look.

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  • Godetia - a miracle flower without unnecessary trouble (photo, video) Godetia - a miracle flower without unnecessary trouble (photo, video) Godetia - a miracle flower without unnecessary trouble (photo, video) Godetia - a miracle flower without unnecessary trouble (photo, video) Godetia - a miracle flower without unnecessary trouble (photo, video) Godetia - a miracle flower without unnecessary trouble (photo, video) Godetia - a miracle flower without unnecessary trouble (photo, video)