Graduate or Bachelor Degree

Graduate or Bachelor Degree?

After the reform of the Russian system of higher educationthere was a certain confusion associated with such concepts as "specialist", "master" and "bachelor". Employers of the last two entries in the diploma of the vacancy seeker are a bit skeptical, since the "graduate" is still more familiar.

Bachelor of higher educationIf a person encounters these concepts rarely or does not meet at all, he does not see any differences at all. But in reality there is a difference.
A person finishes a higher education institution andbecomes a graduate, that is, he receives a diploma about the end of this very educational institution. The term "graduate" is familiar to us from Soviet times. It also in those days meant a person who received higher education, that is, graduated from an institute or university.

Today, a graduate is a practitioner,also graduated from an institute or university. But there is no such qualification in the territory of the European Union. Therefore, in connection with the fact that Russia is moving to a European type of training, it is planned to refuse from awarding the graduates of universities with the title of "graduate".

How does Russia become such a specialist? After five or six years of study at the institute, his graduate is given a diploma on qualification. And a new graduate can start working as an engineer or a teacher. However, if a graduate has a desire, he can continue to study further. In this case, he will receive the next degree - master.

Which is better: an expert or a master?

certified specialistA master's degree can be obtained as a bachelor,whose higher education was limited to acquiring basic knowledge in the chosen specialty, and a specialist. To become a master, it is necessary to spend two more years to study, and then a diploma will be given to the hands, indicating that the person has been awarded the master's degree of any science. Usually a person who has received such a degree does not practice by practice, his path is scientific activity.

So, what is the difference between a specialist and a master?

A Master is a scientific degree,two years in addition, can get not only a graduate, but also a bachelor. At the same time, if a graduate should be engaged in practical work, the master devotes himself entirely to scientific work.

The specialist receives a higher education of at leastfive years, and sometimes six. The bachelor gets it in a shorter time - for four or three years, depending on what his educational base is.

For the first three years, prospective studentsa bachelor's degree, are trained according to one curriculum in the direction that they have chosen. This time is given for the training of a broad specialist, and in the fourth year they choose a narrow profile.

specialist or masterThat is, baccalaureate is a great opportunityDetermine the profile of their education for those students who have not yet done so. It is still possible to study several profiles simultaneously.

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