Greece in June. Tours to Greece in June

Greece in June. Tours to Greece in June

For those who like to luxuriate in the sun and onbeautiful beaches along with family or friends, tours to Greece in June will do. It is this month that the local weather is really a resort. Therefore, you need to try to buy a ticket to Greece in advance. You should consider that prices increase as the departure date approaches. After all, Greece in June is the most wonderful time for lovers of beach holidays. And those who like excursions will be able to enjoy and travel around the country until the heat comes, which begins in July.

Greece in June

Acquiring regular tours to Greece in June, it is worthgrab for children and yourself a cream that will protect you from the scorching rays of the sun, since the luminary this month is well baked and can give you some inconvenience. Especially if you are going to go on an excursion. In Greece in June, in addition to tourists, come and residents of local cities and areas that are far from the sea to work and rest.

The country is famous for its sights,you will have to calculate your time in order to have time to travel around the city and interesting places, until the heat has come. In summer everything is provided for visitors, and therefore the museums work according to a special schedule: before 8:00 they are not closed. It is in June that you, most likely, will be able to attend the summer solstice. Residents of cities and villages on this day, kindle large bonfires and burn wreaths, which were woven on the first of May. On this holiday, people organize mass festivities, various competitions and contests, and then guess.

An important event

But the most important event of June is the traditionalday off. The Trinity is celebrated. Many tourists and pilgrims visit Meteor monasteries on this day. Therefore, if you planned to go there together with everyone, then take with you shoes with which you will be comfortable, and some headwear. Since you have to go a long way up the stairs cut in the rock.

Temperature of the sea

We all like to rest and copy for many monthsmeans to go on holiday and take a dip in the sea in Greece. In June it is very pleasant. Although not yet as warm, but not cold, so you can already swim. The air will warm well, and after you have rinsed, you will not freeze at all. You will enjoy the water in Greece - in June its temperature is about 21-22 ° C.

Air temperature

This is not the hottest time of the year. The average temperature reaches + 30 ° C in the daytime. Humidity is low, so this weather is relatively easy to tolerate. The beginning of summer is a wonderful time for holidays in Greece.

tours to Greece in June

But the month of June is still not the hottestperiod. On some islands, the air temperature keeps a little lower due to the breezes that blow there. In Crete at this time of year, the temperature is twenty-seven degrees.


It is an island that is washed by three seas. It has a unique nature with a mild climate. Crete is a true paradise for tourists who are looking for an unforgettable experience and a real vacation. You will be pleased with first-class hotels, careful attitude of the staff. Interesting walks on the island will make your vacation a pleasure. This is a place where legends and myths are intertwined with modernity and reality, where you will see marvelous old palaces and comfortable resorts with hotels.

greece in June reviews

In general, Greece in June is wonderful. Beautiful and well-groomed beaches, clear water in the sea, warm, even you can say hot weather and hot sand. You will not regret that you went to rest there. You will be pleased with Greece in June. Reviews already visited tourists in this paradise corner speak for themselves. People who have already rested in Greece, and maybe more than once, remain highly satisfied.

Entertainment at sea

It's really time for those who loveBeach vacation, but can not tolerate a strong heat. As a rule, the majority of tourists spend their time on the coast, so the caring Greeks all made themselves comfortable and made the most comfortable. Numerous cafes on the streets offer to drink a wonderful coffee under a canopy, which protects the heads of tourists from the scorching sun.

sea ​​in Greece in June

All resorts have everything necessary fora wonderful holiday. For example, parks with attractions, clubs and discos with breathtaking dances until the morning. The beautiful nature together with the developed infrastructure create for you all conditions to spend a holiday at the highest level.

Almost in every hotel the Greeks also take care of,so that the small guests were also comfortable. And the attention of younger holidaymakers in children's clubs offers a lot of entertainment programs and interesting developing games. In the meantime, parents can do their own business and go to SPA-salons that are in hotels, or take time to health and take medical procedures.

water in Greece in June

In addition, Greece in June is an ideal placein order to organize children's and youth recreation. This is an appropriate time for the recovery of their boys and girls in Greek camps, health resorts and sanatoria, which are very much available in the country.

Reviews of people

Probably, everyone should take a look once at thisa magnificent country with your own eyes. After all, traveling, resting and making new discoveries in the form of beautiful beaches, comfortable hotels, well-kept cities is always very interesting and fascinating. Arriving with family or friends, you will forever fall in love with the places and nature that Greece will give you in June. Reviews of citizens who visited this country in the early summer, as a rule, are positive. Although some still do not like something, for example, the service in the hotel, where they rested. Well, these are purely subjective views.

A small conclusion

In this beautiful country there is no need to think abouthow and where to spend your leisure time. In no place in Europe is there such a variety of holidays, festivals and days off, as here. All performances are held in the most ancient theaters in Greece. And at the end of June, the country begins the seaman's week, which is accompanied by various celebrations on the sea theme. You and your children, relatives and friends will all be thrilled with the trip to this wonderful place.

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