Heeled shoes

Heeled shoes

A few dozen years ago and in the headno one could come that women's shoes-loffers on heels will not only take root in the wardrobe of every young lady, but will also become the favorite footwear of all representatives of the fragile sex. The first loffers strongly resembled male couples or plain, but comfortable slippers of old grandmothers. And no one thought that such models would very soon be borrowed and become a prototype of trendy footwear. But fashion trends are incomprehensible, but because today all fashionable women of the world have at their disposal stylish, comfortable and incredibly comfortable losers with heels.heels with heels

Brief history of appearance

LOFERS on heels today are at their peakpopularity. But it was not always so. More precisely, there were not always female models equipped with a heel. The first lofer models were flat and had tassels. Such shoes were the favorite footwear of sailors, who often spent their free time in pubs. For such behavior on land, sailors and their slippers were given the name loafer, which translates as "loafer." Hence the name of such a popular in our time footwear.

Later, in the 1930s, George Bass becameproduced loffers, equipped with a transverse leather strip, which was located on top of the foot. Until the sixties of the last century, the losers were an exceptionally casual type of footwear. Guccio Gucci became the man who presented such models with extraordinary fame and popularity. It was with his easy filing in the 1970s that there appeared super-fashioned loafers on heels, which now do not descend from the podiums. In classic losers, the designer also made changes: he supplied them with a metal buckle resembling a snaffle.

Loffers with heels have a recognizable design: they have a hood, and also a wide sole under the toe. A slightly enlarged wide traditional heel raises the heel by a few centimeters. Models are a kind of hybrid of shoes and loffers, but they look elegant and focus on the amazing rise of the maiden's leg. Stable heel makes shoes comfortable for daily wear. women's losers on the heel

Loffers in the female image

Lophers on heels - this is a universal, but based onfrom this - and unique shoes. It can be combined with casual style, with classic and business bow. Models in high heels look great with a dress-case and a skirt-pencil. They can also be combined with loose-fitting outfits. Appearance is advantageously complemented by tight tights, knee socks or socks of the same tone with shoes. Costume in a classic style in combination with loffers creates an unusual image. You can wear these shoes with jeans.

If you like retro style, then you can have such shoescombine with a plaid skirt A-silhouette, the length of which reaches the middle of the calves, a turtleneck, light socks and a cardigan tied at the waist with a belt. Extraordinary bow is obtained in the event that you put on shoes with a long knit dress or a tunic.

At all times, an up-to-date and stylish waywas considered an outfit based on jeans-skinny, blouse, jacket and loffers on heels. When it's cold outside, these shoes can be combined with solid, solid tights with a pattern, a long sweater, a wide coat and a scarf-snack.high-heeled shoes

Leopards under the leopard

Incredibly fashionable are leopard loserswomen's heels. Since this is an incredibly bright print, it is necessary that he is present exclusively on one of the details of the image being created. The only exception is the leopard accessory. Leopard couples can be worn with summer dresses of light tones. A win-win option would be such loffers in tandem with a monophonic outfit. The leopard print is best combined with brown, sand, white, beige and black shades, as well as the color of coffee.

As a dailythe following tandem: leopard leopards on a heel plus jeans with a T-shirt, for example a gold, pink, white or red shade. If you want to become a rock lady, put a red dress on this shoe. Classics of the genre is an ultra-short dress of black color. A thin belt, handbag, gloves and earrings with the same print as losers will be very handy, it's important not to wear all these things at the same time. You need to manage with one thing.

Lofers of red color

Red heeled shoes are also extremelypopular among modern women of fashion. Like previous models, they are universal, and therefore combined with a lot of things. So, with them you can wear shorts, overalls, pants, skirts and jeans in combination with jackets, cardigans, tops, sweaters and T-shirts. In addition, red lolfer come to dresses of all kinds of styles and free clothes of street style.

If you are a lady bright and risky, you can wear onall the clothes of a bright scarlet shade. Thus, you will create Total Red look. On weekdays, you can put on red heels with a heel, shorts, blouse, jacket or leather jacket. Get a stylish image, but if you choose shorts and shoes and trench, you will get a more sporting bow.heeled shoes

Dresses for lacquer shoes

Lacquer high heels also havesuccess with girls. Such pairs will suit both business and everyday. But to the image should be added any varnished accessory. It can be a thin belt, a lacquer bag of contrasting shade, gloves or a clutch. The result is an incredibly spectacular appearance.

It is not recommended to join lacquered lobers toheels with a raincoat. Toilets decorated with rhinestones, mother-of-pearl or paillettes in tandem with such pairs are suitable for a disco in a club or various kinds of festivities. A business suit with narrow short trousers and lacquered loffers looks very unusual and beautiful. Well, shoes with a dress of simple cut - a stylish and feminine duet.heeled shoes with what to wear

Dresses for thick heels

Often women of fashion who value not only beautyshoes, but also its practicality and stability, choose losers on a thick heel. Stable thick heel makes the loffers more in demand compared to other pairs on a high rise. Here it is advisable to use practically all the same toilets, which can be worn also for shoes with an ordinary heel. So, it can be trouser suits, narrowed and wide skirts, feminine dresses and jeans.

But to look as effective as possible, putting onloffers on thick heels, one should not depart from the classics, or dilute the street image with classical elements. If you want to create an informal and more casual image, you can choose jeans, light blouse and blazer. In a jacket, a woman will have a businesslike appearance, and when she removes it, the image will become more free. lolers on a thick heel

Shoes without heels

No matter how popular models are in heels, butlolers without a heel will still be much more popular. They can also be worn with different clothes. Best of all, they are combined with tight jeans and trousers. From above you can put on any favorite jumper or top.

With loffers at low speed are perfectly in harmonyskirts of any length and silhouette. Suitable even playful mini, which will create a brilliant contrast of romance and classics. Excellent satellites lofer without heels - denim dresses. A jacket-kosuha, a hat, a backpack, decorated with fringe or a bag, will complement a stylish casual image.

A few words at a time

Many girls do not know: loffers on the heel with what to wear? We tried to describe all the options for combining them, so we hope that now you will not have any problems. Women's shoes-loffers without heels and with them are designed to convey an atmosphere of relaxation and freedom. If you shoe them on your bare feet, they take on special significance. Such couples perfectly mark the individuality of any lady, her femininity and charm. The shoes will look chic on any girl.loffers without heels

No need to doubt the need to buy loferov. And it is better to buy at once two models - on heels and without them. Thus, you can create a new style every day.

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