His mystical properties

What is a pomegranate? Is a stone suitable for a horoscope? His mystical properties

With a grain of pomegranate tree is associated withMany this stone, but in fact its shades can be very different: from bright scarlet to black and even blue. So what kind of gem is called garnet? The stone is suitable for a horoscope, and who is strictly not recommended to wear it? Let's try to understand.

Description of the crystal

Not one mineral is called garnet, there are about twenty of them. The crystals are similar in structure. General formula: R2+3R3+2[SiO4ni3, where R2- metalsdivalent (calcium and iron, magnesium and manganese), and R3- trivalent (iron, aluminum, chromium). The variety of colors and shades is due precisely to the combination of metal ions in the composition.

garnet stone to someone suitable for a horoscope

Garnet is mined on almost all continents, except for the Arctic and Antarctica. And popularity with the years of the gem only grows. And not only originality and beauty play a role here.

Colors and shades

The classical view at the word "garnet"scarlet, like a drop of blood. But sometimes it is emerald green, and herbal, and olive. By the way, it was the green garnet that inspired Bunin to write the famous novel "Pomegranate Bracelet". And in jewelry stores you can find stones of orange and yellow shades, all tones of brown, purple and even blue (the rarest and therefore incredibly expensive). The jewelers value minerals with the alexandrite effect, when it changes its color depending on the type of lighting.

garnet stone properties to someone suitable for a horoscope

From the color, the magical properties of the garnet stone, which they attribute to him, also largely depend.

The Magic of the Red Crystal

Gemstone has very strong influenceRed. It is believed that the heat emanating from him helped the blind Homer "see" his famous "Odyssey." That's what the value of garnet stone in the life of an ordinary man - he became famous.

Having learned this legend, you involuntarily start to believe thatthe red crystal is able to give its owner success and help achieve its goals. But there is one amendment - it helps grenades only to kind and honest people, the same who is lying, unclean by the hand and envious, the gem will start to harm, revealing evil thoughts. He will begin to fade and lose the luster in the hands of evil people. So, choosing a garnet stone with a talisman, to whom he approaches (and who is undesirable), it is necessary to consider first of all.

garnet stone

In the Middle Ages, it was customary to give amulets with a pomegranate to beloved men, because they protected themselves from wounds and gave courage, and the travelers made the journey easy.

At the same time, the garnet presented to women promisedfaithfulness and eternal love, but only if it was mutual. If a woman did not like a man from whom she accepted the gift, the stone sent jealousy. But the purchase of a stone was always considered a bad omen.

In India, garnet is considered to be a "love stone", it helps to strengthen a family union, and if there is no family, it helps to find mutual love.

The magic of gems of other shades

Not only red gems possess magicto change a person's life, but also stones of other colors. Consider only the most common shades, which has a garnet (stone). To whom this shade approaches or suits under a horoscope, we shall tell later.

  • Red-purple mineral (almandine) like sholes puts on eyes, helps to focus on the goal, to find courage and confidence.
  • Red-brown pyrrole balances life andhelps to become happy. If you belong to calm, inert people, then it is better to refuse his help, otherwise you can do harm to yourself, not having coped with its vigor.

magic properties of garnet stone

  • Pink rhodolite helps those who go on a career ladder, and no matter what you do - it will help to achieve prosperity.
  • Spessartine of all shades of orange helps at home. Whether you work or study, lead a household or raise children, you will gain satisfaction with it through your own walls.
  • Yellow hessonite is available to almost everyone.What else has a garnet (stone) properties? Who is suitable for a horoscope? He helps, defending the weak, reconciling and making people just. By the way, he fits all the signs of the zodiac, except Pisces.
  • Green tsavorit helps to overcome shyness and increases self-esteem. You can use it to organize life, not paying attention to the opinions of others.

Red garnet and 12 astrological signs

What can astrologers say about red garnet(a rock)? Who is suitable for a horoscope, and who should he avoid? By making astrological forecasts and giving recommendations, all professional astrologers agree in one opinion - the more vigorous the sign, the more help from the gem can be waited. Therefore Sagittarius, Lions and Capricorns are the best garnet owners. But what he can help specifically, we will understand.

  • Capricorns strengthen the desire for goals, helpsmove forward. There is another invaluable service. Striving for financial independence, those born under the sign of Capricorn often forget about other spheres of life, the stone teaches them to sympathize, be open and tolerant of other people's shortcomings, giving joy in communicating with loved ones.
  • Aquarius can wear a talisman with a grenade only if it is sure of the purity of its thoughts, in other cases it is better to abandon this venture.
  • Pisces is the only sign that a red gem is not strictly recommended, because a stone will only increase their vulnerability and impressionability, plunging them into a depressive state.
  • Aries because of their quick temper and stubbornness should wear a talisman only in case of extreme need for support, because these are precisely the characteristics of the stone that reinforces them.
  • Taurus red mineral will help to become more industrious in moving towards the goal. Just do not let your "assistant" drown, taking away all the energy.
  • Twins, who are always afraid to miss the benefits, garnet helps to make decisions.

value of garnet stone

  • Cancers are unlikely to be able to appreciate the strength that the stone gives, and even more so to take advantage of it. Although there are exceptions.
  • Lions stone opens the way to power, revealing the most hidden potentials. And what else is needed under this sign?
  • Virgo simply adore these "drops of blood", because they subconsciously feel the power of the stone to fulfill cherished dreams. But even a stone helps to become more spiritual.
  • Scales, like Aquarians, must weigh all the pros and cons before choosing a garnet talisman.
  • Scorpios, because of their mercantilism, should be 100% sure of the purity of their intentions, but they do not have a better chance of finding a pirrol of the talisman when dealing honestly.
  • Sagittarius with the help of a stone will calm his temperament. Will save the talisman from conflicts and quarrels.

Green pomegranate and zodiac signs

Slightly different from the effects of green garnet(a rock). To whom does this mascot fit according to the horoscope? Again, the Lions and the Scorpions. They can use it to take leading positions. And the air signs Aquarius, Libra and Gemini - with the help of this mineral it will be easier to establish contacts with people because of the reinforcement of intuition.

Carefully select a talisman, and then hewill be fully revealed. There are times when a stone chooses its master, beckoning with its play of light.

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