Hit of the season - a childrens hat with a fur pompon

Hit of the season - a children's hat with a fur pompon

With the onset of cold weather, one should think about choosing a winter hat. To choose a beautiful headdress for a child, you need to pay attention to fashion.children's hat with fur pom-pomThe hit of the season this year is a children's hat with a fur pompon. To the child liked the purchase, it must be done with him.

Required Requirementsto the knitted cap

When choosing a child's gown, it is necessary to drawattention to the fact that he would close his ears. To prevent diseases of ENT organs in children with weak immunity, you should choose a model with strings. Especially if you have to wear a hat for the baby. Older children can choose a model with elongated "ears", able to protect from the wind.

Merits of the goods are determined not only by its beauty, but also by practicality. The main requirement when choosing a headdress, should be its ability to keep warm and protect from the wind.knitted hats with fur pom-pom

Looking through elegant knitted hats with furpompon, you should pay attention to the yarn used to create the products. It should be either pure wool or a thread with the addition of acrylic. Things associated with such a yarn can be washed using a typewriter. They have the property of stretching and returning to their original state. Also suitable for angora, alpaca, mohair.

Choosing fur hats

You can buy a fur model. A huge choice of classical style and in the man's manner - hats-earflaps. And also you can pay attention to fur products with pompoms of the original form on a small cord. Combined models, which combine fur with leather, with a raincoat, are presented in a huge assortment. Often the material for a warmer fur or a combined cap may be holofayber or sintepon.

What are the limitations? A headdress made of natural fur can not always be recommended to children. The cause is the frequent occurrence of allergic reactions. This can happen due to incomplete cleaning of the fur from the particles of the animal's skin.children's hats with a pomponA children's hat made of artificial material with a fur pom-pon will cause sweating and irritation in the child, because synthetics does not allow air to pass through.

Super-cloth for the headdress

There is another version of the models of caps -membrane. What it is? A product made of membrane fabric is suitable for both autumn and spring. In winter, it can be worn with an additional good insulation, which allows moisture.

The headgear must consist of the following layers:

  1. Thermal underwear. Thanks to him, the heat emitted by the body remains, and the moisture passes through it. It can be a synthetic fabric of good quality, and cotton is contraindicated because it absorbs moisture very well.
  2. Woolen fabric with an artificial admixture. The layer must be voluminous. Its purpose is to remove moisture and keep heat. For this purpose fabrics fleece and Polartec are still used.children's hats with fur pom-pom
  3. Membrane tissue is the third and final layer. It is located by the pores to the body and thereby removes sweat outward, not passing moisture from outside.

Children's hat with a fur pom-pom thatmade in this way, will provide comfort and safety during the walk. Thus, the sweated child will not get cold on the street, because sweat with the help of the membrane will be brought out, the heat will remain inside. But it should be remembered that the reason for moisture withdrawal is the difference in air pressure outside and under the cap. If the child is standing in one place, then he can catch a cold.


To buy the right model, you need to arrange a trip to the shops and markets. hats with fur pompon photo But you can, without going anywhere, to spend shopping. Showcases of shops on the Internet are full of their diversity. Caps with a fur pompon (pictured right) are not only for children, but also for teenagers and adults.

  • There is a model with a lot of smallpompoms placed on the surface, made of the same material as the cap. For example, three large pompoms: one at the top, two - peculiar "ears".
  • Some models can have exquisite button fasteners.
  • Headgear with a large pompon and a lapel height of five centimeters.
  • A product with a pattern of "spit", a large pompon and an elastic band two centimeters wide.
  • A cap with pompons in the number of three pieces of different size, hanging from the top.
  • White model with lining, slightly elongated ears ends with long pigtails with a fluffy pompomichikom at the end. On the top of the head is a short pigtail, ending with a pompon.
  • Original children's hats with a pompon and ears, ending with fluffy tassels, will please the kids 2-3 years.
  • The product, connected in the form of a beret, made using crossed facial inclined loops.
  • The hat in the form of a triangular helmet is a popular trend of the season. This model is more suitable not for children, but for their mothers.
  • Babies will face a variant of the headdress in the animalistic style.

Care of knitted products

Washing woolen products should be doneeither in a gentle mode in the washing machine, or manually. Then things will last much longer. The washing method depends on the type of material of the product. If the wool with acrylic, you can safely wash in a washing machine. The product from angora is also allowed to be washed in a machine having a delicate washing regime, without spinning. But it is best to wash the children's hats with fur pom-pom with hands at a temperature of no more than 40 degrees. That the knitted thing has kept appearance, it is necessary to not use bleaching agents. It is better to use a normal shampoo or liquid soap.

For rinsing, the water should be slightly warmerthe one in which they were washed. Rigid water should be softened by adding two spoonfuls of vinegar in a bucket of water. It is necessary to thoroughly rinse the foam. Lightly squeeze, do not twist. To dry the headdress, you can use the jar. A laundered baby hat with a fur pompon is shaken and put on the jar.

Care of fur products

For cleaning fur products, purified gasoline is used. However, it is better for allergy sufferers to avoid such manipulations.

The fur is wiped with a rag along the pile. After that, the pom-pon should be combed with a rare comb. To remove stains, a mixture of ammonia, salt and water is used. The mortar is wiped off with fur and after drying it is combed.

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  • Hit of the season - a childrens hat with a fur pompon Hit of the season - a childrens hat with a fur pompon Hit of the season - a childrens hat with a fur pompon Hit of the season - a childrens hat with a fur pompon Hit of the season - a childrens hat with a fur pompon Hit of the season - a childrens hat with a fur pompon Hit of the season - a childrens hat with a fur pompon Hit of the season - a childrens hat with a fur pompon Hit of the season - a childrens hat with a fur pompon Hit of the season - a childrens hat with a fur pompon