Horror is a world of horror

Horror is a world of horror

If the heart stops, then it rushes, an icy chill penetrates into the soul, from which gooseflesh all over your body, and your eyes want to tighten your eyes tight, then, maybe you are watching a movie in the genre of "horror"?horror it

Called to frighten

The history of films of this direction goes farin the past of cinema. Already at the dawn of the creation of this genre, the viewer wanted to scare the screen, because horror is a horror film. Sometimes with the help of hints, creaking floorboards, and sometimes frank scenes of cruelty. The atmosphere of intense expectation, bloody scenes of massacre of the victim, the escalation of anxiety - everything is called "horror." This, by the way, helps to release adrenaline into the blood, which is useful in small portions. So, the main difference between the works of this genre is the fear arising in connection with the unexpected development of the plot. Whether it's a fantastic component, against which the action unfolds, or the raging elements, violence can be in terrible form, pouring out into a real horror. Alfred Hitchcock brought the films of this plan to the next level by introducing the concept of "psychological horror film". His masterpiece "Psycho" with the main character - the maniac Norman Bates, killing girls, reincarnating in the image of his strict mother, became a classic of the genre. The scene in the bathroom with shower pouring down streams, bleeding to the drainage hole of the heroine's blood, her scream, gradually dying eyes, from which the life flows like the water ... This episode entered the history of the movie as one of the most terrible, and actress Janet Lee later admitted , that he is afraid of taking a shower since.

About zombies, cannibals, vampires ...horror movies

Horror films are divided into several categories.With the themes of cannibalism (the best horror in this direction is the cycle about the psychiatrist Hannibal Lecter, including "The Silence of the Lambs," which at one time received the main award of American film academics). Movies about the zombie, whose ancestor is considered George Romero with his "Night of the Living Dead" of the late 60's. Horror about vampires: how not to remember the "Dracula" by Francis Ford Coppola! Although this adaptation of Bram Stoker is also suitable for the definition of "gothic horror films", as well as all versions of "Frankenstein", of which there were many. Film about werewolves, the first of which, black and white and dumb, was filmed in 1913! Horror - this and the so-called slasher (otherwise the films counting bodies) - when the heroes, mostly young people or teenagers, kills a certain psychopath. A striking example is "Friday. 13th ". Subgenres of horror are the tapes with a mystical plot, and "black comedies" like "Operation" Dead Snow ". True, there were zombie Nazis, so this picture can be attributed immediately to several categories.

Not only bloodbest horror

By the way, this is not the first year that a curiousa festival of independent cinema devoted to the genre of "horror." This is "After Dark Horrorfest". On it is a somewhat different gradation of horror films, each subsection is dedicated to its own week (there are 8 in all). These are the weeks: monsters, rituals, zombies, curses, ghosts, maniacs, murderers, aliens. Once the authors did not descend to the savoring of bloody viscera, everything was shown hints and with the help of artistic techniques. What can not be compared with today's revelry of bloody scenes showing bowling intestines and flying brains. A kind of "fashion" for such a naturalization of scenes of violence was introduced by a Malaysian who moved to Australia, James Van, who shot the painting "Saw. The game of survival "and thus put the beginning of the famous franchise.

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