Hotel Narcissos (Cat. A) 4 , Protaras, Cyprus - photos, rates and reviews

Hotel Narcissos (Cat. A) 4 *, Protaras, Cyprus - photos, rates and reviews

Narcissos (Cat. A) 4 * is a hotel belonging to a network of beach hotels called Aqua Sol Hotels. These complexes are located along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Hotels related to this network are in different resort corners of the Mediterranean - in Rhodes, Crete and Cyprus. And one of the hotels that belongs to the Aqua Sol Hotels, is Narcissos (Cat. A) 4 *, which is located in the town of Protaras.

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About the hotel

This, it might be said, is the ideal place forrelaxing family vacation. There are not a lot of noisy nightclubs in the city of Protaras, and those that are available are far from the hotels. Thus, it will be comfortable for people who are hungry for silence and seclusion, and for those who want to have fun at night. What should I know about the hotel? First of all, he has been working for 18 years! And this is definitely credible. For so much time Narcissos (Cat. A) 4 * served tens of thousands of guests who have repeatedly returned, and also advised the hotel to their friends. The restoration was carried out in 2005. The hotel itself is not very large - 94 rooms, but it is never empty. So if there is a desire to stop at this place, then you should take care of booking the apartment in advance.

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When choosing a hotel, potential visitorsare guided by several criteria. And one of the important is where the hotel building itself is located, in which place. Protaras Narcissos (Cat. A) 4 * is located two kilometers from the very center of the city. Only five minutes drive away guests of this hotel from Ayia Napa. This is, I must say, a very popular holiday destination, after all, it was not without reason that it was given a second name - Cypriot Las Vegas.

And, of course, we can not fail to note with attention, for the sake ofwhich is the overwhelming number of tourists going to the resorts - the sea. The hotel is 300 meters from the coastline. At any time you can go down to a clean sandy beach. And if you want to see the local sights, then you can visit the national park of Cape Greco - it takes just 10 minutes by transport. In general, if we talk about which hotel is the most advantageous location, then Protaras Narcissos (Cat. A) 4 * will definitely be ahead of all. By the way, the airport is also not so far away - just 50 kilometers from Protaras.

Sport and leisure

Of course, few of the guests remain in thehotel, having arrived on a resort. But sometimes, especially near the end of the holiday, there is a desire to spend time on the hotel grounds. In Narcissos (Cat. A) 4 * (Cyprus), you can do anything. For example, swim in the outdoor pool, relax on the terrace, sunbathe. Fans of an active lifestyle are given the opportunity to play tennis, billiards or darts. You can also rent a bicycle and ride around the city, get acquainted with the picturesque surroundings. There is even a playground for basketball. By the way, here, as in other resort towns, many are engaged in diving. The hotel also offers this opportunity. It is worth using it, given that the lessons are given by a true professional of this sport.

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Bars and Restaurants

The nutritional aspect is also very important. In Narcissos (Cat. A) 4 * (Protaras) guests are served on two systems: half board and "all inclusive". The hotel has two restaurants, where guests are offered fresh and tasty dishes of European and national cuisine. Every day they are waited by various entertainments, capable to satisfy even the most refined taste. Main Restaurant is the main restaurant, which starts working from seven in the morning, and ends at 21:30. The second is restaurant a la carte, its working day lasts from 10:00 to 21:30. In fact, food is very diverse - meat, bacon, sausages, eggs, sauces, salads, coffee, juices, tea, in general, everyone will find what they like in the assortment offered. By the way, it should be noted that on a personal request, a dish on the diet menu can be prepared. In the evening guests are offered cakes, fruits, watermelons and ice cream of different varieties. And, of course, the hotel has two bars with a wide range of drinks. Even if you want something different, there are various cafes near the hotel, where you can treat yourself to local dishes.

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Accommodation options

Among the 94 rooms that are offeredguests, there are studio apartments, as well as One Bedroom. When booking, it is necessary to indicate which of the proposed options is decided to choose. In the studio, a maximum can fit two people, in One Bedroom - five. All rooms are furnished with taste, modern furniture, in the apartments themselves is very cozy. The rooms have air conditioning, access to the terrace or balcony, bathroom (which has everything necessary for personal care), TV with Russian channels, telephone. And this is only the most basic. There is also a kitchenette with tea or coffee making facilities, a coffee maker and a kettle, and a refrigerator. Thought over everything to the smallest detail - from safe to Internet access. True, the latter - for an additional fee. In general, the hotel's rooms are characterized by increased comfort and convenience, ideal for a full rest.


If potential tourists decide to come tothe city of Paphos (Larnaca), Protaras Narcissos (Cat. A) 4 * will be an excellent option not only because of all of the above. This, in addition, is also a very budgetary option for recreation. So, for example, you can rent a studio for 7 nights in less than 25 thousand rubles. And this cost is calculated for two! While the amount includes VAT (and this is 9 percent), plus breakfast.

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One bedroom apartments for two will costslightly more expensive - 30 thousand rubles. If you want to rent a room for three, the amount will increase a little more, so you will need to pay 37 000. And, finally, for four apartments will cost 43 thousand rubles. If you conduct elementary mathematical calculations, you can understand that you only need 10-12 thousand rubles in order to rent a room in such a good hotel. So the affordable price is, undoubtedly, another reason why Narcissos (Cat. A) 4 * has become so popular.

Service and individual service

Another important point. Guests at Narcissos Hotel Apartments (Narcissos (Cat. A) 4 *) are treated with special attention. In general, Cyprus is famous for its hospitality, friendly people and friendly staff in hotels, restaurants and other establishments. So, this complex is no exception. First of all, guests are offered free parking spaces. And by the way, they do not need to be ordered in advance. In the event that a person comes without a car, but the car he needs, you can rent it here, at the hotel. Also, if the guest wishes, then drinks or breakfast can be delivered to the room. Packed lunches are also available. For the convenience of the guests, an expedited check-in and check-out procedure was introduced.

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Things guests can leave in the luggage roomluggage. By the way, it has already been said that here a very special attitude is coming to the visitors. So it is, the hotel Narcissos (Cat. A) 4 * even offers special rooms for people with disabilities. There are also family apartments available. Perhaps the only thing that can not be here is to come with animals. But rarely anyone takes their pets with them on vacation.


A few words should be said about whichpeople work in this place. After all, the communication aspect is very important. The hotel staff are very friendly and never refuse to help - this is evidenced by the reviews that the guests leave. Cleaning is done daily, towels and linen are changed regularly. They say workers in English and Greek, however, as some people insist, stopping at this place, the administrator girl speaks Russian well. So if you have any questions, you can refer to it. If we talk about vacationers, we can not fail to note that many of our compatriots come here. Perhaps, it is because of the large number of Russian tourists that many employees of shops and hotels have learned the basics of this language. In general, the contingent of holidaymakers who have chosen the Narcissos (Cat. A) hotel 4 * for their holiday, pleases small companies, couples with children, elderly pensioners, and young people. Although young people often choose the nearby Ayia Napa, where there are many more night clubs and other similar entertainments.

Accommodation with children

If potential tourists plan to takechildren, it is possible. Moreover, in many cases accommodation for young tourists is completely free. For example, if the child is not two years old. In this case, he is even provided with a cot. If you come with two older children, you will have to pay 20% of the total cost for their accommodation. Only you need to consider that an extra bed can be one. And if this service is necessary, you should discuss this beforehand when booking. After all, as it was already said before, the hotel is never empty, so there may not be enough beds. By the way, worry about the fact that children on vacation will be bored, not necessary - on the territory of the hotel there is a playground for small lodgers, an entertainment room and, of course, babysitting services.

Seaside holidays

Tourists are also worried about not only whatresort surroundings, bars, restaurants. They are interested in and service at the hotel. It is also important how the beach vacation is presented in this or that place. Turkey, for example, is famous for its coral reefs and rich underwater world. Greece - picturesque cliffs. And Protaras - white sandy beaches, endlessly stretching along the coast. The sea is azure, transparent and clean, regardless of the season and the number of tourists. Ideally smooth bottom, warm water, gentle sun - all this attracts visitors. So if a decision is made to go to Cyprus to spend a few days of carefree rest, being detached from the noisy megacities and everyday worries, then this is an excellent option. Especially since the beach from the hotel Narcissos is across the road. By the way, there is everything you need - sun umbrellas, chaise lounges, a bar with soft drinks, etc.

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Reviews of visitors

Before you go on vacation in Narcissos(Cat. A) 4 *, reviews of those who visited there should be read. They will help complete the presentation of the picture of the so-called "absentee" impression of the hotel. In general, the guests are satisfied. Otherwise, in principle, can not, because if the hotel was bad, it would have long since closed. And the hotel, as it was said at the beginning of the review, has been operating for 18 years. The rooms all function perfectly - air conditioning, TV, stove, refrigerator, hairdryer. Faults, in a word, no. The guests of the hotel celebrate a hearty welcome, which can not but rejoice - it is always pleasant when the guests are treated positively in a foreign country. By the way, despite the fact that the hotel staff speaks two languages ​​(English and Greek), some employees fluently speak Russian. Reading about Narcissos (Cat. A) 4 * (Cyprus) reviews, you can understand that this is really a good option for a quiet family vacation. You can really relax, immerse yourself in peace and quiet. Many also note that there are several shops near the hotel, in which there is a rather large assortment of various products - you can buy souvenirs for yourself, friends and relatives. Impressions of the guests are positive. And it really inspires confidence. In general, it offers a budget comfortable rest for people who want to gain strength, sunbathe, enjoy the sea and landscapes.

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  • Hotel Narcissos (Cat. A) 4 , Protaras, Cyprus - photos, rates and reviews Hotel Narcissos (Cat. A) 4 , Protaras, Cyprus - photos, rates and reviews Hotel Narcissos (Cat. A) 4 , Protaras, Cyprus - photos, rates and reviews Hotel Narcissos (Cat. A) 4 , Protaras, Cyprus - photos, rates and reviews Hotel Narcissos (Cat. A) 4 , Protaras, Cyprus - photos, rates and reviews Hotel Narcissos (Cat. A) 4 , Protaras, Cyprus - photos, rates and reviews Hotel Narcissos (Cat. A) 4 , Protaras, Cyprus - photos, rates and reviews Hotel Narcissos (Cat. A) 4 , Protaras, Cyprus - photos, rates and reviews Hotel Narcissos (Cat. A) 4 , Protaras, Cyprus - photos, rates and reviews Hotel Narcissos (Cat. A) 4 , Protaras, Cyprus - photos, rates and reviews