How much should I train

How much should I train?

Many people go in for sports. Some do it for pleasure, to keep the body in good shape, others want to get a good result, having achieved success in the sporting field.

How much should I train to get the desired effect? We will try to answer this question from the point of view of different sports.

How much to train per week


If you are engaged in water sports, for example,swimming, then to maintain the body in good shape will need to visit the pool at least three times a week. However, swimming is not restricted to one swimming, it is required to work in the gym (muscles are strengthened), and perform exercises on land called "dry swimming" (all muscle groups are worked out to develop balance and flexibility).

Classes on land can be conducted at homeconditions. For example, stretching can be done while watching TV, in the process of doing housework, arrange a 10-minute break for exercises to prevent injuries to the shoulder joints, use a gymnastic ball for balance exercises, and run as an aerobic morning run. The main thing that one swimmer should not forget is to perform a warm-up before entering the water. The properly heated muscles will be ready to receive loads.


Everyone who is related to weightlifting,a very busy schedule of training - the body of a weightlifter must always be in shape. Aerobic workouts and special exercises for the development of muscles are added to the training in the gym. At the beginning of the session, the intensity of the loads should not be too high, otherwise there is a risk of serious injury. As the physical form increases, you can train up to six times a week. However, it should be remembered that no matter how much time you have devoted to training, the result will be individual. Therefore, it is more reasonable to work out your own schedule of classes and to fulfill one unchanging rule of any success - to maintain constancy. To achieve significant results, you need to make a training plan. Interesting information on this topic you can find in our article How much to play sports.


In addition to water and power sports there is aothers, and some of them are associated with extreme loads. These include parachute jumping, scuba diving, hang-gliding and much more. In each of these cases, the training schedule is compiled taking into account the physical abilities of the person and the time that he has (it should be enough to work out vital elements before automatism).

How much do you need to train in bodybuilding?

Newcomers experienced comrades do not adviseexercise more often three times a week, because instead of a good result, this will lead to injury. After passing the initial stage and adapting the organism to the loads, the intensity and quantity of training increases depending on the tasks assigned. If a fat burning training is conducted, the frequency of training ranges from 4 to 6 per week. With power work, you can limit yourself to two visits to the gym for seven days. For a set of muscle mass, the number of trips to the "rocking chair" should be doubled, bringing up to 4 times a week.

More details are covered in the article of our resource. How to train properly.

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