How quickly to bring down the temperature

How quickly to bring down the temperature?

High body temperature is not an independentdisease, but only the result of the work of the immune system of our body, thus trying to protect itself from some adverse effects. Increased temperature indicates that at the moment in the body is a pathogenic process, with which the body struggles with all its might. Therefore, do not interfere with this good work and try to bring down the temperature, if it does not exceed the critical level of 38.5-39 ° C, since such a violent interference with the body's protective system will only prolong the course of the disease. If the column of the thermometer has already crossed the 39 ° mark, and the temperature is still growing, it should be reduced to acceptable values.

How quickly to knock down the heat in an adult

We all know that to lower body temperaturehelp some medications, but before you start taking them, try to bring down the temperature first with softer and safer means from the arsenal of traditional medicine.

Folk remedies

At high temperatures, bed rest is shown: staying in a recumbent position reduces the burden on the cardiovascular system, which helps to avoid the further development of many serious complications. Also during a severe fever, you need to drink as much liquid as possible.

  • If the temperature is caused by a cold, drinka mug of hot diaphoretic tea, made from lime-colored or dried raspberry fruit, wrapped in a blanket and thoroughly sweat - together with sweat the heat will leave the body. After that, change the wet underwear and bedding to dry, take cover and try to sleep. Instead of the above-named plants, for making antipyretic tea you can use the willow bark white. Pour a teaspoon of bark with a glass of boiling water, heat the brew for a quarter of an hour in a water bath, strain it, and divide into three meals.
  • Strong heat is helped by cold wraps. Dampen a thin sheet in the water at room temperature and wrap it around. When the sheet warms up from the heat of your body, remove it and sit, not hiding or dressing, for several minutes, until the body completely withers. If you are a little frozen, it's not scary, it means that the temperature began to fall. For a greater effect, the sheet can be moistened not in pure water, but in water with the addition of table vinegar or yarrow broth.
  • Similarly (cooling as a result ofevaporation of the liquid), and wiping the body with vodka, alcohol, apple cider vinegar, in half dilute water, or, in extreme cases, cologne. Plentifully moisten a linen napkin in any of these liquids and wipe it all over the body, then do not dress for a while and do not hide.
  • Reduce the temperature will help and local coldCompresses applied in places of passage of large blood vessels. For a few minutes, attach small plastic bottles filled with icy water to the armpits, elbow and knee folds. On the forehead, you can put a folded towel several times, moistened with cold water with the addition of vinegar (2 tablespoons per glass of water).

If all these measures do not bring the desired result and the temperature stubbornly does not want to decline, start up heavy artillery - take any antipyretic medication from the home medicine chest.

Medicinal antipyretic agents

  • The most common in our time areantipyretic drugs based on aspirin, ibuprofen or paracetamol, as they are relatively harmless and operate quite efficiently. But in view of the fact that acetylsalicylic acid strongly irritates the mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal tract, aspirin and preparations containing it are contraindicated for people suffering from diseases of the digestive system, in addition, it is not recommended to take them, and everyone else on an empty stomach.
  • To reduce the temperature as soon as possibleit is preferable to use preparations manufactured in the form of rectal suppositories, suspensions or in the form of so-called. "Effervescent" tablets, as they are absorbed more quickly into the bloodstream and act quickly. You can use rectal suppositories "Efferalgan", "Cefekon" or "Nurofen", take suspensions "Bofen", "Ibufen", "Tylenol", drink effervescent tablets "Aspirin Ups" or "Efferalgan".

About that, by means of what means it is possible to quickly remove the temperature in a child, is described in our article Than to lower the temperature in a child.

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