How to activate Promised payment

How to activate "Promised payment."

With the problem of shortage of fundsto face a lot of subscribers. After all, it is not always possible to control your account and replenish the balance on time. According to the terms of service provision, some providers suspend access in the absence of the required amount in the account on the date of payment. Thus, forgetting to replenish the account on time or simply not being able to do it, you can stay without the Internet.

Subscribers using the services of Chelyabinskcompany "Intersvyaz", this situation is not threatened by a service that allows you to temporarily replenish the client's account for the missing amount. About how it can be activated and what the terms of the provision are, we'll cover in this article.

Promised payment

The "Promised Payment" service ("Intersvyaz"). Description

The possibility of temporarily borrowing money fromprovider appeared at Interconnection customers about 7 years ago. Previously, the company did not provide such convenience to its users. At the moment, it is popular, because, you see, it is convenient enough to lend a certain amount of money that would prevent the Internet from disconnecting. What are the conditions for the "Promised Payment" service ("Intersvyaz")?

  • Activation is only available for customers who use unlimited Internet.
  • The term of the service is three days. In this period the Internet will still work and the client needs to deposit the amount of the promised payment into the account. If there is no timely payment, access will be suspended, and the user's login will be blocked.

Interconnection phone

  • The service is allowed once a month. Thus, it is impossible to use the promised payment twice in one reporting period.
  • You can take the promised payment ("Intersvyaz")Only in the event that the balance of the client is the amount that is insufficient to pay for services under the contract. Calculate it can be added to the cost of a monthly payment for the basic tariff plan, a subscription fee for the unlimited Internet option.
  • In the list of options, upon activation of which the promised payment is available, are: "Smile 74", "Surfer", "Attack 74" (the full list can be found on the official website of the provider).

How to take "Promised payment.

For subscribers of the company, there are three options for activating a trust payment.

How to take the promised payment

  1. The personal cabinet on the site of "Intercommunication". Having chosen the same name in the right upper corner, you should specify the data for authorization (they are given out to clients when the service is connected, login and password). After successful passing of the test, the client's web-cabinet will be available. Here you can see detailed information on the account (balance, activated services, etc.), use services to pay for the account in online mode, etc.
  2. Mobile app. This is a modern and convenient way of monitoring the state of the account. Having installed it on a mobile device, the owner of the contract with the company "Intersvyaz" (phone, tablet computer) can at any time promptly get information on his account, replenish it, and activate useful services.
  3. Customer service. Calling the company's hotline, InterSvyaz (phone 8-800-200-07-47), the company's specialists can also connect the promised payment on the same terms.

Interconnection promised payment how to connect

Methods of depositing funds to an account

After the expiry of the service period of the company"Intersvyaz" "Promised payment" (how to connect it, we told earlier) it is necessary to replenish the account. It is better to do this in advance, without waiting for the blocking of services, which occurs after three days. There are several options for paying for the "Intersvyaz" account:

  • Bank card (through the provider's website, ATMs).
  • Payment terminals.
  • From the account of the mobile number (any operator "Tele2", "Beeline", etc.).
  • In the office of the company.
  • Electronic wallets ("WebMoney", "Yandex.Money", etc.).


Promised payment ("Intersvyaz") isa universal service that allows you not to interrupt the use of the Internet, even if there is no money in the account. It is available for subscribers using unlimited access. It is not necessary to disconnect it - after expiration of the established term, it is deactivated, regardless of whether the balance is replenished or not.

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