How to avoid office diseases

Olga Nagornyuk

How to avoid "office diseases"?

Office workers are considered the elite of the working class. Sit in the room with air conditioning and knocking on the keys every second school graduate dreams. Office work that is not associated with physical exertion does not lead to workplace injuries and injuries, but it carries dangers, which we will discuss in this article.

A city dweller minimized the amount of daily physical exertion. We overcome the road to work by motor transport, and in the office we find ourselves locked in four walls and chained to a computer monitor. The limitation of motor activity ultimately gives us a whole bunch of diseases. Tell you about the most common ones.

Osteochondrosis and scoliosis

The posture of an office employee, which practically does not change during the day, leads to tension in some muscles of the back and complete relaxation of others. What does it threaten with? Due to constant loads on certain areas of the back in some places of the muscular system, spasmodic pains appear over time, causing many unpleasant moments and forcing to see a doctor.

Another consequence of uneven muscular load is curvature of the spine, an increase in the pressure of the vertebrae on each other and pinching of the nerve endings, which guarantees you constant back pain.

Sore neck

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Minimal mobility causes another occupational disease of “white collar workers” - osteochondrosis of the cervical spine. The resulting deformation of the vertebrae as a result of improper distribution of the load violates the stability and flexibility of the spine, at the same time causing dull pain in the neck and lower back.

What to do? Office workers should give up their favorite work in a cozy office and go to the village to farm? Do not rush to make such cardinal decisions. In order to prevent the occurrence of disastrous consequences for health, doctors recommend every 30-40 minutes to take a break from work and exercise. Here are their tips:

  • Stand against the wall so as to touch her lower back. If this fails, you can slightly crouch or bend down. In this position, it is enough to stand for 10 seconds, making 3 sets.
  • In a sitting position (on a chair), raise your arms above your head, lower them to your knees, and then bend over and try to touch the floor.5-7 reps will be quite enough.
  • Bend your head to your chest, lowering your chin, round your back, shoulders forward, and sit in that position, counting to 5. Then, lift your head and bend back, try to close your shoulder blades and count again to 5.
  • If for some reason you cannot perform gymnastics in the workplace, walk around the hall and the stairs.
  • While sitting at the computer, keep your head slightly tilted forward.

Eye diseases

Almost all office workers suffer from conjunctivitis. More than half of people who spend a lot of time on the PC have pigmented lesions on the optic nerve head. Until recently, this was only the case for welders and health workers who deal with quartz lamps.

Woman rubs her eyes

To minimize the harmful effects of the monitor on the eyes, you can follow these rules:

  1. Install the monitor at a distance of at least 60 cm from the eyes. Do not abuse the brightness of the screen. Do not work at a computer in a dark room: eyes get tired of the difference in light.
  2. Blink often. The lack of moisture in the eyeball makes it more vulnerable to screen radiation.
  3. Every 20 minutes, change the focus, “reconfigure” the vision.Look away from the monitor, look at anything: a picture hanging on the opposite wall, a window on your side, a clock hanging above the entrance.
  4. Hold your eyes tight for 3-5 seconds, then open your eyes and look at the removed object for the same amount of time. Repeat the exercise for 2 minutes.
  5. “Draw” with your eyes a few horizontal and vertical eights. This exercise strengthens the muscles of the eyeball.
  6. It is possible to remove fatigue by switching the vision from a nearby object to a distant one (for example, something outside the window).

DC injury

Due to long typing, the same muscles of the arms are strained, resulting in pain in the fingers, elbows, and forearms.

Hands on keyboard

Periodically interrupt, knead tired muscles and joints. Remember the exercise from childhood: "We wrote, we wrote, our fingers are tired"? It perfectly relaxes, and in combination with the rotational movements of the brushes and forearms makes it possible to relieve tension from tired muscles and prevent the occurrence of pain.

Thrombosis and varicose veins

Fixed sitting at your desk doubles the risk of varicose veins and makes the occurrence of thrombosis more real.

An active lifestyle will help prevent this.Move more in your free time: go to dance clubs and fitness classes, swim.

Women's group

Run in the morning. Spend a weekend in nature with family and child, get to the cottage, go hiking. Give up alcohol and fatty foods, limit yourself to baking and sweets.

At the workplace, doctors advise:

  • Periodically put his feet on the table, stimulating the outflow of venous blood. The guardians of etiquette will be horrified by this method of improving blood flow, but when it comes to health, the rules of good tone can be forgotten.
  • Do not sit with your legs crossed - you squeeze blood vessels and impair blood flow.
  • Every half an hour to tear off the feet from the floor and make them circular movements, first in one, then in the other direction.
  • At least 15 times every hour to bend and unbend the toes.


Improper nutrition - snacking for a quick hand, shoots at lunch at a nearby fast food cafe, on-duty "soda" on the desktop - gradually lead to diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, in particular gastritis.

Man has lunch

The schoolboy knows, perhaps, how to prevent malfunctions in the digestive system,

  • Discard the burger and fast food, go to cafes and canteens, offering full meals.
  • A good alternative to food in a cafe is homemade food. Putting it in the morning in special containers, at work you can heat up food (good, there are already almost all offices in the microwave oven) and treat yourself to a tasty and healthy home-made lunch.
  • Twice a year, clean the intestines from toxins and toxins, and remember: the less fat, fried, salty and spicy your menu will be, the healthier your digestive tract will be.


Office workers are most likely to suffer from respiratory diseases. The reason lies in the air conditioners, bringing in the summer heat such a welcome coolness, and with it a runny nose, cough and high temperature.

Male tert nose

It is unlikely that someone at your request, remove and throw the air conditioner. Yes, you yourself will not give up the throat of coolness in the heat, so we will not offer to get rid of the split-system, and advise the following:

  • Redirect the air stream so that you are not on its way.
  • The difference between the air temperature in the room and outside the window should not exceed 5 ° С.
  • Ventilate the room a couple of times a day.Do not be afraid to let in warm air, the main thing is that pathogenic microbes will be removed from your office.


Sitting work is the right way to this disease. In order not to deal with constipation and pain later, it is better to prevent the occurrence of hemorrhoids with the help of gymnastics:

  • Standing cross-legged, strain 30 times and relax your gluteal muscles. Do this exercise every hour.
  • Do the same thing, but only sitting and keeping your back straight.
  • In a standing position, make several moves with each foot back and forth and side to side.

Perform such exercises not only at work, but also at home. Walk and run more, try to move every free minute.

Overwork and stress

A busy schedule and a fast rhythm of life lead to a state of stress and chronic fatigue. You begin to suffer from migraines, insomnia, to feel constant fatigue. Help yourself:

  • During the working day, office workers should be interrupted at least twice, giving a 10-minute break to the brain.
  • Use the lunch break by appointment - fully eat and rest from work.
  • Regularly (2 times a year) support your body with a course of vitamin therapy.
  • Properly plan a vacation and try to spend it with pleasure and have a good rest.

Women and men go

Movement - life! Do you sit at work all the time? Try to move more outside of it - so you will avoid many diseases.

5 most frequent diseases of office workers and their prevention:

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  • How to avoid office diseases

    How to avoid office diseases

    How to avoid office diseases

    How to avoid office diseases

    How to avoid office diseases

    How to avoid office diseases

    How to avoid office diseases

    How to avoid office diseases

    How to avoid office diseases

    How to avoid office diseases

    How to avoid office diseases

    How to avoid office diseases

    How to avoid office diseases

    How to avoid office diseases

    How to avoid office diseases

    How to avoid office diseases

    How to avoid office diseases

    How to avoid office diseases

    How to avoid office diseases

    How to avoid office diseases

    How to avoid office diseases

    How to avoid office diseases