How to cause a fairy of desires

How to cause a fairy of desires?

Every person has a secret desire,which for some reason does not hurry to be realized. Just do not wave at him, because there are many ways that will help in its implementation. You can, for example, ask for help from otherworldly beings. From this article you will learn how to bring about a fairy of desires.

Call the fairy desires

Fairies are kind beings from the light world whocan help a person solve a problem, realize his desire, and just give advice. You just need to believe in magic and the power of fairies, then you will get what you want.

How can you call the fairy desires at home?

Calling a fairy at home is easy enough, however,this will need to establish contact with this being, that is, tune in to its vibration. This will help drawing: you will need to take paint or pencils and try to paint a fairy on a piece of paper. You can even light a candle to give the ritual more sacred meaning. When the drawing is ready, you should look at it and repeat your desire three times. Then put it under the pillow and go to bed.

You can also just go to the forest, leave for the forest fairy a gift in the form of a basket of berries and ask her about the realization of your desire. After that, you need to thank the fairy and leave without looking back.

The challenge of fairy desires during the day

If you have a serious problem or you want your wish to be fulfilled as soon as possible, then you can use the ritual described below.

For the ritual you will need:

  • 3 saucers with clean water;
  • 3 pieces of sugar;
  • piece of chalk;
  • chair;
  • paper;
  • a pen.

First of all, you should tune in to the ritual. To do this, you need to sit in silence and calm your thoughts, you should only think about your desire. Pick up a piece of paper and write your wish with a pen. Then the note with desire is put in the left pocket of clothes.

After that, pick up the chalk and draw on thehalf circle. At its center, place a chair, not saucers and sugar. Bend over a chair and say three times: "I call you, fairy desires! Wake up from a dream, come to me for a minute. " Then the desire is pronounced aloud, and a saucer is placed in each saucer. It must dissolve in water. In order for the desire to be realized more quickly, the ritual is recommended to be performed at the full moon.

Calling the fairy desires at night

Calling the fairy desires at night is allowed only on the full moon. The ritual will require the following items:

  • 3 candles;
  • glass of water;
  • 1 candy.

Candles should be placed so that it turned outtriangle; in the center, put a glass of water. The windows are closed with curtains, and then you need to go to the glass and say these words: "Fairy desires come, show yourself."

If the mysterious fairy deigned to come, thenthe surface of the water will show a barely noticeable ripple. As soon as you see it, just say it out loud. And to thank and appease the fairy, you should leave a candy for her on the windowsill. This ritual is allowed twice a month.

More information on the call of good creatures can be found in our article How to call a fairy.

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