How to choose a fur coat

How to choose a fur coat?

Probably, there is no woman in our world,which is absolutely indifferent to natural furs. Of course, you can do with a down jacket or a jacket in the cold season, but you want to have a beautiful, beautiful beauty in your wardrobe - a fur coat. If you decide to buy yourself this, it is important to know some rules of how to choose a fur coat, so that later the choice does not upset us.

How to choose a Mouton coat

Do you think that a mouton is an incomprehensible beast? No, this is an ordinary sheepskin, but only specially processed and refined. It is processed with formalin, and fur is painted in any shade.

Mouton is not afraid of rain or snow, fur of suchcoat is always moisture resistant. In it, you will not freeze even in the most severe frosts, since it has a heat-saving property. In addition to all this, such fur coats have never gone out of fashion, so you will look very stylish and attractive.

Tips for choosing a coat from Mouton

  • When buying this fur coat, watch for fur quality. This is quite easy: squeeze and unclasp fur in the palm of your hand. Undressed fur should immediately come in its original form, its hairs do not stick together. Draw a hand over the wool against its growth, if the wool is not broken, it will also talk about the good quality of the fur. Pinch your fur coat gently. Fur should not climb, so do not trust the sellers who will assure that it ceases to crumble in a few days.
  • Pay attention to coloring - it should bequality. Take a cotton cloth or a light handkerchief and pass it through the fur. A slightly painted handkerchief says that when painting the fur coat, all the necessary technologies were not observed, and this thing is not worth spending money on.
  • The seams should not be too prominent. The total absence of seams is a sign that the fur coat was not stitched, but glued together, and it will last only a very short time.
  • When buying fur coats from well-known manufacturers, check the availability of labels and labels, so as not to buy a fake.
  • Such a thing should be bought exclusively in a specialized store and require a certificate and a warranty card.

How to choose a fur coat from a beaver

  • The fur coat of the beaver is a wonderful choice. In it you will not freeze, besides, the cost of it is not so high as in many other types of furs. As for the style, you yourself will understand what kind of fur coat to choose, but in order not to be disappointed in its quality, carefully choose fur.
  • Like all other furs, a beaver's fur coat should be bought only in a fur salon or a specialized store, but not in the market.
  • Quality fur is very saturatedshade, it shines in the light, and on the inside, the skin has a light color. With shrinkage, fur returns to its former form, remains fluffy and does not stick together.
  • The direction of the pile is reversed in one direction, and not with a distinction. Fur is not pulled out by fingers, and seams are probed through the lining.
  • If the brand names are not only on the back of the lining, it means that the fur coat is a good manufacturer.
  • A quality product has an instruction to care for it.
  • Also it is necessary to be afraid of the big discounts which, as a rule, are made only on substandard things.
  • The most exclusive, expensive beaver fur -plucked. It's all about plucking technology - it's too time-consuming and makes the coat easy, but expensive. This technology suits the skins of small beaver. The choice of color for each individual product takes a lot of time, and sometimes a whole year.

How to choose a quality fur coat from nutria

  • Such a fur coat has several advantages at once. It looks very attractive, worn at least 5-6 seasons, very light, unlike the rabbit, and the raw climate does not affect its fur in any way. These characteristics are inherent only in high-quality products.
  • If the fur is good, it almost does not respond toCompression and leaves no traces on the light fabric. Fur should be even without patches and areas with a rare pile. Undercoat is not rare and not dumped, which indicates that the tailoring did not use skins of lower grades. The attached lining from below indicates the quality of the product. When a thing is completely tightly sewn, there are doubts - is it true that under the lining something is not hidden?
  • Quality seams look smooth, have no distortions and are firm to the touch. The smell of the fur itself should not cause unpleasant sensations, since a bad smell is a characteristic of a substandard fur coat.

When choosing a mink fur coat, follow these helpful tips.

How to choose the size of a fur coat

Important in choosing a fur coat is its size. Remember that you will need to put warm clothes under it and at the same time feel comfortable. So if in doubt, choosing from two sizes, then always buy one that is slightly larger. When the product fits tightly to the body, the leather fabric gets wet with perspiration. Drying, the skin begins to harden, lose its elasticity and break. At fur things the skin not such strong, as at jackets, and can quickly be erased.

If the fur coat is small for you, then bulging pockets and horizontal folds will appear. And vice versa: when the product is too large, vertical waves and longitudinal folds appear.

Choosing a fur coat with a fitted silhouette, always ask what growth it was designed to not look ridiculous with the raised or lowered waist.

Knowing these simple rules, it will be easy for you to choose the very thing that can serve you for many years.

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